25 Things to do in Singapore Travel Guide

Today we’re taking you on a whirlwind tour
of Singapore (新加坡). This sovereign city state, may not have a whole lot of land, but
it sure packs a lot of punch! We had a full week in Singapore (Singapura), so we set out
to explore its distinct neighbourhoods, cool off in its gardens, marvel at its innovative
buildings, and of course, eat in its hawker centres. This video will show you 25 things
to do in Singapore (新加坡), now let’s get started: Let’s kick things off at the Gardens by
the Bay (Taman di Persisiran -滨海湾花园 – வளைகுடா தோட்டம்),
where nature and futuristic architecture collide. Our first stop was the Cloud Forest, which
is meant to replicate the conditions of the tropical highlands. Alright guys so we bit the bullet and we paid
to go to visit the Garden’s by the Bay which is a little bit pricy but this is one of the
main attractions here in Singapore (新加坡). And actually the Gardens by the Bay are made
up by lots of different little components. So right now we’re inside the Cloud Forest
(云雾林). It looks amazing. I feel like I’m inside a Jurassic Park or some kind of
Lost World. It is so lush and colorful. So we’re going to give you a tour. We have now entered the Lost World on the
7th floor and from here we’re going to start working our way down. The temperature is actually
cooler here and it is meant to mimic the higher altitude. And look at that view. You can see
the Marina Bay Sands hotel. We are still in the Cloud Forest and next
up we’re doing the treetop walk. We’ve come a long way down so feeling better. Much better
and now we have some really cool views to enjoy. Look at that. We were like up there. Sam what do you think? You were walking up
over there? Up yonder. This is a lot better. A lot better.
Yeah. Closer to the ground. Yeah, closer to the ground not as scary from up here. From there we continued to the Flower Dome
(花穹), which is the largest glass greenhouse in the world. Here you can see a lot of flowers
and plants from the Mediterranean and semi-arid regions. We’re visiting the Flower Dome during the
holiday season so it is super festive. They have snow globes and Christmas trees and those
red Christmas flowers whose name I can never remember. Do you know the name Sam? They’re doing Christmas even bigger than what
is done in Canada. Next, we made our way to what is the focal
point at the Gardens by the Bay: the Supertree Grove. The super trees are vertical gardens
that range from 25-50 meters in height, and they come alive at night for the Rhapsody
Garden music and light show. It’s worth sticking around to catch the daily show at
7:45 and 8:45 pm. All those people over there are catching Pokémon. Also, no visit to Singapore (சிங்கப்பூர்)
would be complete without a glimpse of the Marina Bay Sands. Spending the night in this
luxury hotel (which somewhat resembles a spaceship) costs a pretty penny. But that didn’t stop
us from enjoying it from the outside while fantasizing of the infinity pool on the rooftop. Next up, we set out to visit Singapore’s
various ethnic quarters: Chinatown, Arab Street and Little India. Let’s begin in Chinatown
(牛车水 – Kreta Ayer – சைனா டவுன்). Alright Sammy boy. What is the plan for this
afternoon in Singapore? Well in Singapore (新加坡) there is some really cool distinct
neighborhoods. One of them being Chinatown. So we’re just going to check it out and wander
around. We first walked along Pagoda Street, which
is lined with colourful shophouses and bright paper lanterns. Since we were visiting around
lunch time, we stopped along what’s known as Chinatown Food Street for some tasty eats.
We also visited the Chinatown Heritage Centre, which is a museum that takes you through the
humble homes of the area’s early residents. While we were in the neighbourhood, we made
time to visit the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple (新加坡佛牙寺龙华院). This Chinese
Buddhist temple is said to house the left canine tooth of Buddha, which was recovered
from his funeral pyre in Kushinagar, India. We also visited the nearby Sri Mariamman Temple
(ஸ்ரீ மாரியம்மன் கோவில்), which is Singapore’s
oldest Hindu temple. One of the neighbourhoods we most enjoyed
was the area along Arab Street (阿拉伯街) and the Sultan Mosque (مسجد سلطان).
This is a very colourful neighbourhood with lots of street art, and you can also find
a wide selection of restaurants including Lebanese, Turkish, and Mediterranean. However,
we were more interested in sweets that day. So Sam is feeling a little bit tricked. He
says the weather man lied to him. What is going on? The weatherman did lie to me. The
weather according to the weather from two to four PM it was supposed to be raining and
now it is almost six and it is still raining outside. Yeah, it is pouring rain so we’re in the Arab
quarter. We’re just off of Arab Street and Baghdad Street. Yep. And we found a little cafe so we’re just keeping
dry. This is actually the first time I ever came to Singapore I stayed in this area so
I love this area. It is kind of like a nostalgic place for me. And I remember this cafe they
do really good teas, coffees. They have really scrumptious desserts. So you won’t find me
coming to Singapore very often to warm up but it is a little like damp. It is damp out.
