50 Things to do in Southeast Asia Travel Guide, Attractions and Asian Cuisine

Today we’re taking a fun little day trip outside
of Chiang Mai. We are visiting the Elephant Nature Park, which is about sixty kilometers
outside of the city. This is an elephant rescue and rehabilitation center, so we’re going
to be showing you around. This center is also a refuge for a number
of injured and abandoned animals such as dogs, cats, water buffalo and others. We have a bucket full of fresh fruit and on
today’s menu for the elephants are bananas and watermelons. Hi Baby! There you go. No bananas. Nope! That was my first time touching an elephant
and there skin is surprisingly course and hairy. Right now the rescue center is home to thirty
seven elephants. Thirty two of them are female and five of them are male. These are Asian
elephants, which vary from the African elephant. The African elephant is actually a lot larger
than the Asian elephant and they also have much bigger ears. Most of the elephants on the site have been
rescued from logging, tourism and begging industries. This is the happiest time of day! The elephants
are now being bathed. Overall, the experience at the Elephant Nature
Park has been phenomenal. We’ve really enjoyed having an opportunity to feed, bathe and interact
with all of the elephants. It is a great alternative to doing the trekking where you are just sitting
on top of the elephant and they are working. This way you get to spend time with the elephant
in its natural environment feeding it and just having a great time. Today we are visiting a special little place.
We got up super early at five in the morning and check it out this is where we are – Angkor
Wat, Cambodia! We are inside Angkor Wat and this is the largest
religious structure in the whole world. This is my very first time visiting Angkor
Wat but Sam over here has been to this place a whopping four times. World traveler much? How is your forth time here different from
you the first, second and third? Tell us! Well the temples are certainly still as impressive
as ever but there are so many more tourists here than when I first came. I would say it
has tripled or quadrupled or maybe even more than that. It is just unbelievable how people
are sharing the experience. This is actually a Hindu temple that was dedicated
to the Hindu God Vishnu and the temple was built by a Cambodian King who helped unify
the country and to also spread the Khmer influence across Southeast Asia. One of the most impressive things about this
temple here is actually the massive moat that surrounds it. It is one of the first things
you notice as you’re coming up to the temple. There are several options for booking tickets
to visit the temples of Angkor. We went with the three day option and that was $40 USD
dollars but you can also go with the one day option, two day option or if you really love
temples the seven days. I would image that is quite pricey. A good time to come to Angkor Wat is actually
right at lunchtime because a lot of the tours, buses and tourists are out having lunch or
at that point in the day temple-d out, which means they are really hot, tired and sort
of seen enough temples for the day. If you want and alternative time to come definitely
consider coming around between 12 and 1:30. Coming back for the forth time was amazing.
I never get tired of this place but one funny observation I have is that I noticed that
any family’s dragging along their children really didn’t seem to be enjoy this as much.
They were just dragging their feet. I think it has a lot to do with the heat and humidity
outside right now. It is really really hard to be walking around and not sweating profusely. I really enjoyed getting up early and coming
to watch the sunrise at Angkor Wat. I thought that maybe the experience wouldn’t feel special
because there are literally hundreds of people also here at that time of day but it felt
like we were sharing the moment together, so I really enjoyed it. We have made it to Luang Prabang and this
city has quickly become one of my favorites here in Southeast Asia. This is the cultural
hub of Laos and we’re going to show you a few of the things you can do around town. When you’re visiting Luang Prabang, it is
really easy to stick to the city center. There is so much to do and see there but if you
have the time come outside and explore the outskirts of the city. Come and check out
the more rural sections. Right now we’re going across a bamboo bridge and we’re going to
see what is on the other side. Lead the way. Because this is a very small city it is really
easy to find yourself in the countryside. That’s exactly what we’ve been doing just
wandering down rural areas and we even found a dog to join us for the walk. Now we are up bright and early for a biking
tour around the city. We picked up these bikes for 20,000 Kip, which is $2.50 USD and we
have them for the day, so we’re going to be cycling around. Let’s see what we find. When comparing Luang Prabang to other cities
in Southeast Asia there are some major advantages. One of them being that there is hardly any
traffic here. It’s a wonderful opportunity to take out your bicycle and just explore.
You can go down the main roads, you can go down the side streets and you’re not going
to have to deal with cars and other bicycles or even pedestrians. Luang Prabang is very pedestrian friendly.
In fact, there are so many different little back-alleys and lanes to explore that it is
just a great idea to wander about without any sense of direction. There are some fantastic views in this city
so one of our recommendations is to enjoy a meal by the river, which is what we’re doing
tonight. Another thing you’ll want to do when you’re
in Luang Prabang is to visit all of the temples around the city. This morning we’re visiting
Wat Xieng Thong and it is one of the main temples in Luang Prabang. It is also known
as the Golden City Temple and it really has some impressive glass mosaics. You’ll want
to wander around and take some photos. It is 20,000 Kip to enter which is $2.50 USD
and like most places it is good to come early because it starts to get busy during the middle
of the day. Now it is time for us to get a little bit
of exercise. We’re going to climb up 328 steps up Mount Phou si which is more like a hill
for the best views of Luang Prabang. Admission to reach the top of this mountain
is 20,000 Kip which is again is $2.50 USD. It is kind of cool going up because you go
up one way and then you come down the other side of the mountain so you get to see different
views along the way. How could we have a list of things to do in
a city without focusing on the local cuisine. We’re here at our favorite restaurant Tamarind.
We’ve been here so often it’s literally our home away from home and we’re going to show
you a few of our favorite dishes. This is the dipping platter. This over here
is a coriander pickle. Next we have an eggplant dip. A tomato dip. We have paste made from
buffalo skin. We have some seaweed chips and then some vegetables that we can use with
the sauce. Let’s dig in. That all goes together, of course, with our sticky rice. Sam is going to demonstrate. This is how you
eat. You just kind of put together a little ball like that and then you can pick a different
dip. I’ll try the buffalo sauce here. You put it together just like that and you pop
it in your mouth. Delicious! This is the second plate we’ve ordered. Again,
here we have a vegetable pickle. This is a pork salad that also has banana flowers. We
have a pork sausage and here is some buffalo jerky – Sam’s favorite. Oh yeah! Over here
we have some little lettuce rolls that are stuffed with different dips and different
sauces. We’ll be trying those. We’ve ordered so much food we almost forgot
about this next dish. It is time for me to do the honors. I’m going to unveil our steamed
fish, which comes wrapped in banana leaf. It is called Mok Pa. Let’s see what is in
here. It is like opening a present. I know. It is like Christmas on a plate. Oh, wow!
There it is. You can see the steam coming off of it. That is going to be good. And when the sun goes down it is time to go
shopping. We’re at the tourist night market and we’re picking up souvenirs. If there is one thing that Luang Prabang is known for
is for its Almsgiving which happens every morning at six AM. This is where monks collect alms of rice from
kneeling locals and tourists. Tips on how not to be a total wanker at the
ceremony. First, don’t use your flash and don’t blind the monks. Secondly, don’t chase
them down. You see people doing both of these things and it is infuriating. If you love to eat like we do then you can’t
leave Luang Prabang without taking a cooking class. Today we’re at the Phou si market and
we’re picking up ingredients before we start preparing our food. Not much sugar in Lao cooking like in Thai
food. When you taste Thai food you taste milky and creamy and sweet things because they add
lots of coconut milk and lots of sugar. That is why their food tastes like that. Laos food
is different. Lao food tastes lots of herbs and lots of texture. This is Lao food. I’d like to point out that Sam and I are making
the exact same dish. This is his sauce and this is mine. What are you missing? Just about
everything. Here we have our buffalo salad. We stir friend
some buffalo meat and we also added beansprouts and there is banana flowers. We have string
beans, hot chilies and mint leaves. We’re going to be rolling this up in lettuce leaves.
It is kind of like a little fresh roll. Today we’re going to be having a special experience.
We are taking a bamboo train along these old tracks that used to run from Phnom Penh all
the way to Battambang. This train is really just a bamboo platform
with a few mats laid over top. It has a six horsepower engine and we’re going to be speeding
through and see what we find. We’re on the bamboo train in Battambang! Having
fun? Yes. It’s going really really fast. Oh yeah! This morning we’ve got a special activity
planned. We are taking a cooking class – a Khmer cooking class. I’m all thumbs in the
kitchen but I’m going to give it my best shot. Right now we’re at the local market and we
are going to pickup some ingredients for
the cooking class and it is raining. It’s a red curry paste and this is a chili
paste. They are fresh vegetables. And then they say ginger. It is not ginger.
It is galangal. Coconut and then she grates it to get a coconut
milk. So we’ve got our aprons on and we’re ready
to cook. Siem Reap, Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville they
converse and they change how to make fish Amok. They make shortcuts for three or four
minutes. I’m trying to slice lemongrass. These are our ingredients so far. They smell
really good. What might you be doing? I’m just crushing
the ingredients. You’re making the curry paste here. It looks so good. We’re really earning our meal here. We’re
making our curry paste. We’ve been pounding away for almost ten minutes now. Now we’re slicing up the snake fish. I still
haven’t cut my finger. Here is our Amok. We made a little curry type
thing and put it into the banana bowl that we’ve prepared and now it is going to be steamed. Here is the meal we prepared today. We have
spring rolls with a nice dipping sauce, lok lak (a kind of beef meat) and over here Amok,
which is fish in a coconut cream sauce. I’m going to try my Lok Lak. Let’s see how
this turned out. It is really nice. I cooked it myself. I’m going to try one of the spring rolls we
made. I still can’t believe I didn’t burn down the kitchen and it is delicious by the
way. We just finished our cooking class. I didn’t
cause an International Incident. I didn’t burn down the kitchen, so overall it was a
success. If anyone wants to come the Kitchen is called Nary’s Kitchen and they have a morning
and an evening class. It costs ten dollars a person. This restaurant and cooking school is run
by Nary and her husband Toot. They will take you to the market and you will spend an hour
there just looking at different vegetables, picking up ingredients and then afterwards
you come back to the school you cook for two hours and then you get to enjoy your meal.
