2019 Ford Ranger First Drive Review | Ford Finally Builds a Midsize Pickup | Edmunds

the new Ford Ranger– something we haven’t
seen for quite some time. Most recent examples were
dated back to the 90s and they were a compact
truck that you might only see the cable guy drive around. But now it’s been enlarged
and improved to take on the midsize segment leaders. With strong competition from
the Tacoma and Colorado, is the new Ranger really going
to be able to pull this off? But before that remember,
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and truck shopping needs. Ford is really proud of the
fact that this is a steel front bumper. So if you’re pushing
brush out of the way, you’re not scratching
up any plastic. But what I really like is it’s
a really straight cut here. So if you’ve got your
eye on a winch bumper that you want to install,
this comes right off– no cutting of any plastic. That’s pretty cool. This truck has the
optional towing package, which gives it a
7,500-pound tow rating, a two-inch receiver hitch, a
seven-pin trailer connector that’s pre-wired for
electric trailer brakes– but you’ll have to add your
own trailer brake controller because that’s not an option. As for the bed, it’s
not damp– the tailgate, as you can see that. The sides of the
bed are really tall, which may or may
not be a good thing. I’m 6 foot 2. I can reach in, but if
you’re of average height, you may not be able to. It’s also a plain steel bed. This one has the optional
spray and bed liner. It does have six tie-down
hooks, which is good. But there’s no 110-volt
outlet like you might see in the back of a Tacoma. So if you’re in overlander
or a contractor, you can’t plug in back here. It’s really obvious that
you’re sitting in a Ford truck in the Ranger. It looks like a scaled
down F-150 in many ways. The screen area looks the same. A lot of these controls are
familiar– steering wheel buttons, that sort of thing. I’m not really crazy about
the HVAC controls here though. All of these buttons are
really small, they look alike, and they’re hard to
distinguish in low light. But it’s really nice– there’s
a couple of power outlets– two USBs here, two more on the
back of the center console. So there’s plenty of those. And the controls for
the offroad system are right here nicely grouped. The rotary dial here switches
between two-wheel drive, four-wheel drive and low range. And the button in the middle
changes the offroad mode. Ahead of that, there’s a
diff-lock button, a trail control button, and
a tow-haul mode, along with a couple
of other things to shut off the start-stop
system and the like. Pretty obvious what
everything does. But, again, these controls
here are pretty small and pretty finicky. I really like the basic
layout of the cockpit. The driving position is good. The steering wheel has a lot
of telescopic range for me. And center pull parking brake,
couple of cup holders here. The shift lever controls
the 10-speed transmission. And there are
plus-minus buttons here that allow you to limit
the number of gears that you use on a grade,
either ascending or descending. It’s not really a
manual mode, though. If you want a nicer interior,
you can step up to a Lariat. You can still get the
FX4 offroad package. You’ll get leather seats and
a little bit nicer inserts and trim pieces and a
different gauge package that has a center speedometer
and more information screens on either side of it. The new Ranger comes in extended
cab and crew cab versions– they call them Super
Crew and Super Cab. And it’s a little tight
back here in the crew cab. I’m 6’2″, I’ve pushed the seat
forward a little bit to make room for myself. I could still drive there,
but I really can’t ride here. There’s plenty of headroom. Seat back angle is OK– a little
vertical, but not too bad. This isn’t the place
for somebody my height to spend much time. But it’s got a full-down
center armrest. There’s a couple of
USBs, a 110 outlet here. But the biggest problem is this
is not a split-folding seat, it’s just one piece. So there’s no way to put
cargo on one side and a person on another. You’re either going to have
the seat completely in use or completely unavailable. Also if you fold
the seatback down, you really don’t
create a load platform. The only way to
really put any cargo back here except on
the seats themselves. You can fold this up and you
get a pretty decent cargo space underneath, but some of