Yeah. I won’t say it is cold but it is a little damp so we’re warming up with our tea and
we have some cake coming in just a few minutes. The cakes have arrived. The cakes are here.
So we got two different brownies one with chocolate, one with white chocolate and apparently
these two are made with some kind of banana paste I think he was saying. Yeah, these are more local ones. So but me
I’m going for double chocolate here. Hmmmm. It is warm. Oh la lah. Is that good? Oh yeah. Hahaha. We may not have come here had it not been
for the rain so hurray for the rain. It is a nice little treat. So we’re visiting Clarke Quay (克拉码头
– கிளார்க் கீ) right now and this is a very popular entertainment area.
It is a little quiet during the day but we’re going to come back at night for some wine.
It is a great place for dining. You get nice river views. Also you can start a river cruise. We did
that last time so we’re not going to do it today but yeah it is pretty cool. The river boat tours depart from Clarke Quay
and they take you past sights like the Merlion, Marina Bay Sands, the lotus-shaped ArtScience
Museum and the Esplanade. Alright Sammy boy. Live from Little India
(小印度 – குட்டி இந்தியா). Live from Little India. And this is one of
the neighborhoods that I recommend most visiting in all of Singapore (சிங்கப்பூர்).
Especially at night it is so lively and so colorful. You just got to come here and soak
it all up. We are now visiting a creature that is half
mermaid half lion. The question is it Merlion or Mer-Lion? It’s a
bit unusual for us to get this far into a video without mention of food, so let’s
talk about breakfast in Singapore (新加坡). So this morning we wanted to show you a little
bit of everything so we’re being piggies we’ve ordered four different dishes. Yep. The first
three are already here. So first up we got some that is called well I’ve heard it called
two ways. Dosai Masala or Masala Thosai. So it is kind of like a folded pancake with
different curries and gravies and then we also have our pratas. We got egg. No we got
cheese prata. Yeah, cheese with egg and the other one is banana prata. So this is kind of like a folded pancake.
Um, and it also comes with a nice sauce and the third one. The third we’re still working
on. What did we get? Oh, we got Murtabak. Murtabak. Yes. Yeah, so that is a folded pancake stuffed
with mutton. You can get different meats but we chose mutton. And we’ve also ordered tea
and coffee. Sam couldn’t make up his mind. I know. So he’s having both tea and coffee.
I don’t know if I want to have tea or coffee so I ended up getting two. Okay Sam, breakfast time. What are you starting
out with? So I am starting out with actually this is the thing we’ve been ordering the
most. It is the different kinds of prata they have served. Basically it is a folded pancake
and it comes in all kinds of different fillings and flavors. Yes. The one we ordered here
is cheese but you can also get banana which is the second one we have. And then we also
noticed there is even like ones with ice cream. There is ones with mushrooms so it is like
chocolate. Chocolate. So you can just pick whatever you want and
order it. So I’m going to show you what the cheese looks like in here. Yeah. You can kind
of see it. It is not really seeping out because it has been obviously cooked inside but you
can see that right here. So my first bite is obviously going to be with cheese. So I’ve
got one from the middle with the cheese. I’m going to grab a little bit or curry which
is over on the side here. Dunk that in there. Take it for a swim. Take it for a swim. Wow. That curry is really potent today. Let’s break this off. This one is my personal
favorite. I like this one even more than the cheese. You know what? I like the banana one when
they combine it with chocolate syrup. Of course you do. We’ve had it before at a few places.
That is like having dessert for breakfast so. Mmmm. That is good. It has like a natural sweetness
to it. The bananas are really ripe and mushy. That is really good. I think that is what
really makes a good pancake. Is it you’ve got to make sure the bananas are nice and
ripe and mushy. So for breakfast in Singapore you basically
have your tea and your coffee. The tea is spelled ‘T E H’ and the coffee is spelled
‘K O P I’ Teh and kopi. Yeah. So let’s try the tea first. That is really quite good. I know it is so
sweet. There is a lot of sugar added. There is a lot of milk added. And it sort of reminds me a little bit of
a masala chai I have to say. It is not quite it doesn’t quite have the spices or flavors
of that but yeah it sort of reminds me of that. Now on to the kopi (coffee). Coffee. And again this one has a lot of sugar added.