We highly recommend it. Excellent food. So it is Saturday night in Chiang Mai and
today we are heading to the Saturday Night Market. Well, we’re still a few blocks away but I
know we’re close. You know why? Because I can smell the food. Background music playing. What do you got there? So I got myself a twisted
potato which is a lot like the tornado chips we used to have in Korea. It looks like it
is all seasoned? It’s nice. Barbecued flavored. You’re going to be sharing that? You are wasting the chips. Background music playing. Yes, blueberry. That looks good. It’s like
blueberry cheesecake with ice cream. It’s going to be messy. Snow ice cream with blueberry sauce drizzled
over top. How articulate. Mmmmmmm. Live music playing from the streets. Background music playing. So what did you get? I’ve got some pan-fried
dumplings that are very similar to the Korean gun mandu that we often had when we were living
as teachers in Korea. So let’s see if these are as good? They look hot. Yeah. Pretty good. Background music playing. Someone found his favorites here. So what
started as just a little snack out here at the market has turned into a full on feast.
I’ve got dim sum and fried spring rolls. Looking good. I got this – German sausage. Very good. Background music playing. And in case we didn’t quite have enough to
eat – a sweet little dessert treat. So that is a banana and egg roti with lots of chocolate
and condensed milk drizzled over top. Background music playing. We came to this night market. We were supposed
to go for a walk but guess what? We ended up having a massive feast and so instead of
exercise we were gorging the whole time but it was worth it. Welcome to Singapore! We’ve got less than
48 hours in the city and we’re going to show you as much as we possibly can. With limited time ticking down to visit the
world’s most prosperous city state and busiest port, we set out on foot, bus, subway and
boat to cover as much ground as we possibly could. Singapore has often been given the title of
a sterile Utopia; however, after traveling around chaotic Southeast Asian hubs like Bangkok,
Kuala Lumpur and Saigon it was a welcome relief to visit a mega city that was clean, orderly,
spacious and pedestrian friendly. One of the top highlights was visiting the
various districts including Chinatown, Little India and Kampong Glam. Hopping on a traditional bum boat offered
a unique perspective of the city as we were able to learn more about its colorful history
on our guided tour. One of the highlights was drinking Singapore
Slings at the Raffles Hotel where the drink was invented. Paying 27 Singapore dollars
allowed us to sip on this wonderful cocktail and throw peanuts on the floor. Singapore is impressive by day but really
shines at night. Many of the standout landmarks have a completely different look when the
sun goes down and the bright lights of the city emerge. When it comes to street food Singapore ranks
favorably with Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan and Thailand. Hawker centres offer up a spread
of Asian delights that were heavy on flavor while being light on our wallet. In order to cover as much ground as possible
we purchased hop on hop off bus tickets to get around the city. Being able to get on
and off whenever we wanted was a real bonus as it helped us preserve our walking legs. Although we saw many of the most popular attractions
such as Merlion, Marina Bay and the Fullerton Hotel it was the adventures we had wandering
around that formed the greatest impressions of the city. Overall, our time in Singapore was distinctly
memorable. Hopefully, we’ll have a chance to come back again soon to explore more of
this impressive 21st century city state. We are in Malacca right now and it is nighttime
so we are about to head over to Jonker Street where they have one of the biggest night markets
I have ever seen. It is a great place to find food and go shopping, so let’s head over there. What are you eating right now? There is nothing
better to do at the night market, the Jonker street night market, than to indulge in street
food. We’ve got a refreshing little dish right down here – take a look at it. There are different
kinds of jellies and beans and shaved ice with some sweet coconut milk and cane syrup.
Is it ever good! It is the perfect way to beat the heat. Right here we’ve ordered something called
a carrot cake. I am not seeing any carrots so far but it looks really tasty. It smells
good. Is it good? How would you describe it? I would say it is like a Pad Thai without
the noodles. You have the bean sprouts, you have a little bit of tofu and some egg and
peanuts. I don’t know where the carrot name comes from. I just bought some sugarcane juice – it is
really sweet and refreshing and I love that they gave us lots of ice. It is perfect. It
is perfect for a hot night like this. We boarded a river taxi, one of our favorite
ways of getting around Bangkok, to visit one of the most iconic landmarks of the entire
city. Today is
one of our last days in Thailand and actually
one of our last days in Southeast Asia. We’ve decided to do a bit of sightseeing around
Bangkok and we are visiting Wat Arun. This is the Temple of Dawn located on the
west bank of the Chao Phraya river. I’m already sweating profusely and now it
is time to go climb this massive temple. I’ve seen Wat Arun a few times while traveling
down the Chao Phraya river. It is really interesting because from a distance it just looks like
it is a grey temple made out of concrete but once you actually get here and walk up close
to it you can see all of the intricate little details like it is made up of broken tiles
and ceramics. It is really cool. It is a bit of a surprise. And it gets even steeper. That was easily the scariest set of stairs
I have ever climbed. The steps were like this high and they were only this wide, so your
feet could barely fit on there. I had to come down seated the whole time – like just on
my butt. Some tips for visiting Wat Arun. First, make
sure you bring tonnes of water. We brought two water bottles and we’ve just guzzled them.
I swear, I’ve sweated about half of my body weight. And second, even though it is a really
steep climb – even if you’re afraid of heights like I personally am – it is still worth going
up. The views are amazing. Welcome to Bali, Indonesia! After spending nearly a year travelling in
Southeast Asia, we couldn’t leave without first visiting Bali. We decided to take a
2 week trip to the famed island and split our time between Ubud and Sanur to explore
as much as possible. During one of our first nights on the island,
we attended a Balinese fire and trance performance. This dance and music drama originated in the
1930s, depicting stories from Hindu literature. Ubud is the art and cultural capital of Bali
and we enjoyed spending a few days here. Our mornings in the town were spent visiting the
various temples, browsing through markets, and soaking in the surroundings. We also had a chance to visit the Tegalalang
Rice Terraces. They were lush, green, and reminded us of our time in Korea because Sam’s
apartment overlooked rice terraces. Bali is mainly Hindu and the island is home
to many temples. During our time in Bali we visited the Elephant Temple, which is best
known for its menacing cave entrance. We also visited Gunung Kawi, which is nicknamed
the Rock Temple. The rock temple gets its name because of the 10 shrines that were carved
into the rock wall and stand 7 meters tall. They are truly a sight to behold. Well, I am supposed to sprinkle water on my
head, so here we go. During our tour around the island, we stopped
at a lookout point where we saw the impressive Mount Batur looming in the horizon. Mount
Batur is an active volcano, however, when we learned that it was open to hikers, we
decided we were up for the challenge. Bali is a great jump off point for exploring
some of the surrounding beaches and islands. Trips to Lombok, Nusa Lembongan, and the Gili
Islands are very easy to arrange. There are plenty of water sports to choose from including
snorkeling, free diving, scuba diving, surfing and even kayaking. Ubud is home to the monkey forest where infamous
little macaques roam freely. The monkey forest is home to over 600 monkeys, who over time
have lost all fear of man. The monkeys are not shy and will approach people and even
climb onto their bodies if they believe you have food. If you’re feeling adventurous and
would like to feed the monkeys, you can purchase bananas right at the entrance of the monkey
forest. One of the highlights of our time in Bali,
was climbing Mount Batur for sunrise. The morning of the hike, we got up at 2 in the
morning and were driven to the base of the volcano. Armed with a trusty guide and flashlights
in hand, we began the steep climb that would take close to 2 hours to complete. We took
plenty of breaks along the way, but once we finally reached the top, we were rewarded
with a rainbow colored sunrise. Overall, we really enjoyed our time in Bali!
It may not have been the quiet paradise that’s depicted in the movies, but it offered culture,
natural beauty, and it was a great place to relax. Hello! We are on a little raft and just cruising
down the Mekong Delta. I’m loving the conical hat. How do you like your hat? I need a hat of
my own. We should be wearing this back in Canada. What is wrong with people? There is a little traffic jam over here. Hello. Tip Tip? We’re doing a three day tour of the Mekong
Delta and this is day number one and we just started off by sampling some tea with honey
and few little snacks. Now we’re doing a little paddle boat adventure down the Mekong. This is the hillside town of Pai. It is about
3.5 hours away from Chiang Mai and this is where we’ve been spending the weekend. We are staying at the Pai Chan Cottages and
this is our private little Bungalow, so let’s go have a look inside. Hey! Come on in! This is our humble little
room here. You can see we’ve got a nice big size bed and mosquito net over here. Fortunately
this time of the year we haven’t had to be using it very often. It’s freezing at night!
It is freezing so likely the mosquitoes have all died. The best part about this place are
the views. Check out this: rice fields! Am I interrupting your nap? You’re just too
cute and wrinkly. Look at that little nose. Meow meow! We’ve only got a few days left here in Thailand
and I’ve been hearing from friends raving about Pai for years and I’ve always put off
coming here. This time I said ‘There is no way we’re going to leave Thailand without
coming to Pai.” Now I understand what all of the fuss is about. This place is wonderful.
