31 Solo Travel Hacks

– This video is all
about solo travel hacks. Because, let’s face it,
sometimes people aren’t as cool as you, and they
don’t wanna travel because who knows why, but you
are gonna go anyway, and experience a trip of a lifetime. Here’s some hacks for you. (upbeat music) Hostels, my favorite
type of accommodation. And the reason is the community. It is filled with travelers. People who are traveling solo, like you, people who are traveling
on a budget, like you. Just like-minded people who
are doing exactly what you are. You are 100% guaranteed
to meet other travelers who have already traveled around the area you’re currently in. They can offer advice on things to do, places to see, places to eat. Everyone is super friendly. Everyone is a traveler, open minded, and you will make friends. If you wanna travel with those people for the rest of your trip, you can. If not, that’s okay, too. Walking tours, food tours, pub crawls are great ways to meet people when you first arrive to the destination, and really get to know a place. You’ll get to experience
one of the local hangouts. You can make friends with other travelers who are on the trip with you. A lot of cities actually
have walking tours that are free, so be sure
to Google free walking tours in the city that you’re going to, and you’d be surprised what you can find. All of that beautiful jewelry you own, silver, gold, leave it at home. Do not bring anything flashy that will draw attention to you. Packing less is more. This is especially important
when you’re traveling solo. ‘Cause you don’t wanna be lugging around a couple of really
heavy bags when you have to get somewhere and you
don’t have anyone to help you. So when you’re packing,
pack as light as possible, and then take it a step further, and take out five more
items from your suitcase. If you can pack just a carry-on, and a small day bag, you
will make your travels so much easier. Learn the basics of the language of the place you’re going to,
that way you can really dive into the culture and
make friends with locals. It also makes you feel more confident. So when you’re walking
around you can ask for things in the local language. There are two language learning
apps I highly recommend. You can try Duolingo and Babble. This next one, I’ve been doing
since my first solo trip, and it is taking a Lonely
Planet Guidebook with me. The Lonely Planet Guidebook
is like the travel Bible. I have found that it’s such
a comfort to have with me. If I arrive in a new place
that I know nothing about, I know I can rely on
the Lonely Planet book to give me great and safe recommendations for accommodations, for restaurants, or even tours to do. Always let someone know
where you’re going to next. Let your friends and your family back home know your itinerary. Always keep your head up, and eye contact. When you’re walking down
a unfamiliar street, maybe you’re even lost, do
not look like you are lost. Always look like you
know where you’re going. Look like you own the place. Look like you’ve been there for awhile, you know exactly where you’re going. Confidence is key, especially
when you’re traveling solo. This next one is
specifically for my ladies. Sometimes wearing a fake wedding band, even if you’re not
married, or you don’t even have a boyfriend, can make you feel safer, can prevent harassment,
and even questions, like, in places like
India, where people think that you should be married,
and you should be with a man. Of course, I do not agree with that. You do not need a man in your life to be a confident, successful woman, and you definitely do
not need a man to travel. But if you wanna avoid some
harassment and questions, wearing a fake wedding
band can help with that. Take advantage of solo benefits, like getting that discounted last ticket to that concert that’s in the front row, because there’s only seat available. Or, if you’re at an amusement park, like Disney, for example,
there are so many times where they ask if
there’s any single riders to come all the way to to the front. You can skip a line. The rule of three, I call this one. It’s asking three different
locals the same question. So if you’re looking for a certain place, ask three locals where that place is. And if at least two of the three of them tell you the right place, then you know you’re going in the right direction. Purchase a local SIM card. In most countries, they
are super affordable, and it’s nice to have
that peace of mind that you can always use your
phone to make a phone call, or use a GPS if you need to. Travel solo without traveling solo. If you wanna travel, but
there’s no one back home who wants to do it with you,
or can’t do it with you, but you still wanna be
around other people, join a tour group. There’s tour groups like G-Adventures, which I really like, who
put together amazing trips all over the world with
really cool individuals that will remain your friends forever. I went on a G-Adventures trip
about 11 years ago in Peru, and I’m still friends
with some of the people that I met on that trip. And even after the tour was over, we continued traveling together. Use community sites like
TravBuddy or Travel Chum to meet other travelers who are going to the destination that you wanna go to. You can talk to each other
to discuss your trips, offer tips and advice to each other on places to go, things to see, and even travel with each
other, if you choose to. There are also really
great Facebook groups where you can connect
with other travelers, plan trips together. There’s a really, really
great Facebook group called Hopscotch the Globe, if
you’ve ever heard of it. There’s also Girls Love Travel, which I really like. Arrive during the day,
instead of at night. And I know that there
are those budget flights that look really good
when it comes to the rate because they arrive in the destination in the middle of the night. But if you have to spend an extra $100 to arrive in the day,
I highly recommend it. It’s just generally safer
to arrive in the day and travel during the day, especially if you’re traveling solo. If you’re traveling on a
budget, I know the last thing you wanna do is spend more for something that you don’t necessarily need to, like a train ticket or a bus ticket, but your safety comes first. You always need to remember this. So if you need to, pay a little bit more for a better seat on a train, or a better seat on a bus, do it. One of the first things I recommend doing when you arrive at your