And milk added. So if you like your tea and coffee black um you’re going to be in for
a bit of a surprise here. So we are currently visiting the Botanic Gardens
(新加坡植物园 – Taman Botani Singapura – சிங்கப்பூர் தாவரவியல்
பூங்கா) here in Singapore and it is still quite early in the morning. It
is about nine so the sun isn’t even all the way up yet but it is so hot. I don’t know if you can tell but we’ve got
a bit of a misty glow happening here. Um but it is kind of nice being in the gardens because
you’re just surrounded by a lot of lush vegetation. So it kind of brings the temperatures down
a little bit. There is a nice little breeze and yeah it is pretty peaceful. So visiting the Botanical Gardens is free
but if you want to go in to the Orchid Gardens you have to pay for that. We just got our
tickets it was five Singapore dollars per person and we’ve only been here a few minutes
but I would say it is worth it. It is so colorful and really pretty. It is time for an update from Sam who seems
to suffer the most in this heat. What are you experiencing right now? You’re glowing! I’ve just probably lost half my body weight
in sweat but I mean yeah it is funny coming from Bangkok to Singapore because we had relatively
cool weather in Bangkok but over here oh man I’m melting. It is hot and sticky. Yeah, just
going to take a little while to get used to this but. Yeah. So we’re hiding in the shade.
We’re admiring the orchids but in the shade. So where are we today? So we’re visiting the
Chinese and Japanese Gardens. Yeah. Out of all the things we’ve done in Singapore so
far this is by far been the most peaceful and relaxing. And you know what? It was a
bit of a journey to get here. It took us almost an hour but it is so tranquil and peaceful.
No one is around. It has been so worth it. It is a little ways from the city centre but
if you take the green line you can get off at the Chinese Garden station and it is literally
right there. And it is just beautiful. Also I should mention that it is a free attraction
and for Singapore (新加坡) that is great value I mean to have a free attraction. Free
is great value. Yes. Some things are really expensive here so enjoy this one. This one
is free. The Chinese Garden (裕华园) is modelled
after the northern Chinese imperial style, and it comes complete with a series of stone
bridges, pagodas and a tea house. You can climb the 7-storey pagoda for views of the
lake, but it was a little too hot and humid for that. Right next to it, you have the Japanese
Garden (星和园), which is built in the style of the Japanese medieval period. The
two gardens are collectively known as the Jurong Gardens. While in Singapore (Singapura), we also visited
Fort Canning Park (Bukit Larangan). If you’re a history buff, you may be interested in touring
the Battle Box, which was a former WWII British underground command centre. It was inside
the Battlebox that the British decided to surrender Singapore to the invading Japanese. Now, we didn’t do this ourselves, but another
popular activity is riding the Singapore Flyer (新加坡摩天观景轮 – Pelayang Singapura
– சிங்கப்பூர் ஃப்ளையர்), which is a giant Ferris wheel that offers
unobstructed views of the city. Another thing we knew we had to make time
for while in Singapore, is eating at a hawker centre (小贩中心 – 熟食中心), which
is kind of like a food court that serves up quality yet affordable meals. We visited the
Old Airport Food Centre since it was close to our hotel. Okay, so our first dish is here at the table.
And we are having Bee Hoon Goreng (Mie goreng) and it looks a little bit different from what
is on the picture but I think that is because they have plain noodles on the menu and the
asked us if we wanted it spicy. We said yes. And now it is orange. Yep. That is a lot of spice I would imagine. He
also asked us if we wanted an egg and we said oh yeah. Yeah, there was only a fifty cent
supplement so. There you go. So if you look a little closer at the plate
it is like a vermicelli noodle. And this one looks like it is has been broken into small
little pieces. We also have beansprouts, we’ve got an egg. Almost like an egg omelet. Like
a scrambled egg that has been mixed in. Uh, what else? It is a pretty generous portion too I have
to say. Yeah, it is pretty big. It is pretty big. Some onions, cabbage and then it comes with
some cucumbers. Yep. So again spoon and fork that is how you eat
here. That is how you do it in Singapore. That is how you do it at a Hawker Centre. And let’s see. So this looks like a stir fried noodle dish. Mmmm. Oh wow. Spicy? That is spicy. They asked us if they wanted it spicy and
we said oh yeah. He asked medium spice or like a lot of spice. That is the question. Okay, time for the next dish and this one
is Kway Teow Goreng. Yeah. And the shop we went to is basically a noodle specialist.