It is one of the most relaxing towns I’ve ever visited and we’re going to show you around.
You’ll get to see first hand why we love it here. What are you doing? I couldn’t be anymore
relaxed than in this hammock right now. At this rate, I don’t even know if we’re get
into town. One of the main reasons people come to Pai is to just
relax and totally chill out. A lot of other destinations you go to visit temples, you
go to do other types of things but here it is just enjoying the scenery, wandering around
and swinging on a hammock. Those are the top things to do and I’m loving it so far. We seem to have found hippy central just across
the river. There is a cool little bar called sunset bar and it can be reached via a bamboo
bridge. Shall we check it out? That was awesome! We crossed that rickety
old bridge and then we came to some really cool looking guesthouses and now we’re here
in the fields. One of the draws to Pai is being able to explore
the countryside. Yesterday, I rented my very first scouter. It only cost me three dollars
a day and I got a helmet with that. It was a great way to explore. I thought it was going
to be kind of tricky riding it for the first time but it was a lot of fun. You did well
didn’t you? It opened up a lot of the surrounding areas that would have been tough to reach
by foot. Aside from chilling out and relaxing in Pai
one of the few things that we actually really want to do is to take a trip over and visit
the hot springs. We’re here in Pai visiting the hot springs.
This is the thirty five degree pool and I’m swinging like Tarzan. Well not exactly but
I’d like to think that. Oooh Oooh Oooh! That giant white Buddha over there is something
I plan on visiting tomorrow morning when I wake up. I can’t swing. I need an assistant to swing
me. Sam, come swing me! I’m just kidding. I’m kidding! No, Sam. Sam no! Oh, my gosh!
What are you doing? Okay, I just want to get you on the hammock. I don’t want to go flying!
No. Okay, just go back on and say something. Go fetch me a drink! Today we are having a feast of a dinner. We
are at a Cambodian restaurant and we have just ordered ourselves an eight course meal. This restaurant is called Angkor Palms and
it is highly recommended, so we have high expectations for this meal. Right now I am trying the fresh spring rolls
and I think they have rice noodles inside, so let’s see. Woah, that is a mega bite! That was a really good spring roll. It had
some very fresh and zesty flavors and a little bit of seafood as well; so far so good. Next up, we have the spare ribs and these
do look good. It just melts in your mouth. Next up we are trying the Amok, which is one
of the most popular dishes in Cambodia. Amok is fish that has been coated in a coconut
cream and then baked in a banana leaf. Did it hit the spot? Um-hmmmm. And she takes a
second bite before I get any. This is the one thing that I’m probably the
most excited about – the homemade green curry with chicken. I’ve got a slice chicken. Wow,
I can really taste the curry. Once again, just like the spare ribs, it just melts in
your mouth and I barely even have to chew. Is it coconut based? I don’t think it is that
strongly based, no. Up next is our shaved mango salad, which has
some peanuts and mint leaves on top. Sweet? It is sweet? It is also nice and crunchy because
of the peanuts. It has some nice spices and is really flavorful. You just took a second
bite. And last but certainly not least is the fried water spinach. That is tasty. It
has kind of a butter-y garlic flavor. Time for dessert. Tell us what you are having?
To finish off we’ve got a sweet little treat – a tapioca based pudding with banana. Oh,
take a big bite. Oh yeah, it is so sweet and so good. We have finished our feast of a dinner. I
must admit, when I first saw the platter being brought over I thought ‘hmmm, is this for
two people? I think I could probably eat my own but in the end we still have food leftover.
That was just so much to eat. It was so tasty but it was really filling at the same time.”
So, it was good stuff – it was a good dinner. The 8 course platter is $14 for two people.
For those who want to come here this restaurant is located right in the heart of Siem Reap
nearby the Central Market. You can’t miss it. Today we are outside Siem Reap and we are
exploring the Temples of Angkor starting with Angkor Thom. The most fascinating thing about Bayon are
the cold faces that have a hint of a smile. This massive complex has 54 towers with 216
faces on them. Over here we have the Terrace of the Elephants.
It is 350 meters long. This was once used as a viewing platform from where you could
watch the ceremonies that took place for the King. Well, we’re traveling right now in Cambodia
in April and it is the hottest time of the year here. It is always hot in Cambodia but
this is literally the worst month. I’m just sweating buckets. As a tip for people coming
here – if you want to come at bit of a cooler time from December to January or even February
it is a great time to come. It is also peak season here so you will be sharing it with
more tourists but you won’t be sweating as much. Walking up early in the morning certainly
has its advantages. We are the first people to arrive at this temple Banteay Srei. This is one of the temples we’ve been most
excited to visit and we are officially the first ones here. Here we are inside the temple. This happens
to be a Hindu temple and it is dedicated to the God Shiva. Most of the temples of Angkor were commissioned
by powerful Kings but this temple in particular was not. It was commissioned by a Brahman,
which makes it quite unique. Because we came here early we got a VIP tour.
Normally these areas are gated off as you can see by the white perimeter here and the
rope. Look at where we are – Yeah! The advantages of being the first on site
can’t be underestimated. I mean, anything to avoid those package tourists is a good
idea. There are many temples to choose from but
this one in particular Banteay Srei is considered to be the crown jewel of Angkorian art because
it has some of the most exquisite and intricate carvings. This temple is located very far away from
Siem Reap. We had to travel over an hour in a tuk-tuk and I slept most of the way but
I hear it was a very scenic journey. Yes? Along the way we passed a lot of rural villages.
We saw locals out doing various kinds of activities early in the morning – some farming related
and some business. We saw bikes packed to the total brim full of stuff. We saw a lot
of different things and it was just a really cool trip to get out here. It is bright and early. It is only seven twenty
in the morning and I’ve been dragged out of bed by someone to go visit the Batu Caves
early in the day. How are we getting there? We are taking the commuter train from KL Sentral.
One Ringgit each. It was cheap! Today we are visiting the Batu Caves. It is
only 13 kilometers north of Kuala Lumpur and this is an important Hindu shrine. The caves takes its name from the Batu River
and is dedicated to Lord Murugan. It looks like it is feeding time for the pigeons
over here. Who said money or food couldn’t buy you friends. Here I am on step number one. I’ve only got
two hundred and seventy two more of these bad boys to climb. There are lots of macaques or little monkeys.
This is my first time seeing monkeys up close so it is all that I’m taking pictures of at
the temple. Finally two hundred and seventy two steps
later we have made it to the top. This is actually my third time coming to the
Batu Caves but this is by far the earliest I’ve come and what a difference it makes.
There is hardly anyone here and it feels like we have the place to ourselves. We’ve had
intimate encounters with pigeons, monkeys, roosters and there is a performance going
on. My tip to anyone is to come early. We beat the first tourist bus here. Look at
them coming. Hahaha! Now we are rewarding ourselves with a vegetarian
Indian feast. I swear I must have lost half of my water (body weight) going up and down
those Batu Caves. I ordered myself a delicious roti which I’m
going to enjoy right now. I am starving. Masala Chai! Hello! We’re up bright and early again. It
is probably about seven in the morning and today we are doing a biking tour of Siem Reap. Here we are at our first stop ‘temple garden’
and we were just politely kicked off our bikes, so a good tip if you’re taking your bike you
can not explore the temple garden with it. You’ll have to get off and walk. Now we are along the banks of the Siem Reap
river which runs through the heart of the city and we are just going to be cycling the
length of it. You can see a lot of things along the river. There is a man over there
fishing. Elephants! They’re just statues. Here we are biking along the river. Sam of
course is way ahead because he has giant legs. Oh, there he is. Now that we’ve crossed the other side of the
river we’ve gone from hotels and restaurants to more rural style Cambodian homes. Hello, lady! Puppy, hi! We’ve been biking past lots of little communities
along the side of the river and the kids have been really friendly so far. They keep running
up to us and just waving ‘hello’ and trying to chat with these foreigners, so let’s keep
going. This afternoon we’re going to be visiting
the Golden Mount and to get there we’ll be taking public transportation namely water
taxis. When exploring Bangkok one of my favorite
ways of getting around is hoping on a river taxi. The system is very extensive. Background music playing. So these taxi boats have blue tarps along
the side that you have to lift up once the boat starts moving and that is because the
river looks like that. You would not want to fall in there or get any of that water
in your mouth. Oh, I can even smell it. Whew! That’s stinky! Background music playing. Tonight we are visiting the Sunday Night Market
in Chiang Mai and right now we are at Thapea Gate and this is where the market starts running
one kilometer into the old city. So we’re going to be wandering around, sampling some
food and showing you what it is like over here on a Sunday.
Background music playing. So you can buy a lot of handicrafts here at
this market. For example, silk, scarves, wood carvings. You can get some paintings. They
have ceramics. Silverware. Lots of jewelry. I mean you can browse here for hours on end.
And trinkets galore. Mmmmm. Background music playing.
When you get tired of walking around in the night market you can just head over here to
sit down and relax and get a nice Thai foot massage. Thirty minutes for two dollars right?
Probably. Background music playing.
Actually it’s 80 Baht for the foot massage. You can get a cheaper one at the Chiang Mai
park. background music playing.
Sizzling noises. Crowd noises.
One spring roll. Yeah. One tempura. One of this. One of this? Ah, yeah one.
Well you sure loaded up with some tasty treats. Okay, so this is my second dinner. I have
some deep fried tempura eggplant with a sweet and sour sauce on top and fresh spring rolls
with carrots and cilantro maybe and some noodles. Okay, try one of them? And that would be?