the other trucks have seats that fold down as well– nice platform– not here. The truck I’m driving
is a crew cab 4×4 XLT. And the base price for one
of those is about $34,000. This one has the FX4 package,
the tow package, spray-in bed liner, and other bits. And that brings the
price up to about $40,000 including destination. The new Ranger
only has one engine and transmission combination. And that’s OK because
it’s a good one. It’s a 2.3 liter EcoBoost
four-cylinder engine that makes 270
horsepower, which lags behind the Tacoma and the
Colorado a little bit. But what’s really
good about it is it’s got 310 pound-feet of torque,
which is better than either of the other trucks. And it’s really what
a truck needs, right? Torque is more important. And, besides, it’s connected
to a 10-speed automatic transmission. There’s always the right
gear at the right time. I’ve never been in
a situation where I thought the transmission
made the wrong call or didn’t have the
right gear for the job. And it’s got best in
class fuel economy. Ford just released fuel
economy data on this truck and it’s really good. The 4×2 is rated at 23
combined and 26 on the highway. And the 4×4, which
is what we’re in now, is 22 combined and
24 on the highway. Those are pretty strong numbers. The Ranger’s suspension is
pretty traditional– leaf springs in the back,
double wishbones up front. The shocks, though, are
mono-tube dampers all around in every version. And the FX4 gets a special
tune for offroad performance. But I’m not entirely
happy with the result, especially when it comes to
large waves in the highway. It tends to bounce a little
bit more than I like. But as far as cracks and
seams and little bumps, it filters those
out really well. So it’s a mixed bag. I think the small
stuff, it does great– the big stuff,
maybe not so much. There’s one thing the
Ranger doesn’t do quite as well as I’d like it
to and that’s give me a good sense of what
the steering is up to. I don’t really feel a
lot right around center– just don’t get a great
sense of straight ahead. And when I’m turning,
the effort doesn’t really build up as the tires
experience more load. It does corner well
and it does go down the road nice and straight. I just don’t get a sense of
that through the steering wheel. Automatic emergency braking
is standard on the new Ranger. And you can also get
blind spot monitoring. And if you do that, it
has trailer tow coverage. So that will incorporate
the length of your trailer into the warranting, which is a
great feature if you’re towing. The infotainment system
in the new Ranger– this is a SYNC 3 system,
touchscreen based. You’ve got to basically touch
the screen to do anything. You do have volume in two
knobs, but any selections you want to make are going to be
through the touch screen, which I’m not a big fan of. I like to see a
couple of buttons to get to some shortcuts. But not here–
they’re all virtual. But at least there’s Apple
CarPlay and Android Auto. And those are really
nice and there are two data USBs up front
here so you can connect two phones at once, which is great. The mid-sized truck segment
is really interesting and it’s getting more
interesting all the time. I mean, we just saw the
Jeep Gladiator come in and that’s at one
end of the spectrum. And at the other end
is the comfy truck– the Honda Ridgeline. And in the middle, we have
the Ranger, the Tacoma, and the Colorado. Those are the
lifestyle trucks that are more traditional,
but kind of a Swiss army knife of trucks. It’ll be interesting
to see how it all shakes out once we’ve driven
all of them back-to-back. I’m torn on this truck. I mean, it’s great
looking on the outside. Interior, not so much. The 2.3-liter EcoBoost
engine, 10-speed transmission, an amazing power train, and
the 7,500-pound tow rating, unmatched. This should be the one to get if
towing is what you want to do. As for the offroad performance,
it’s got some great equipment, but I’m skeptical
that the Ranger has the underbody clearance
necessary to really take on the Tacoma when the
going gets really rough. The new Ranger is
a strong competitor in the midsize segment,
but what’s really needed is a comparison test. And that’s coming soon. For more videos like
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  1. How long do you think that 2.3L 4 banger is going to last hauling around 7500 everyday.. I had a 2.3 gt turbo mustang that was perfect for zipping around and having fun, but I see this wearing down FAST under a constant 7500p load.