So he only does stir-fry noodles. Right. So we’re getting the second one of the most
popular dishes that he sells. Yeah, how this differs is that you’ve got thick rice noodles
here. Yeah, they’re flat noodles. Yeah, they’re flat noodles. The ingredients
are a little bit different. I’m noticing more peppers and tomatoes. I’m noticing what appears
to be peas and of course there is beansprouts again. And egg. And once again we asked for it to be super
spicy and we asked for the supplement of an egg. So alright. Let’s take a bite. In he goes. Mmmm. Yeah? Wow. I took a big bite so I’m chewing that. Take your time. I have to say I prefer this one to the first
one. Yeah? I really like these rice noodles. They are just so tasty and flavorful and they’re
just really chewy in your mouth and I just really like the texture inside. Yeah. It is so tasty. And this one again is very
spicy. Yeah, and they were actually both rice noodles. It is just this one is vermicelli
so they are super fine. That is right. So I like the thicker cut. I do like the thicker
cut. And I like the juiciness of the peppers and tomatoes too. Alright. That is really
good stuff. Now let’s move on to shopping. If you’re
in need of a little retail therapy and you’re not afraid to brave the crowds, there’s
Orchard Road (乌节路 – Jalan Kebun (Jalan Orkid) – ஓர்ச்சர்ட் சாலை),
which is a 2.2 km boulevard lined with malls, shops, and boutiques. We skipped the shopping
and went to the movies instead! What did you get yourself? I got the red.
You got the white. Yeah. Oh this is so nice. It was a hot hot humid day today. And it is
just so nice to be relaxing. It has cooled down quite a bit along the Singapore River.
This is just so refreshing. Cheers to that. Salut. And for one final thing to do in Singapore,
why not explore the city at night once the temperature drops, the lights come on, and
the city puts on a dazzling light show. Alright Sam, tell us all about transportation
here in Singapore. So probably your best bet to get around Singapore is by the MRT. Yep.
They have a very extensive system. It basically takes you anywhere you want to go and while
we were at the airport we landed and picked up this EZ-Link Card. Yeah, and it is basically
just allows us to load up some money and hop on and off from station to station. Yeah,
just tap in tap out. Tap in tap out and when you get low on credit you can just load it
up at any station basically. Any other transport tips for us? There is
a number of rules that you have to follow including not bringing drink or food on board
and don’t you dare bring your durians either. Durian. Oh my. And that is a wrap for our visit to Singapore.
We hope that you enjoyed this video and that it gave you a few ideas of things to see,
do, and eat on your trip. As always, if you have any other suggestions of things to do
in Singapore, feel free to share those with fellow travellers in the comments below. Wishing
you happy travels and until next time!


  1. It's pronounced "mer-lion" just like mer-maid and mer-man.
    Here are my suggestions for places to visit in Singapore.
    -Jurong Bird Park
    This has dozens of different types of birds in one sheltered location. It's on the west end of the MRT so it's a little bit of a trip from the central or eastern part of the island.
    -English High Tea
    The English have had a strong influence in Singapore for the last 200 years. Many English customs have followed. Almost everyone in Singapore speaks English as a result and this is why some call Singapore "Asia Lite" due to the fact that it's easy to visit for English-speaking travelers. The English High Tea can be consumed at many places on the island but considering that you paid hundreds of dollars to travel to Singapore pay the extra few dollars to have this at a high-end location such as the Ritz-Carlton.
    -The Raffles Hotel
    The Long Bar at the Raffles Hotel is where the Singapore Sling beverage was first served. The bar now serves the drink from a tube so I wouldn't suggest ordering it unless you must partake of the drink just to say you did. This hotel has many quaint restaurants in the courtyard.
    -Chijmes (pronounced "chimes")
    This originally stood for the "Church of the Holy Infant Jesus". It used to be a convent but is now a collection of restaurants. You can see the selection here:
    War Memorial
    This is a somber memorial dedicated to the men and women from the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Sri Lanka, India, Malaya, the Netherlands and New Zealand who died defending Singapore and Malaya against the invading Japanese forces during World War II, it comprises the War Graves, the Memorial Walls, the State Cemetery, and the Military Graves. When I read the names of the people who died I couldn't help but think of the individuals who lived there and the sorrow of the parents who lost a child.
    -Banana Leaf Apolo restaurant in Little India
    Whenever I spoke to Indians in Asia and told them I stayed in Singapore for awhile they all asked if I visited this restaurant. It has a wide variety of both north and south Indian dishes.
    -The Esplanade
    This is the building featured at the beginning of this video with the spikes on it. It is fashioned after the durian fruit. This fruit is prohibited from being carried on to the MRT because of its bad smell. Eating a durian is described by the native Singaporeans as "eating a bowl of ice cream while sitting on the toilet".
    -Orchard Towers
    For those of you with more prudish tastes I suggest you skip reading this suggestion. Prostitution is legal in Singapore and all sexual relations must be done with a condom. Prostitutes are given regular exams to ensure they are healthy. The Orchard Towers are described as being "Four Floors of Whores". The odd thing is that it is a regular office building during the day. At night there are several bars filled with prostitutes for men to socialize with.
    -Batam Island Indonesia
    While this may not technically be Singapore, it's a 30-mile boat trip that only takes 1-hour from Harbour Front Centre. Indonesia is a poor country compared to Singapore so many shopping deals may be had here. You will need your passport to visit.

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