It tastes very healthy. Hahaha! Is it good? Mmmm, it’s not as flavorful as I would have
hoped. Here, have a look. It’s actually bean sprouts not noodles. I was wrong. Bean spouts
and tofu and some carrots. And what is this over here? Well, I must have been a monkey
in a past life because whenever I get a chance to try a banana I’m always in there. And this
is the deep fried version. So, it’s already kind of smushed up here. Awesome. Does it
have some kind of special sauce over top? No, there is no special sauce it’s just deep-fried
and the banana is really mushy and moist in the inside.
Okay, this is my tempura eggplant. Mmmm. Okay, that tastes a lot better. It’s almost like
a french fry. Can I say that? Yep, it has a nice sweet and sour sauce over top and it’s
very oily. Um, but that means it is very flavorful. French fry on a stick.
Background music playing. And that concludes our visit to the hectic Chiang
Mai Sunday Night Market. Background music playing. Today we are visiting a place that is an important
part of George Town’s heritage – the Clan Jetties. These are the last bastions of old Chinese
settlements. One of the things that has surprised me most
about visiting the Clan Jetties is that people live here with their pets, so even though
their houses are on stilts above the water they still keep dogs, cats and it works. Here we’ve found some friendly little doggies.
Yes. Leave it to me to find puppies. Cats. Hello, cat. It is purring. Cat, let’s
steal you. You can fit in my backpack. Well, we’ve encountered a lot of friendly
cats and dogs but not this one. All of the houses in this area are built on
stilts over the water and they even have a temple. Here is the temple of stilts that we were
looking to find. This area is now part of the heritage trail
and it was established roughly 150 years ago. There are several distinct Jetty’s along this
area. In fact, there were seven at one time. One just burnt down and now we are visiting
the Chew Jetty, which is welcoming us. How are we feeling? I’m feeling good. I’m
just resting on someone’s porch I imagine. This stilt villages actually remind me quite
a bit of the ones I visited while in Brunei, which are called the Kampong Ayer. Those were
even quite a bit bigger. These are still very fascinating. In the back of one of these jetties there
is the most random Santa Clause. In the back. Here we are visiting a market again and that
can only mean one thing – we are taking a cooking course yet again. Today we are going
to be learning how to make Lao food and our first stop is Phou Si market. It is the biggest
market in Luang Prabang and apparently it opens up at four in the morning. For our cooking class today it’s an awesome
surprise – we’ve got this lush garden setting. It feels like we’re just walking into someones
backyard. In Laos his wife and daughter cook for the
family not the husband and son. This is culture. We don’t put much sugar in Lao cooking like
Thai food. You taste Thai food and it tastes milky and creamy and sweet because they add
lots of coconut milk and lots of sugar. That is why the food tastes like that. Lao food
is very different tasting like lots of herbs and lots of texture. This is Laos food. This
does not mean Thai food is not tasty. Thai food is very tasty but our food tastes different. I’m pounding peppers, onions and that is it. Now time to try your tomato dip. I made mine
really spicy accidentally because I thought we were cooking this. I’m making a little
ball with the sticky rice. Voila! I’ll dip it in here. How is it? It has a real kick
to it but it is so good. It has lemon juice, hot peppers, garlic. I like it. I’d like to point out that Sam and I are making
the exact same dish. This is his sauce. This is mine. What are you missing? Just about
everything. We’re making the Mok Pa fish and you are going
to show us how to wrap it. What a work of art Audrey. Amazing! Oh, be
quiet. It is going to taste amazing. We’re cooking our buffalo meat right now. Here we have our buffalo salad. We stir-fried
some buffalo meat and we also added bean sprouts,banana flowers, string beans, hot chilies and mint
leaves. We’re going to be rolling this up in lettuce leaves. It’s kind of like a little
fresh roll. This morning we’re venturing up to Doi Suthep
and there is a temple atop the mountain overlooking Chiang Mai, so we’re going to be taking a
red songthaew to get there and hopefully the views of the city will be amazing. Here is the songthaew crew! Say hi! Hi! We’re
going to Doi Suthep. Woo Hoo! We just got out of the vehicle and this is
our first vantage point. Unfortunately, it is still a bit hazy outside, so we don’t have
a great view at the moment. But the city is there somewhere. The long climb begins. I’m not entirely sure
how many steps we have to go but I know it is going to be a long way. I think there is
over three hundred. Ideally you should be able to see the views
of Chiang Mai from up here but today it is just really hazy, so there is a cloud hanging
over the city. We can’t really see much, which is unfortunate. That concludes our visit to Doi Suthep. It
is definitely different than what I expected. I was kind of expecting this quaint little
temple on top of a hill and instead it is an extremely popular tourist attraction. It
is really crowded over here. I would say the exterior of Doi Suthep is
quite similar to a lot of the other Wats we have visited here in Chiang Mai. However,
the highlight for me was actually going inside the temple because there is a courtyard with
a golden stupa and you can walk around light candles and there is incense burning, so that
was a great experience. It is lunchtime here in Malacca, so we’re
about to go to a Baba Nyonya type of restaurant, which is a mix of Chinese and Malaysian cuisine.
This is a real hole in the wall kind of place. It is. I am going to be showing you the Nyonya Laksa,
which is spicy curry with a mixture of Malay and Chinese
elements. Let’s take a look. It is a coconut based curry soup and it has curd puffs, fish
sticks, shrimp and clams added to it. It is very flavorful. What I am having next is called Rojak, which
is the Malay word for mixture. It is a refreshing salad. Yes. Take a look over here. It is made
using fruits and vegetables, so it has pineapple, cucumbers, bean sprouts. It is just a really
nice and refreshing salad on a hot day. Oh yeah. The last of our four dishes is called Popiah
and it is a spring roll that has an outside like a crepe. I’ll show you the ingredients
here. It has a sweet bean and soy sauce and it often has turnips and bean sprouts, tofu,
peanuts and kind of omelet like. It has got everything going on. Take a bite. Classy! To beat the heat we have some lime juice.
Is that refreshing? What has been your favorite dish so far? I’ve
actually like this one here – the Nyonya dumplings – as I’ve never had this one before. I’ve
tried the others but this is my first time for this. Okay, take a big bite and tell us
why you like it. Struggling! What I really like about it is the glutinous rice. It is
a unique kind of coating for the dumpling. Also, it is quite sweet inside. It is hard
for me not to like sweet foods when it comes to me and my taste buds. What is Miss Audrey’s favorite? Well, I’ve
really enjoyed the rice dumplings as well but I think my absolute favorite has been
the salad over here. I haven’t eaten fresh fruits and fresh vegetables for almost a year
because in Korea they cost a fortune, so I’m in heaven right now. I’m just eating and feasting
on this. What do you got now – pineapple? Yeah, this is a pineapple. It is a nice sweet
treat and the coating on the salad is delicious as well. It is a sweet sauce with peanuts
on top, so it is just perfect. For the next two days we are doing a tour
of Ha Long Bay, so here we are aboard our ship. Our lovely home at sea. So we’re going
to give you a tour of the place. Lounging on the deck. How are you enjoying
the view? Ah, they’re okay. So we’ve been doing lots of activities while
we’ve been at Ha Long Bay. There has been kayaking and exploring caves and this morning
we are spending a bit of time at a private beach. Okay, so Sam you are revisiting Ha Long Bay
for the second time, yes? Indeed, I am. Okay, so tell us what has been your favorite part
this time around and how has it changed? Well, it actually hasn’t changed too much. This
tour is quite similar to the one I did before. Previously, I did a three day tour. This time
we’re doing only two days. Two days I think is plenty. We’ve done a lot of different fun
activities. I’ve just enjoyed being on the boat with all of the gorgeous scenery and
the karst mountains. Well, this has been my first time to Ha Long
Bay so obviously what has impressed the most has been the scenery because it just looks
out of this world. It is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. I’ve really enjoyed just
hanging out on the top deck reading a book, checking out the views and also the food aboard
has been really nice. And next we’re going to show you our room
on the boat. Hello. Cabin fever. Okay, we’ve been here
maybe half an hour and it is already messy. I blame it on this person. No, this person. Here we are just biking through the streets
of Hoi An. Here we have our little ticket for sightseeing
around Hoi An. The way it works is that you pay six dollars and you get a ticket that
grants you access into five different historic sites around town and you just show up at
the entrance. They snip off one of these little tabs and you’re good to go. Here we are at the Japanese covered bridge.
It was built in 1593. Construction on this bridge began on the year of the monkey and
finished on the year of the dog and for that reason one side of the bridge is guarded by
a monkey and the other by a dog. Here we are at the most popular pedestrian
bridge in town. I’m standing here at a small square and this
is where a lot of fabulous performances take place – especially at night time. We are at Quang Dong Assembly hall. It’s a
place of worship for the Cantonese community. Up next we are visiting the Assembly Hall
of the Fujian Chinese. This place now acts as a temple to the Goddess Tian Hao who is
from the Fujian province in China. We are at our new favorite restaurant in George
Town. It is called Kapitan. Restaurant Kapitan. They serve up amazing Indian food. If you like rich savory curries and buttery
naans you have come to the right place. Over here we have a tandoori set which I got.
It came with a buttery naan bread and some nice curries. We also have Alo Ghobi over
here with potatoes and cauliflower and some extra Naan because we just like it so much.