hostel or hotel guest room is to get a business card. That way, when you’re wandering around the new place that you’re in, you have the address on hand of where you need to go back to at the end of the day. Dining alone. This is one of the number one fears of people who are traveling solo. Actually, eating alone. I personally love it, because
I can really enjoy my food. I don’t have to talk to anybody. I can really focus on
just what I’m eating. But if you are feeling a
little bit uncomfortable, or if it’s your first time dining alone, bring a book, or bring
music to keep you company. Take your vitamins. You wanna do anything
you can to stay healthy when you’re on the road. The last thing you want
to happen is to get sick, especially when you’re traveling solo. Schedule rest stops. When you’re traveling alone, you’re making all the decisions. There’s no one to help you out. It’s just you figuring out where to go, where to stay, and it
can be really exhausting. So it’s good to take time once in awhile, and spend a couple of
days just in one location, just doing nothing. Just completely veg out. Go to a spa, get a massage, read a book, have some drinks. Just recharge. Ask the hostel or hotel you’re staying at places to avoid, especially
when you’re traveling alone. And to follow up on that, don’t
go out by yourself at night. Now, I admit, I’ve done it. I’ve been out at night by
myself in many countries. And looking back, there are times where I absolutely shouldn’t have done it, and I’m very lucky. So it’s just a good idea
to have someone else to go out with at night. Know those really goofy selfie sticks that everyone laughs at? Bring one. They are light, they’re easy to pack away. They’re great for when
you’re traveling solo to really capture your trip. When you’re holding your camera out just using your hand, you don’t get to see a lot of your surrounding. But if you have that selfie stick, you can see so much more,
and get great shots. Always have a fully-stocked
first aid kit with you, especially when you’re traveling solo. Anytime you go out, bring
a portable battery charger. The last thing you want to happen is needing your phone, whether
it’s a safety concern, or just trying to get
from one place to another. You don’t want to have a dead phone, and it’s so easy to bring
a battery pack with you. Make copies of your travel documents. Your visas, your passports. And give those to your family back home, to keep with them, as well
as email them to yourself. That way, if you do lost
something like your passport, let’s hope that doesn’t happen, if you have copies of it,
it’ll make the process of getting a new one a lot easier. Using transportation
services like Uber or Lyft is better than using
a taxi, in my opinion. And you can actually set
an ETA of where you are, and it’ll track your journey and send it to your friends or family so they actually can see where you’re going in real time. Using Uber and Lyft tends to
be more affordable as well than using a taxi. Dress like the locals. This is one of my favorite hacks, because not only is it respectful, it’s also a lot of fun. You really get a better
sense of the culture and becoming part of it. When you’re in India, for example, buy some Indian clothes
like the locals are wearing. Not only will the locals love it, they will respect you more, it will be a start of
conversation in a positive way, and you will not stick
out like a sore thumb when you don’t wanna be. Even if you’re into
spontaneous travel like me, I would recommend booking
your first two nights in a place before going. That way if you just
had a really long flight and you arrive, you
don’t have to think about where you’re gonna spend that night. And if you’re staying at a hostel, it’ll give you time to just settle in, talk to other travelers,
see where they have traveled to already,
and where they recommend so you can plan the rest of your trip. This one, so important. Trust your gut. The crazy thing and incredible thing about traveling solo is your intuition, that instinct that you have
is just like super heightened. So when you feel like something is wrong, or something just doesn’t feel right, you are most likely correct. So follow your gut. If you don’t feel safe in a situation, get out of there right away. And last but not least,
is embrace being alone. Especially if this is
your first solo trip. This is one of the best
things that you will ever do for yourself. Traveling solo is something I recommend everyone try in their lifetime. You learn so much about yourself. About your likes and your dislikes. It makes you a stronger person, it makes you more confident. It is one of the most
rewarding experiences you can ever have. (sighs) That was a lot. That was a lot, and I
hope it was super helpful, especially if you’re currently
planning a solo trip, and it’s your first solo trip, especially. You are in for an incredible experience. And these hacks will definitely help you get the best of that experience. I’m so excited for you. And if you wanna share
any solo travel hacks that I haven’t mentioned,
please do so below. If you’re traveling solo, you do not want to miss the video below. Where is it? It’s gonna be like over here. Check it out. Me and my fellow travel ladies talk about everything that you’re gonna wanna know about solo travel, especially if this is your first time doing it,
and you have any questions or concerns, we answer
them all in this video.


  1. I can't imagine being a person who has never eaten alone yet so many people haven't. Trust your gut in everything that comes you way in life in general. Lastly, study the local customs of the place you plan to go. A simple think like stepping over someone someone's foot can be considered offensive and if alone could create a situation you don't want. It's all about showing respect to the people and not being an ugly tourist.

  2. Disclaimer : All Indians do not believe that you should be with a man ( in life or a trip ) if you don't want.

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    also: it is always great to have the money for a last resort ticket back home. sometimes everything goes just horribly wrong, or something unexpected happens at home and you have to get there asap. have a general idea what a last minute ticket home would cost you.

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