  2. This Ranger is way too expensive, after they meet the initial demand they will have to drop the prices dramatically if they expect anyone to buy.

  3. For all the people that are talking shit about this truck your just mad that u can’t afford It 😂😂

  4. That Is just insane. I would never spend that kind of money on a mid-sized truck. Cars are extremely over priced today. What a shame.

  5. As with all reviews, this is obviously just an opinion in the video regarding the interior, but I actually really love the touch screen and button layout you get in the Ford truck line. It’s simple and intuitive to catch onto, and for returning Ford customers it’s like being right at home. The touch screen Sync 3 system is extremely responsive and easy to use, so I also strongly disagree with no “real” buttons being a negative. Also, off-road video reviews show that ground clearance is just as good as Tacos offer, and the off-road features are pretty much on par as well.

  6. Why not just buy an F-150? This Ranger is only a fraction smaller. American automakers are pretty ignorant. There's a market segment available for compact pickup trucks, not a mid-to-large size pickup.

  7. I bought one and the truck is phenomenal. Purchased an xlt and it is powerful comfortable and I don't need an f150. The price was worth every penny and the incentives are coming..

  8. This is the worst of all the currently available midsize trucks. Worst options, worst styling, worst pricing. I'd take the ZR2 with the 2.8 over this any day. That being said, price wise there's no sense in buying any of them. You're only a grand or so off from getting a full size truck and they're not much smaller, which effective makes them useless.

  9. It is a F15 just cut down. My 2011 Ranger has a bigger engine and get better mileage and I can haul a 4×8 sheet of plywood. I can't see pay over 40K for truck that looks like and drives like a F10.

  10. 40K is a lot of money. I will just keep my old Ranger, which I have had for 15 years. A lot can be said for no car payment.

  11. Piece of crap!!!
    Chevy Colorado skeleton all the way.
    Let's slap a ford label on a chevy and Nissan, Tacoma and call it a ford ranger raptor….
    [email protected]$% you crapy ford.
    7500 tow cap? Bull sh$% not with that light weight aluminum they have.
    It's no wonder why those things are going to be in the shop quite a lot.
    4 cylinder with low torque? No my friend I'd never be able to load sh$% if I'm working in construction.

  12. we bought a new ford ranger in 2008 for $17000 and now its over $40000, inflation at 2% per year my ass, that works out to over 10% per year, no wonder nobody can afford a new car

  13. I will keep my '01 f-150 4×4 with a new long block, serviced tranny, new shocks, rebuilt front end, new brakes witch are 4 wheel disk along with new rotors, new blue tooth with backup camera, hell man, I've got about $12K into this awesome truck and good for another 200K miles! I wish I could post a picture of it. New cars and truck prices are stupid!!

  14. The introduction of the new ford ranger reminds me of when coke introduce new coke .
    This should be a hot seller but ford priced these wrong . Why would anybody in their right mind buy a ranger that is more expensive than an F-150 ???
    Either they lower the price about $5000 or will fade away .

  15. Oh and you know what Els Tacoma doesn't have – did you guys see that commercial; get the hell outa here

  16. As a car guy and a technician I wish Ford would have made the truck not look like every other Ford truck on the road if your gonna bring back the ranger set it a part from all others make it look cool and not just a name why can't a truck b made to b a truck again to be used as a truck not sit in a bank parking lot while u stand behind a teller counter I own a 68 f100 ranger best time line of truck by Ford hands down

  17. With all the tooling and design team and that all they can come up with maybe they need to hire a couple of real guy that work in custom shop to show them how it's done 🤔😀

  18. I guess if u have a surplus of f150's ya have to do something with them change the bumper and the badges and there u have it just still another f150

  19. Hey Ford company build a truck that doesn't look like every other Ford truck if your gonna bring back what used to b a cool truck like 68 through 79's with ranger trim package to many flat body panels needs more curves and style I own a 68 f100 ranger best looking truck that y'all made then talk to some of the old guys they will straighten you out kiddos

  20. If or when u bring back the bronco don't screw it up and put some 4×4 tiers on it not pavement pounders for the love of God who cares about tier hum it's a four wheel drive

  21. Hey Ford maybe u need to talk to the public and find out what we think is a nice truck with style and looks and not what u think is good bombed on this one

  22. Yes the tiny 4-banger produces good power and torque but it will be overtaxed for truck use. A big reason people buy trucks is for long-term dependability and longevity. I imagine these engines will live a relatively short life.

  23. I’m glad ford came out to compete with the midsize trucks and brought back the ranger can’t wait to see how it’s going to look in the future.

  24. In South Africa the Ranger has never stopped being produced. Engine configurations and body detail a bit different. Top spec costs around $47 000. The Toyota line-up is still the best seller in South Africa

  25. What no one ever mentions — at least not in any review that I've seen yet — is that the engine and transmission are exactly the same as the 2019 EcoBoost Mustang. Which means, when you fill it with 93-octane fuel, the HP/torque go from 270/310 all the way up to 310 HP and 320 lb. ft.! That is far more power than any other truck in this class. And with the best fuel-economy numbers in the class — it's the best of both worlds.