We need double the portion. That chicken is superb. It is juicy on the
inside and crispy on the outside. Wow! What flavor. How is the curry? It’s so good. So so good! Aside from being a great restaurant in terms
of the quality of food, the other thing we really like about coming here is that it is
so affordable. You can just pick a whole bunch of different dishes, mix and match and you’ll
get a great meal. One of our absolute favorite dishes so far
has been the Palak Paneer, which is really delicious and we’ve also really enjoyed the
Tandoori chicken which is always fresh, crispy and the butter naan. That is good. This is a 24 hour restaurant and we like it
so much we’re considering coming for breakfast, lunch, dinner and maybe even a snack. We are going kayaking around the bay…woo! We are paddling down the Ha Long Bay. Oh yeah!
Look at you paddle. I know. I’m doing all the work and Sam is just there for the ride.
Exactly! You paddle girl, you go. One of the coolest things out here by far
are the floating villages. We survived our kayaking experience in Ha
Long Bay. We almost crashed into the cliff. Yes. It was kind of scary. It is a bit stressful
especially because whenever the big boats (the junks) go past they create these little
waves and the kayaking is turning. And you have to get out the way of the junk too. That
is stressful. Yeah, but it was fun. It was a fun way to see the bay. So today we are having lunch at a little place
called the Peppermint cafe. This is in some little back-alley in Chiang Mai. We’re sitting
outside right by the street and we’re going to enjoy some more Northern Thai food. And you know how much we like our back-alley
restaurants. Background music playing. We’re here for original Thai food and good
shakes. Looks like you got just that. So today we are having a dish that is called
Khao Soi and if you just look down over here you can see that it kind of looks like a curry
type soup and we have regular boiled noodles, some crispy noodles and chicken over top. So this is a Burmese influenced dish from
Northern Thailand and it literally means cut rice. This is one of Northern Thailand’s most famous
dishes. background music playing. So I’ve had this dish once before and I think
my favorite part is the combination of the soft egg noodles mixed in with the crispy
ones. It’s just a nice, crunchy, soft texture and the curry sauce gives it a bit of an extra
kick, so here we go. I love coconut based curries and this is quite
similar to Massaman Curry. background music playing. This is a really popular street food in Northern
Thailand. It’s actually quite hard to find overseas in Thai restaurants, so that means
you have to come to Northern Thailand and try it for yourself. Empty plate over here. The sign of a good
meal. Overall, that meal was delicious and coming
in at just 59 Baht per dish – what value! I’m going to start off by saying that I was
tricked into coming here. I was told it was going to be a short – oh, it is a ten minute
walk from Chinatown as we’re right around the corner – and we’ve been walking for forty-five
minutes in circles and uphill. I am covered in sweat and a bird just flew by me. We’re at KL Bird Park – the largest walk in
aviary – in the world. That means the birds can fly from freely around the park. This aviary is home to over three thousand
birds in more than two hundred species. So far we have seen love birds, flamingos, peacocks
and birds that we don’t even know what they are. This over here is the feeding area. As you
can see the birds get a really nice diet of papayas and bananas. This feels like Jurassic Park with the birds
instead of dinosaurs. I’m going to choose two birds and then pose with them. This is
the selection you’ve got. Are you having fun? We can feed Lorries for like two Ringgit,
which is about seventy cents, so why not. Sam, tell us about your new friends here.
I’ve got four little friends and we’re having a feeding party right now. Hello. Overall, this was a really fun experience
although it is not the cheapest thing to do in KL. It is something we both highly recommend.
Wear bug spray! Yes. Today we setting out on a two day hike in
Sapa and we are just walking through the town. We’ve picked up a few more people who are
joining us and we’ve already picked up some local buddies who will be walking with us
it seems. Today’s hike is going to be divided into three sections and
the first village that we will be visiting is called Lao Chai. It’s about eight kilometers
from where we started out and we’re two kilometers into the trek so far. It is getting really
hot and I’m sweaty so let’s keep going. Tell us about the scenery? Unbelievable. Everywhere
we walk. So as you can see over here there is a bit
of a landslide that is blocking the road into the town. I thought I heard a waterfall down there.
It turns out it is just a river. It is still impressive. So after several kilometers of hiking we’re
finally approaching the village of Lao Chai down below. So we are about to cross this bridge into
town and it is not for those who have vertigo because there are railings on this bridge. After two hours of hiking we’ve reached our
first destination point Lao Chai Village. It is time for lunch and I’m pretty hungry.
How about you? I’m starving. I can’t wait to get there fast enough. It is just over
there where the bridge is. That is Lao Chai. For lunch today we are eating at one of our
favorite restaurants in Luang Prabang – it’s called Tamarind. It focuses on Lao food, so
we’re going to be showing you some traditional dishes. This over here is called Nam Kham and it is
a Tamarind cooler and you get a nice little bamboo straw and it is a really sweet and
sour drink. It is refreshing but a little tart. I really like it. It’s so good! Next up we have our dipping platter. This
over here is coriander pickle, next we have an eggplant dip and tomato dip. We have a
paste made from buffalo skin, we have some seaweed chips and then some vegetables that
we can eat with the sauce. Let’s dig in. That all goes together of course with our sticky
rice. Sam is going to demonstrate for us. This is
how you eat it. You just kind of put together a little ball like that and then you can pick
a different dip. I’ll try the buffalo sauce here. You put it together just like that and
you pop it in your mouth. Delicious! Is it a bit spicy? Oh yeah! This one is really spicy. Finger food! Finger food! That is a huge ball.
Little ball. That is not little. Okay, I will go with the aubergine. She has got her happy
face on. It is so good. It is not just aubergine. They’ve added spices – there is coriander,
onions – there is just an explosion of flavors. This is the second plate we’ve ordered. Again,
here we have a vegetable pickle, this is a pork salad that also has banana flowers, we
have a pork sausage and here is some buffalo jerky – Sam’s favorite. Oh, yeah! Over here
we have some little lettuce rolls that are stuffed with different dips, different sauces,
so we’ll be trying those. Buffalo jerky time! I’ve broken off a little
piece of this buffalo jerky and this is my favorite. Chewy, right? Yeah, it is very chewy
like any kind of jerky but this is probably the sweetest jerky I’ve ever had. I can’t
remember ever tasting anything quite this sweet in jerky form. You have this lettuce leafy roll over here.
I taste lemongrass and something sweet like a yam almost but I’m really not sure what
it is. It could be some local thing. We’ve ordered so much food we almost forgot
about this next dish. It is time for me to do the honors. I’m going to unveil our steamed
fish, which comes wrapped in a banana leaf. It is called Mok Pa. Let’s see what is in
here. It’s like opening a present. I know, it’s like Christmas on a plate. Oh, Wow! There
it is. You can see the steam coming off of it. It is going to be good. It comes with
a side of vegetables, so let’s not forget about those. Time for a taste test. First bite! Wow! This
cooked in a dill and basil sauce. It just melts in your mouth. It is so soft and so
flavorful. It is delicious! Now for dessert we are having something that
is called Khao Gam. It is purple sticky rice that has been cooked in coconut milk and it
also has banana and sesame seeds on top. Down here! It looks amazing! If that weren’t enough,
we get a little shot of Tamarind sauce which we can pour over top. I’m going to try it the natural way without
the tamarind sauce first. It is so fragrant. Nice and sweet? Very sweet. You can definitely
taste the coconut and it is a nice sticky rice with a bit of a nutty texture. I like
it. Let’s try this with some tamarind sauce and
a big chunk of banana. Oh my, it is so good. The tamarind gives it a kick and a bit of
spice. It is still really sweet. That splendid feast came to just over $18
USD, 151,000 Kip which we think was excellent value. It is a bit of a gourmet type of restaurant.
It is right by the river. You’ve got awesome views from here. This is the second day of our Mekong Delta
tour. We’re going to visit some traditional floating markets out here and we’re rocking
the conical hats. Pineapple. Pineapple. One. 10,000 Dong. Who wants a pineapple? We just finished a
very hot and sweaty ride through a floating
market. There were small little vessels selling things like fresh fruit and ice cold coffee.
We sat there and enjoyed the scenery and ate some food. They literally had the perfect strategy down.
They just had us sitting there for fifteen to twenty minutes. We were sweating profusely
and they were selling us cold drinks. They must have made a fortune. So today we are back at our favorite Thai
restaurant but we’re going to be having a special meal. We have ordered a set for two
people that focuses on Northern Thai dishes, so we are going to get a sampling of different
curries that come along with sticky rice. And this is what it might look like. Our first dish has arrived and it is called
Khao Soi and it is fried noodles on top of a hearty curry. That looks amazing. It does.
Let’s dig into that baby. I’m going to try my first fried noodle. I’ve
never had anything like this. It’s kind of nice and the curry is kind of spicy. How is that? It’s a very flavorful spicy curry.
I can tell it is made from coconut milk. It’s not a very thick curry. It is more stew-like
and soup-y but it is really nice on a warm day like this. I’m enjoying it. Sticky rice inside. So a lot of the Northern Thai dishes have
pork in them, so as you can see over here we have a pork sausage. We have something
that looks like ground pork with nice green herbs and this might also be pork if you ask
me. One of the characteristic elements of Northern
Thai food is that you eat your side dishes with sticky rice. This is going to be tasty. So I’m not sure if I’m supposed to be using
my hands or not but because this is sticky rice I am. We’re going to dip it over here
and see how it tastes. Spicy or sweet? This one is surprisingly sweet. So I’m going to try one of these little puffs
in another kind of dipping sauce. That looks like it could be spicy. Yeah, it is spicy.
