A Journey through the Psalms – Day 2

Good morning, welcome to day two psalm two
and I’m gonna read it to start with and then I’m gonna pull out four points for
you throughout this psalm, so let’s start together. Why do the nation’s conspire
and the people’s plot in vain, the kings of the earth take their stand and the
rulers gathered together against the Lord and against the anointed one let us
break their chains they say and throw off their fetters the one enthroned in
heaven laughs the Lord scoffs at them and then he rebukes them in his anger
and terrifies them in his wrath and say and I have installed my King on Zion my
holy hill I will proclaim the decree of the Lord he said to me you and my son
today, I have become your father ask of me and I will make the nations your
inheritance, the ends of the earth your possession, you will rule them with an
iron scepter will dash them to pieces like pottery’ and then it goes on at the
end, ‘kiss the son lest he be angry and you be destroyed in your way for his
wrath can flare up in a moment but blessed are all who take refuge in him.
And as we look at this psalm the first few scriptures talks about the chaos,
talks about leaders in nations not really knowing what to do, nations in
crisis and goodness me, isn’t that where we’re at as a world at
this time and yet, and yet, remember and yet ,and yet in verse 7 God in all of
what is happening in the world personalises his relationship with his
people and he says I am your father and you are my son, you are my child, you’re
my daughter, so first point today is in all of what’s going on in the world
around us to remember, he’s your father, he loves you, he cares for you, he sees you,
he’s with you. And then it goes on in verse eight, how amazing is this verse
eight, it says, “Ask me and I will make the nations your inheritance, the ends of the
earth your possession.” People this is our time. Like a child asks his father. God
give me my nation, give me my City. This is the prayer of
our hearts at this time people, not that we would focus on ourselves but that we
would be praying for our city praying for our nation and asking God for it. Ask
God for the nations and the cities in Asia, in Africa, in America, in Europe.
Because this is God’s promise to us, he promises, if we ask he will give it to us.
And then as we go back down through the scripture in verse 11, it says serve the
Lord with fear and celebrate his rule with trembling. What a beautiful
scripture there is an awe and there is a reverence of the fear of God at this
time. Let’s step in line with Him ,let’s celebrate Him, let’s put worship music on,
let’s praise Him, because that is what this is about it’s not fear in what’s
going on around us. It’s fear in Him at this time. And then as we journey through
to the last verse, verse 12, how beautiful is this? “Blessed are all who take refuge
in him” and you know what the word refuge means? It means a state of being safe or
sheltered from danger or difficulty. How beautiful is that? That we get to be in
His refuge the creator of the universe and if we follow him, we will be blessed
so today as you look through the scripture, remember He’s your father,
remember to ask him for the nations, remember that he is worth fearing and
celebrating and remember he is your safe place thank you

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