  26. With the price they asking I might as well just buy the last version of an dodge Dakota, Chevy Avalanche and or f150 Considering they asking is to pay same amount on mid size truck where u get more for same a big trucks

  27. They do have the buttons with touch screen but the screen will be half the size of a smart phone screen and on a basic model ranger

  28. Very disappointed after waiting so long and this was the best you could do ford, why in the world you didn’t make the outside look like a scaled down f150 instead of a whatever, I would buy the f150 Over this ugly thing any day especially for the money, I don’t know anybody that would be proud to own it, what a shame

  29. You forgot to mention one of the best mid size trucks!! The Nissan Frontier is a solid well built truck! Yes it’s dated, but it’s what a truck should be.

  30. Another over priced truck with a horrible 4 cylinder and horrible gas mileage. No interior room unless you are a professional horse jockey; so really good for them. Not even worth at 12,000. Not even a truck my shoes won’t even fit in the back. I am a huge Ford fan. This is a lazy excuse for a truck. Very bad who ever designed this one hit wonder.

  31. Ford scrapped an amazing little beauty, the old Ranger, and replaced it with a space-ship looking monstrosity that costs 4 times as much.

  32. No 6 cylinder only 4? Super tight back seating? pay big bucks for lot less? No thank you an Absolute rip off…
    My tacoma holds way better value then ford junk trucks way better in resale…

  33. Ford ranger could have blown away Toyota Tacoma
    If they had priced about $1500 less … they could have been the f150 of mid size trucks . Instead I am doubting they will be around in five years ???
    I have seen only one on the road … ???

  34. I bought one, its not perfect. I got a great truck for the money. it tows, it can handle passengers, its got more power than my old chevy, it gets fantastic gas mileage and most of al ITS NOT FUCK ING FORGIEN !

  35. Not thought through,and brought to the market too soon.Ford has their work cut out for them to fix it’s shortcomings.That being said,it has the potential to be a great truck in a few years.

  36. I don't like the way the front looks. At all. Don't like the grill, don't like the front bumper appearance. I have a 1997 Ranger and I love the way the front looks. For that reason alone, I would not buy this vehicle. Moreover, the price of the 2019 Ranger is about two times the price of the last Ranger they made.

  37. Tacoma has gone down the hill quality sucks, Ranger 40,000 dollars for a four banger that sucks, Chevy throw that junk away. Maybe these manufacturers need to have truck people to design the trucks not a BMW driver

  38. I test drove an Fx4 Lariat today and I liked it, much better than a Tacoma which was horrible. I’ve actually test driven the Toyota four times because I just couldn’t believe how bad it was and I thought it was my imagination. For those complaining about price have you seen the cost of any new vehicle out there? It’s just stupid what new vehicles cost. None of them are worth it.

  39. This truck is awesome! It has best powertrain/tech… & drives more smoothly & solid than Taco or Colorado! Home run Ford! Just bought '19 XLT FX4 crew cab black on black.

  40. Man midsize trucks are priced at what full size trucks used to be and now full size trucks are priced at what expensive luxury cars are at today. I used to buy brand new. Now I wait and buy when they are 2 or 3yrs old

  41. Is that a twin turbo charger or single. That's a pretty powerful 4 cylinder motor. I think they finally figured that eco boost technology out. I love the 2.7 eco and the 3.5L

  42. If you're comfortable with driving a larger truck, you might as well get an F-150. Dealerships tend to offer more incentives and discounts on them, so you get WAAAY more bang for your buck.

  43. No damped tailgate…ah BOO HOO! All these "reviewers" piss & moan about that on the new Ranger, I don't get it. My 1997 Ranger didn't have a damped tailgate either, and it was a lot harder to manage too. The aluminum tailgate on the new Ranger is so light & easy to manage that lack of a damper is a non-issue. Also, everyone is complaining about the price……well folks, it is what it is!! Buy one or move on.

  44. This guy was instructed to not make the Ranger look too good due to the conflict of interest with the other truck manufactures that paid Edmunds more $ for their marketing videos 😉

  45. I’m here today because I saw one on the road today. And it reminded me of my old Ranger. But I’m not spending that kind of money for this vehicle.

    Thanks for being back old memories at least. 🤔 💭

  46. Way off in ranger design it looks like the chevy colorados little brother not impressed at all….i seen one on the freeway the other day and was like what the hell is that see the ranger is a classic truck before f-150 it was the ranger they need to rethink the whole design think of the ranger a rugid truck all weather man i would think if there going to put the ranger back out there it should be a manly truck…take the original ranger body prototype and beef it up this truck is to girly…..

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