Burning your mouth? We also have a nice pumpkin stew over here
with tofu. Spicy? Not spicy. It’s just really hot. Okay, what is next? So next up in the dishes
to try here would be the ground pork. It looks like it has been marinated in a nice little
sauce. Very strong flavor with the sauce. It looks like soy sauce but that is hard going
down. Very tasty though. So it is only our first week in Chiang Mai
in Northern Thailand but we are quite quickly discovering that this part of the country
has a lot to offer in the cooking department. Normally, when you think Thai food you think
of Pad Thai, Green Curries but really there is so much variety here. Today we had dishes
that we had never even heard of before and they were so tasty. We still don’t even know
exactly what they are. We don’t know the n ames. I’m sure we will learn them over the
course of our time here but for now what we can tell you is that Northern Thai food is
really tasty. So just when we thought the meal was finally
over and we are so stuffed they bring dessert out for us and it is amazing. So here you
can see bananas. Those are just slices of bananas in a sweet, thick coconut cream and
it is amazing really. Oh yeah, you need to try it. I want to see your face when you bite into
that. Wow! It almost has a bit of a rum caramel type
flavor which really accentuates the coconut milk. That was seriously the feast of feasts.
We paid 300 Baht in total for that which is roughly ten US dollars and it was worth every
penny or should I say every Baht. The Petronas Towers are brilliant by day but
‘wow’ do they ever shine bright at night. This is now our third time coming to the Petronas
Towers and having seen it during the day and at night I have to say I prefer it at night
a lot more. They have really cool light shows that take place. There is also a lot more
people who come to watch the show. There you have it – the Petronas Towers at
night – a sight to behold! Today we are standing in front of Malaysia’s
most iconic building the Petronas Towers. There are lots of different vantage points
around the park so that you can get your shot with the Petronas Towers and this is one of
them. The Petronas towers took six years to build
and they were the tallest building in Asia until Taipei 101 took them over. I’ve been
to Tapei 101 and these are more impressive. These towers were designed by an Argentinean
architect names Caesar Pelli – represent! Represent because why? Oh because I grew up
in Argentina. There you go. The double decker sky bridge here connects
to the two towers together. It is quite awesome. My question is this a water fountain or can
I actually go swimming in there. Now we are at another temple called Preah
Khan, which means ‘sacred sword’ and this temple is believed to have been a University
that housed over a 1000 teachers. This here is one of our favorite temples.
The reason why we really like it so much is that it is just not overcrowded. We’ve come
here early in the morning but there is hardly anyone here. It has that kind of eerie feeling
to it similar to Ta Prohm but without all of the crowds. You can be walking through
and you feel like you’re going through a maze. It is really quite fascinating. People who have come to this temple have picked
up some rocks and stacked them into a little formation and I do believe this has a special
meaning in Buddhism. One of the top things to do when you’re visiting
George Town is to take a rickshaw tour and that’s exactly what we’re going to do. This
is our colorful little ride right here. Sorry, what’s your name? Harry. Harry, nice
to meet you. Bye. We’re going on a rickshaw ride. Hindi music playing. Background music playing. We’ve got some mighty big waves coming here. Woah. So we got soaked by a massive wave. We sure
did. And it is actually kind of refreshing now, so I’m kind of happy it happened and
our camera survived it. Not too bad actually. Background music playing. A big cat and a little mouse. Isn’t it cute. So this is a Chinese temple? Yeah. Very old
temple. One hundred years old. Honking horn. So a tour around historic Georgetown will
reveal some crumbling colonial architecture as Audrey likes to say. No, I don’t. Background music playing. So over here is Saint George church. The British
governor used the black car. Oh, that’s the old governor’s car. Where are you? So this is the old train that
used to travel up Penang hill carrying passengers up. A bamboo ship. Kassim Mustafa, one of our favorite restaurants
in George Town to get roti and it is noticeable for its bright green and yellow paint. Background music playing. And our final stop – our hotel. Background music playing. Today we are having dinner at a great little
restaurant that is located right across from the Puduraya bus terminal in Kuala Lumpur
and it is Indian food. My favorite! Nothing like refreshing fruit drinks to start
your meal. Here is our food. Nice! Thank you! Delicious. What we are having today is called Roti Canai
and it is an Indian flat bread. I’ve got one that has cheese inside and I’m going to dip
it in the curry sauce. The roti canai is the Malaysian form of flat bread. Oh yeah! What we’re having here is roti canai. Roti
means bread in Hindi and Malay. Canai in Malay means to roll out the dough.
How do you roll it out? Show us. Nice. It is made with egg flour and water and in
special cases where there is special ingredients like this one here – cheese! Sam is feeling a little shy because there
is people watching him eat right now. Is it the freckles? Is it the t-shirt? Is it because
he is using his hands? It’s s spectacle. What could it be? There are two ways to eat roti canai – by
hand or by utensil – and believe me I will not give up an opportunity to use my hands.
Demonstrate for us. Mix it up really good. That’s sloppy! You just wiped it on your pants!
No, I didn’t. Audrey here will be having it using utensils.
I on the other hand am eating like a lady using a fork and spoon. Keeping it classy. So roti canai is thinner than the Indian style
Naan bread which a lot of people are more familiar with. It is thin in the same way
as chapati for example. You can get plain roti or you get a little
fancier with your order and they have banana roti, garlic roti, cheese roti and egg roti.
Yes, I had that earlier. Lots to choose from! One of the coolest things when we come here
to the restaurant is the little order you get. You just keep tallying it up here on
the side and eventually when you’re finished feasting they finally give you a total. This is a meal that you can have for breakfast,
lunch or dinner. We’re having it for dinner right now and I’m pretty sure I’ll be coming
back for breakfast. Get ready! Owe, no be nice. You’re cute. So we’re taking a rural countryside tour today
of Battambang. We’re going to be buying some sticky rice wrapped up in a bamboo wrapper. Once it has been cooked you just kind of crack
the bamboo and peel it down and there you have the rice that has been mixed with coconut
cream and some black beans. It looks good. It smells great. Take a bite. How do you like it? It’s delicious.
It’s like you can totally tell it has been made with coconut but there hasn’t been a
lot of extra sugar, so it is definitely a little bit sweet but it is not too sweet.
I really like it. So this lovely snack is only sixty US cents.
Not bad. Alright brave man going to eat a little cricket
there. Time to have a cricket and this is my first time eating one. Cheers. Okay, big
bite. Stick it in your mouth. You try one as well? Oh, no no no. It’s actually really
good. Wow! It’s salty and a little bit sweet too. Oh yeah, that’s good stuff. One more.
Here we go. We’re here at the fish market now and we can
certainly smell all the fish all around here. It is just overwhelming and we’re going to
just check out to see what is here. So here is a form of preserve of fermented fish that
our guide just told us tasted a little bit like cheese. So what is this here? Fish eggs that they’re
fermented here. It has a lot of salt. That is ready to eat? Yes, you take the salt out
and the fish is inside. If you wrap a plastic bag around the insect
can not bite it. Oh, so there is plastic wrapped around these guava fruits to prevent insects
from eating them. These fill up inside the pillows and mattress.
It looks very soft. Yeah, you can touch. These are the seeds for new plants? Yes, when you
plant. It comes from the tree right there? It’s the big one over there. Okay. Well, our time in Saigon is over and we’re
now taking a train to Nha Trang for some beach time. Yes. And that is going to make one of
us very happy. Who would that be? Oh yeah, I just love the beaches. You’ll get lots more
freckles. I do. I need more. I don’t have enough. We have been eating local foods the whole
time we have been here. Check that out. That is so Vietnamese. What is that? I think they
may call that pizza. Iced cafe? I’ve got my favorite treat here – Vietnamese
iced coffee. I paid 15,000 Dong for that which is about seventy five cents. Is it ever good.
It is made with condensed milk and it has copious amounts of sugar. Take a big sip. Better than an Iced Cap from Tim Hortons back
home. Okay, aside from the ice cap I think we need to discuss Sam’s new look over here.
A pretty obvious change. What is that? What do you mean what is that? That’s my mustache.
It is awesome. You love it. I’m a throwback from the seventies. There are two different classes in this train.
We are traveling in the soft seat section which has AC and really cushiony chairs. Then
you also have hard benches with fans. Yeah, what a big difference. I’m glad we got the
ones here. It is a lot more comfortable. Chicken. We be having chicken for breakfast. One of my favorite snacks of all – fried spring
rolls and I get to eat them on a train. Today we are doing something that I’ve been
wanting to do ever since we got to Hoi An and that is shopping. There are said to be over two hundred different
tailors just in Hoi An alone. This is a city where you come to have your
clothes custom made. You can get dresses, shirts, suits, shoes, pursues made and they
can copy the latest designs. You just have to show them the magazine with what you want
and they’ll recreate it for you. Shopping for clothes – especially dresses
– is not my realm of expertise. We’re going shopping. Having fun changing over there. I’m having
trouble getting into my dress. Oh, it looks nice. Do you like it? It feels
like the right size. This is dress number two. How do you like
this one? It’s got flowers. It is nice. I can do a little smaller. Maybe a little smaller
in the back. It’s a good size for you. Do you like it?
I do. Yes, you like all three of them? We are staying here two more days. Two more
days? What are we having done right now? I’m getting my dresses made, so that they fit
me properly. Where are you going now? After here, we go
to Hanoi. It is very far away. So we are just waiting here for Audrey’s dresses
to get some minor alterations done on them. Were they too big or too small? They were
a little too big on me but I am so excited for them to be ready. I’m quite pleased with my purchases. I ended
up getting three dresses and I probably could have gotten more because the lady just kept
pushing me to try this one, try that one. She really wanted you to get that forth dress.
Oh yeah, but we had to cut it off at three. Overall, we paid eighteen dollars per dress
plus a slight discount and that included alterations and everything. So a little tip for anyone who is think of
going shopping in Hoi An. I would say just walk around the different streets and see
what the shops have to offer. See what kinds of styles you like and then go into a store
and don’t be afraid to bargain a little and ask for different patterns and different fabrics.
