2014 Parkway Run & Walk: Ambassador Sophia

>>How does caterpillars turn into butterflies?>>Do you know?>>Um-huh.>>How do they do that?>>They go up in a cocoon, they make a little
cocoon. And when they are ready to come out, they fly.>>She’s very outgoing, very energetic. She’s
not afraid to show her personality. She loves animals, ocean animals, any kind
of animals. She knows more than I do about animals. Sophia has ALL Leukemia. We were actually really shocked because she
is always energetic. I’m very, very honest with her. She’s a smart
kid, and she likes to know ahead of time what’s going to be going on, what we’re doing today
at CHOP. She loves going to the Hospital. It’s amazing
how she gets there and she’s so excited. She just has such a good relationship with
the nurses there, and the child life specialist. It’s, it’s a positive experience going there
actually. I think being at a place like CHOP is amazing.
I absolutely think that she’s in the best hands. I would never go anywhere else. I absolutely do believe that there’s a cure.
I believe it because I need to believe it. You know my daughter’s going through it, she
has, she has it and it’s what I need to believe. All my hopes for Sophia are that she overcomes
this first. And she just can be a regular kid like she is and just continue on with
life and be that veterinarian that she wants to be and love animals and love life.>>Speak up for me.>>She’s still Sophia. She’s still awesome.

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