They can make anything you want. The journey to Laos is actually a three day
trip. Day one involves driving from Chiang Mai to Chiang Khong, which is at the border
between Laos and Thailand. On day two we finally get on the boat and travel from Chiang Khong
across the border and arrive at Pak Beng. The last day (the third day) is nine hours
on a boat all the way from Pak Beng to Luang Prabang. We’re going to tell you all about our journey
– the pros, the cons, the things that were great and what wasn’t so great. First, this
is the actual trip. Overall conclusions about this trip – we’d
definitely recommend taking the slow boat from Thailand to Laos; however, doing the
three day tour is definitely something we’d reconsider. Perhaps a lot of our negatives come from the
fact that we did a budget tour and we took the option that is only 2400 Baht. Some of
the things we didn’t like so much is that we were always leaving behind schedule and
sometimes we’d be waiting around for an hour before anything happened. Also, when it came
to accommodations the hotels weren’t amazing. Our first night was spent at a former jail
and it kind of felt a bit spartan. There was no hot water so we couldn’t shower. In terms
of food, I would call it prison food. It was boiled cabbage and just overcooked rice. Those
were some of the cons. I think you’re being a little bit too kind
with your description of the hotel. That was literally the hardest bed I’ve ever slept
on. I would have been more comfortable on a rock. If I had to do this trip over again I would
definitely do it independently. You can take a bus from Chiang Mai (or other Northern Thai
cities) all the way to the border. You can cross it yourself and find your own accommodations.
You can find something that is a little bit better and more suitable than what we stayed
at. Also, you can buy your own boat tickets as well and by showing up early at the pier
and purchasing it yourself ensures you get a good seat. That is the key to enjoying your
experience going down the Mekong. A few tips to make the trip a bit more pleasant
would be to show up early. You want to be the first person on the boat so you can choose
the best seats. You don’t want to be near the front because the views aren’t that great
and you’re kind of sitting sideways. You don’t want to be near the back because the engine
is rambling and it is incredibly loud. You want to choose a seat in the middle. Also,
you’ll want to bring a cushion or a pillow just in case you end up sitting on the wooden
seats. Those are not very comfortable and you’ll also want to stock up on lots of food
and bring sandwiches, pastries and whatever it is you’ll want to eat because it is a long
trip and on the boat they just have chips and tea and cups of noodles. Hawker Centres, which are open air food stall
complexes, serve up a variety of inexpensive food. From Chinese to Indian and Malaysian to Indonesian
there is a diverse selection of cuisine to choose from. We’re having our first lunch here in Singapore
at a Hawker Center and I’ve ordered myself some Chinese food. I have some Hainanese chicken
rice, which looks absolutely delicious and I’ve got a butter chicken with butter naan
right down here. Here is my dish – it is just a bit of plain
rice and some chicken with crispy skin on the outside. Despite it looking a bit bland
it is actually quite tasty. It is hard not to enjoy butter chicken – this
is awesome. We’ve got a few more snacks to complete the
meal. What are they? This is a combination of satay and dim sum, so we have sweet potato
here and this one is yam. We’ve got tofu cubes over here. This one is prawn and I believe
that is a shrimp dumpling. I’m going for something a little sweet here.
I have some kind of yam spring roll. Should I dip it in peanut sauce? Nah, just have it.
Is it sweet? It is. It tastes like sweet potato except that it is white. This crab didn’t
go on a skewer and it will taste good in the peanut sauce I’m pretty sure. We’ll mix that
bad boy around. What is happening over there? Kind of chewy? Here is the crab! Nice claw. Oh, that is delicious. It is so juicy inside. As budget travelers these Hawker centres in
Singapore are a real find. Because it is really expensive in Singapore – it is one of the
most expensive cities in all of Asia – certainly in Southeast Asia. You can find dishes here
for between four to ten Singaporean dollars and it is so much cheaper than eating in a
restaurant. I like the variety that you can find at the
Hawker centers. For example, today we had some Indian food, Chinese food and we also
saw stands selling Malaysian food, Singaporean dishes and lots of other things. This Hawker center is by the Singapore Flyer
but you can find them all throughout the city. Hello! Hello! We are now visiting Ta Prohm, which is a Buddhist
temple where the jungle just dominates the architecture. Here the buildings are wrapped
in trees and some of the entrances are blocked. Indiana Jones would feel right at home here
at this temple. In fact, it was used for the set of Tomb Raider staring Angelina Joli. It is decaying and it is crumbling but it
is a great place to explore. This is an example of nature taking over the
temple. Here you have this massive tree that is just straddling the wall really. Some parts of the temple have been completely
destroyed over the centuries, which actually creates quite a fascinating atmosphere. I first visited Ta Prohm back in 2008 and
‘wow’ was it an entirely different experience. There was hardly anyone. I was able to walk
around without encountering mass crowds. It is completely different this time and instead
of sort of lamenting about it and just getting really negative about it – what I’ve actually
been doing is just taking a lot of time-lapse shots. I’m using the crowds and the people
as sort of a backdrop for filming. That is what I’m going to do throughout this entire
time that I’m here exploring the Temples of Angkor. A much quieter alternative, once you’ve explored
the temple, is to actually just walk around the perimeter. It is quite peaceful here. You know we love to eat, so today we’ve signed
up for a cooking course where we’re going to learn how to make some of our favorite
Thai dishes. Right now we’re at the local market, so we’re just going to be walking
around picking out some of the ingredients we’ll need today for the class. Let’s have
a look. Judging from the amount of cooking videos
we make you’d probably think that we’re constantly in the kitchen and that we always like to
cook. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Most of the time when we’re on the road we
eat out, so this is actually kind of an excuse to get into the kitchen and cook and to actually
try and make food because normally we don’t do that. We have now arrived at the Thai Farm Cooking
School. We drove about seventeen kilometers outside of Chiang Mai and it is a completely
different world out here. We’re just surrounded by nature and an organic farm. We’re actually
going to be picking a lot of vegetables from here. We had a choice between doing the cooking
course in the city or going out to the countryside and I think we’ve made the right decision. Now clean rice already. Please come inside. I would like you to pick
by yourself the whole leaf basil. I’m making my Yellow curry paste. Pound, pound,
pound! Harder! Faster! Stronger! So Sam is lagging a little behind right? Come
on. Master Chef here – look at that. Perfection. No, I really am lagging behind, I better hustle
up. I’m making a yellow curry today. This is mine.
This is what I created and Sam went for the green curry, so this is his. And I’d like
to point out I don’t think he did a very good job. Oh, that just fell in there. What is
this? Whatever. Total chunks. You get an F! Alright, oh! It’s boiling! It is not supposed
to boil. We’re making the Tom Yum soup. Mine is going
to have shrimp and I’ve got my coconut milk here, so I’m going to be adding some ingredients
– mushrooms, onions. I’m ready to try fine creation. This is my
Tom Yum with shrimp. Let’s see. I made mine really sweet. I think maybe I put in to much
sugar but it is kind of nice and creamy because I used coconut as a base. You need to add
more salt or fish sauce then. Mine does need more salt. How is yours? You look like a farmer drinking soup. I’m
keeping this hat I swear. I’m quite happy with mine. I put quite a bit of salt in it
and I also put fish sauce. I’m making my Yellow curry now. I’m just stirring
the coconut milk. I put in the curry paste I made earlier. There is also some pumpkin
and potatoes and I accidentally added some leaves that I wasn’t supposed to but shhhh…..Cheater! Not that we’ve chopped everything up we’re
going to be throwing this into the Wok and making our stir fried rice. I was wrong about this dish. It is not a stir
fried rice. It is just a vegetable stir-fry. It’s really good. I made one with chicken
and string beans and mushrooms and here is my yellow curry with potatoes and pumpkin.
Is it good? Uh-huh. At this point in the day I’m getting completely
stuffed. I actually wouldn’t mind taking a siesta right now but we’re going to be making
two more dishes. I’m going to be making a Pad Thai and then a Mango Sticky Rice. So
I’m suffering from what my family calls bulbous plumptitude. I’m making Pad Thai. Your favorite. Here is
my Pad Thai which is probably one of the easier Thai dishes you can make. We saved the very best for last. Here we have
our favorite Thai dessert – Mango Sticky Rice – and it has some deep fried Mung Bean on
top. It is crispy. This is going to be good. Alright, let’s check out that first bite.
It is nice and coconut-y and it is amazing. So overall that was a really cool experience
learning how to cook Thai food. I made five different dishes. I’m beyond full. Like I
feel like I’m ready to hibernate now. So this was 1100 Baht. It was like lunch and
dinner and the thing I really liked about this particular school was that it was out
in the countryside where we were able to get outside of the city and away from the pollution
and whatnot and just have a really cool organic cooking experience. Today we’re in Saigon one of the most hectic
and chaotic cities in SE Asia and we’re going to show you the main attractions. The best souvenir to take back home – weasel
coffee. That is coffee that has been pooped out of a weasel in case you were wondering. It looks a little bit like an O’Henry bar. There is a lot of exotic things you can buy
in Vietnam. Nothing more so than snake wine. We also have some very cool chocolates over
here in the shape of conical hats or you can get your own durian chocolate. Our first stop today is the War Remnants Museum
in Saigon. This museum chronicles the war from the perspective of the North side. We just finished visiting the War Remnants
Museum and inside it is divided into several different galleries. I would say that the
most impacting gallery is the one that focuses on the results of Agent Orange. Agent Orange
was a defoliant used to get rid of the leaves in the jungle, so that it would make warfare
easier but the thing is that the toxins effected people decades later, so someone who had been
exposed to the toxins when they were twelve years old when they had children at twenty
five most of those kids were born with deformities. Thousands of people in Vietnam are effected
by this. We’re here at Thien Hau temple dedicated to
the Goddess of the Sea. Many years ago this is where people would have come to pray for
protection for a long sea journey. Over here they are burning the used incense. So the spiral coils that you see burning up
there are actually incense sticks and they burn for three months, so if a family wants
to have good luck they come to the temple they write their name and date of birth on
a little ribbon that is attached to the incense stick and it just burns there for a few months
and you’re lucky the whole time. Next up it is time to go shopping at the Binh
Tay Market. Let’s go see what we can find. The market is a bustling hive of activity
and you can buy just about anything here. I wait for you. We have some very forceful saleswomen over
here. One lady grabbed onto my arm and was pulling and she would not leg go of me because
I wouldn’t buy a silk scarf. We are now visiting the Reunification Palace.
This used to be the Presidential Palace for South Vietnam and it is stuck in a time warp.
It has been left to look exactly the way it did when the North stormed through on April,
1975. This is the Notre Dame Cathedral in Saigon
and it is a very easy landmark to notice because it is made out of red brick. And if you happen to be here at the right
time you can even join Mass. Our last stop of the day we are visiting the
General Post Office in Saigon and normally a post office wouldn’t be a main attraction
but this one was designed by Gustav Eiffel, the same guy who built the Eiffel Tower. The old phone booths have been turned into
ATM machine stations. Although it is a main tourist attraction it
still does function as a post office. And that concludes our grand tour of Saigon
and we hope you enjoyed it. Background music playing. Looking happy on the train. We’re on a train to Bangkok! So right now we’re in the dining carriage
and as you can see there is no AC so the windows are open and the fans are blowing but I am
still sweating profusely. Background music playing. Karaoke music playing in the background. Background music playing. What is wrong with this. Background music playing. A heart. Are you dreaming about cats or hamsters? cats?
Nod, if it is cats. Yes, I’m dreaming about cats. Background music playing. So the first travel agent we went to in Chiang
Mai told us there were no seats left on the train but look at this. We’re on a train and
no one is up there. And we are going to Bangkok on the train that is very full. NOT! So basically what happened is we went to this
really shady travel agent for the first time and what they wanted to do was sell us a bus
ticket. A really really overpriced bus ticket. Normally a bus ticket is only 400 Baht from
Chiang Mai to Bangkok but they were trying to sell it to us for 750 Baht. They said no
trains and only five seats left on the bus. Yeah, right. This will be my first time going to Bangkok.
Last time I was there I was just in transit so I haven’t seen any of the city and that
is it for now. The end. Today we are biking out to Tra Que which is
a little village. We’re going for a special organic meal at a restaurant that grows its
own vegetables and herbs. Oh, wow! Can you hear the sound of the water. This is Sam on the Waterwheel. You’re a natural.
If this isn’t fun I don’t know what is. You should move out here and take up farming. So this place is amazing. It’s like a little
organic oasis where they just grow different herbs and vegetables. Everyone is farming
and it is so peaceful and quiet and it is beautiful. Look at all of the flowers around
this. We have a very special drink here. It is called
the water wheel drink. It’s made with lemon basil seed and ginger. Let’s take a sip of
that. It tastes very healthy. In a good way or a bad way? In a pretty good way. Okay. Tra Que is a small farming community village
located two kilometers northeast of the Ancient Hoi An town area. We just came here for dinner but if you decide
to visit this village you can also work with the farmers for the day, you can take a rice
paper making class or you can take a cooking class. If you’ve been following along with our recent
food videos you probably have noticed we’ve been having these pancakes a lot and they
are delicious. I have to say that the presentation of these ones down here looks the best. So these here are the best country pancakes
we’ve had. What I really like about them is that they are not as oily or greasy as the
other ones. They have a little bit of a fluffier texture. So this lovely presented dish is called three
friends and there are three friends right in my hand. We have shrimp, pork and vegetables
wrapped around. Pop that in your mouth. Friendly? I’ve got some good pals in my mouth. These tres amigos are almost too pretty to
eat. Thank you. Easy. So here we have our colorful papaya salad
and I didn’t realize it was going to be this big. I started to think we ordered way too
much food. Are you kidding me? With me here? Too much food? I’ll take care of that. Well to sum up this meal I can honestly say
this is the best dinner I’ve had since I’ve been in Vietnam. I absolutely loved the dishes.
You could just taste the freshness in every single dish we had. The prices were really
affordable. The portions were generous and it was cooked really healthy. Nothing was
greasy or too oily. It was just absolute delight to come here and eat. I definitely agree. I think the long bike
ride out here was definitely worth it and it is nice eating in such a quiet and peaceful
setting just being surrounded by the farm. So we highly recommend it if you’re in Hoi
An. Today we’re visiting Vientiane – the capital
of Laos – and unlike other cities in Southeast Asia, which are the capitals of other big
nations like Bangkok in Thailand, Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia or Hanoi or Saigon in Vietnam
this is a very small and quaint capital city. This city gets a little bit of a bum rap,
which I don’t think is entirely justified. There are not a lot of attractions here per
say but it is the kind of place where you can come and just out and relax. There is
really good food and it is cheap. It is a good hub to get to different places in the
country. You can get to Luang Prabang in the north or you can head south to Savannakhet
or 4000 islands. This afternoon we wanted to visit Wat Si Saket
but unfortunately we left it a bit too late. The temple has already closed, so we can’t
actually go inside but we’re going to give you a little tour of the surroundings. Get
here before four PM people! This is the place I was most excited to visit.
We made it to the Triumphal Arch and we are going to be climbing all the way up. It is
only a couple stories high. Why the sad face? We seem to be a roll here
because we just got here and apparently it is closed. It closed at four o’clock just
like the temple closed at four o’clock and we missed it because we wanted to eat Indian
food. We put Indian food before sightseeing. Well, actually you did. Oh, be quiet! We had three major things planned. So far
two of those have become absolute failures. Let’s see if we can make it to the Mekong
river before we miss sunset. Normally when we travel to a destination we
like to spend six to seven days basically close to a week because we do have online
work and jobs. But Vientiane was unfortunately just a stopover so we only really had one
day to go out and explore. This is a bit of an unusual capital in the
sense that it is very small and it doesn’t necessarily offer a lot of attractions for
visitors. However, I really enjoyed being able to spend a few days here and just relax
and enjoy the surroundings because it has a very peaceful feel. Today we are eating lunch at the Bale Well
in Hoi An. This is a very small local restaurant. They have a fixed menu. Actually there is
no menu. They just bring you food and you pay a fixed price and you eat as much as you
want. There focus is on country pancakes and spring rolls. Which we both love! You take the salad, cucumber, kimchi and a
spring roll. It is going to be crunchy. Now that is a special roll. That has got meat.
Thank you very much. So I dip it here? Give it a try Audrey. Here we go. How is that?
Wow, hard to bite huh? So you are going to what? Well, Sam here wasn’t
paying attention to whole assembly process, so I will have to demonstrate how to roll
a spring roll. Okay, so we add a little bit of greens including some lettuce. A bit of
fumbling with the chopsticks there. Hey, don’t be hating. Then she said this is our kimchi
which looks a bit different from the kimchi we ate in Korea. This is Vietnamese style
Kimchi. It must be pickled vegetables. Then she added a spring roll. Don’t forget the
meat. Let’s try this one. Yeah, try a smaller one. I don’t know if it is chicken or beef
but it looks good and smells good. Now that is a super loaded roll. Ok, now to roll it
tightly. Viola! This is it. Now you add just a little bit of chilly to the sauce. It is
kind of a peanut based sauce I think. And we dip and enjoy! Oh, there comes more food. Oh wow, here is
the country pancakes. Yum. So this delectable roll. This time instead
of the spring roll it has the country pancake inside of it. So we’re going to give it a
try. Is that better? These rolls are amazing! You’ve got pancakes, springs rolls, the greens,
the skewered satay all in this. Happy boy! And if that feast wasn’t enough we’ve got
a little sweet treat to end off with. What flavor did you get? I got cherry. And the dessert just keeps on coming. Now
we have fresh pineapples. Do you have any room for that? No, but I’ll eat it. Okay, seriously that was the feast of feasts.
Normally country pancakes or spring rolls or satay taste great on their own but all
wrapped up together in one big roll dipped into a peanut sauce. WOW! Our lunch came to one hundred and eighty thousand
Dong which is about nine dollars. I think that is a great price because they just kept
bringing out plates and plates of food and we were stuffed and then they were offering
us dessert and it was like ‘oh, I don’t want to turn it down I guess I’ll eat it anyway’
so yeah it was a great selection there. The service there is really friendly almost
in a very unique kind of way. There was one time when the lady was coming over and she
looked like it appeared she was going to be wrapping up a roll for us but instead she
just grabbed a satay and plopped it right in Audrey’s mouth and at the very end of the
meal she came over and noticed I was looking hot and she undid a napkin for me. I thought
she was going to put it in my hands. Oh, no. She just came and rubbed my whole face right
down. Oh yeah.


  1. Great set of videos. We're moving to Hoi An in January for a few months so really looking forward to it now especially after seeing all of the amazing food on offer!

  2. At about 02:16:30 (#33 on the list), what's the name of that restaurant, and is the set meal you ordered called the "Khantoke Set Feast?"

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