Afford to travel full time!

– My dad told me today that he gets asked if he funds my travel. And that just kind of makes me angry. Hi guys, my name is
Shayla and I make these videos every Wednesday. I’ve been traveling full time since 2015 and this Wednesday I
want to talk to you about the number one question that I get asked. How do you travel full time. I get asked it all, all the time. All the time, all the time. My dad told me today that he gets asked if he funds my travel. And that kind of makes me angry. If that is your case, do not feel bad about it, that’s what you were born into, kudos, that is not my case. I have worked since I was 15 and have made this entire thing possible. So there’s three main things
that I want to tell you about how to travel full-time. Before any of that, I think people think I’m just going to say oh, you just need to hop on this website and apply for this job and
then you can do it full time. And the number one thing
that I want to tell you, there is not one way to do this. I started this video
brainstorming and looking up how other people travel full time. I’ve seen everything from
trading stocks online, rent their house out on
AirBNB and sleep in their care on the weekend. They rent their house out for the year while they go travel. I can only speak about my experience. So in my case, these are my three tips for how I’ve done it and for how you can maybe implement it and these things are good for anything,
not just full time travel, they’re good if you want
to accomplish anything. So thing number one is,
what’s think number one. You need to have an entrepreneurial mind. You’re taking a lot of risks, uncertainty. Uncertainty of the next paycheck. Uncertainty of where I’m going
to be in a couple of months, uncertainty of where I’m
going to be next week or doing or what uncertainty,
but just the belief in yourself that you’re
going to just do it, like it just is going to happen. And I know that sounds crazy, but that’s just what it is. Hustling, I’m always hustling. I’m going to make this
happen no matter what and I’m just going to think
of a million different ways and I’m going to network and continue to learn on how I can do this. Working jobs that I
don’t necessarily enjoy, but I’m doing them just
to make what I want to happen happen. Persistence and commitment. I committed to doing this
every single Wednesday. I didn’t say for how
many years, but I’ve been doing it for two years already since 2015. For me if someone was like yeah, you should do this every
Wednesday for two years, I’d be like (scratching
throat) for two years. That seems like forever. Once it’s past it’s like oh, yeah, I’ve been doing it for two years. I am notorious for being
interested in something and then two months later being like unh. Well, you’re not going
to get good at anything if you do that. Just start and just be consistent with it and just pick something
and just go with it because you’re going to
learn and you’re going to meet more people that do it. Number two is what is the money going out? So for me, instead of thinking of how bad to you want this, what
are you willing to do, I think of how bad to you want this, what are you willing to give up. I gave up having a home so I have no rent. I gave up coming home
to see my family a lot because I want to travel. I gave up having a steady income. What are you paying for car insurance. What are you paying for your car payment. What are you paying for
your mortgage or your rent or what are you paying for Netflix. My expenses I’ve eliminated
to car insurance, health insurance, phone bill, Spotify, because I need Spot, oh, and then like some website domain things. But total, my total expenses every month is probably $200 that has to go out. So you got to start thinking
about money going out and things that you can eliminate, not buying new shoes all the time, not going out to eat all the time. We meal prep, so that
actually saves a lot of money and time because I don’t
have to make a meal every single day. Nomadic Matt said to live abroad costs about $1500 a month and I
would have to agree with that. Get a credit card where you
get some sort of benefit, money back or you get travel points. That’s how I buy a lot of my flights. I get discounts using some of my points. I just spend all my
money on my credit card and then I pay it off
at the end of the month and that all turns into points. The other thing is I fly a lot and that is probably
the number one expense which people can’t understand. But I have the flexibility to buy flights whenever I want. So let’s say I was
planning on buying a flight mid-February, but it’s
$500 cheaper a week before, I’m going to go the week
before or I’m going to go on a Wednesday instead of a Saturday so that is nothing that
everybody could do, but that’s something that I can do, be able to travel based on the price. I always say you either
have time or you have money and if you’re trying to save money, it’s usually going to cost you more time. So the third thing is obviously income, money coming in and that’s
what everyone wants to know, how do you have money coming in. I have worked the most random jobs. I worked in Alaska as a server. I worked on the Appalachian
trail just managing, helping in a hostel. I worked in Costa Rica
as a yoga instructor. In Puerto Rico at a hotel. I’ve been an au pair in Spain, military base in North Carolina. I’ve done all the jobs, okay. There’s a couple things
on how to find those jobs. First thing, just get out there, just go out there. The jobs that I’ve had I could have never even dreamed of. I’ve created videos for
people and got paid for it. I’ve been the host of videos
and gotten paid for it. I’ve done things that I
could have never been like this is what I want to do. They’ve just come as
I’ve continued to travel and meet people and
network and people know what I do, so when you get out there, you’re going to start to find things, find these opportunities you didn’t even know existed. The other thing is there’s a few websites. There’s I think it’s $30 for the year or something and you go to hostels and I know people that have traveled Brazil for seven months working in hostels, so
they maybe make some money at the bar but
they get to live there and eat there for free in exchange for work during the day. The jobs that I’ve done
like working in Alaska and working in Costa Rica,
those are on Workaway. I’ve never gon on Workaway to do it, but those are on there. Those are really good
ways to be able to travel and see a place and live there for longer. If you want to travel full time, you go live in a place for a month and then go live
somewhere else for a month and then go live somewhere
else for a month, but you’re working while you’re doing it. Or you’re going and
traveling and then you’re going back home to work
and you’re going traveling but then you’re paying for the flights. So it’s kind of, you just
kind of have to figure out what works for you. If you’re a freelancer
that can write, edit, make videos or have some
sort of skill like that, get on Upwork and check out the things. And consistency is huge because at first it might not be easy but like you’re new to the site, what can you do. You have to get those jobs
and do them for cheaper just to start building a
resume within the website. There’s
and that is how I was a nanny in Spain for three months. Then there’s Woofing and
that is doing farm work in different countries. You can teach English
abroad, work on a yacht. You should look into
that, that’s pretty cool. You can be like a hostess I think is what they call them, I don’t remember. I can’t do it because I get seasick but you could go be a
hostess for yachts on yacht week or just yachts
through the Caribbean. That is a real job where
people get trained in on how to be a hostess and they get to go on yachts for the week. There are just so many ways
and the more you get out there, the more you figure out
what you’re interested in and what you want to do
and you’re going to find the things that you want. And I have an online job now. I got that probably a
year ago the end of 2016, so that was a year into my travels. So if you can get in
the social media realm, it’s easier to get an online job. Now that’s helping me a lot and now I’m able to to YouTube and get
a little bit from YouTube and work with sponsors and
different things like that, so it’s going to change a little bit. But for two years, I
was able to go from job to job to job while
traveling and I just believed that I could do it and I kept networking with the right people and
you just have to start. I have a whole playlist
of videos of travel tips. I’ll put that in the description below. So I hope this video is helpful for you. I hope that you were able
to get some information, get a little confidence to get out there. If it was, please share
it with somebody else that you think would love it. I look forward to connecting with you guys and I will see you all next week. Also on Friday, I have a
bonus video coming out. It might be a giveaway,
so stay tuned for that. This is Shayla signing off from Minnesota. Muah.


  1. I look forward to your stories and insight every week! I'm leaving my job in July and traveling full time after that, so this video was just what I needed today. I'm also from Minnesota and keep hoping I run into you sometime…

  2. I'm sooo the same! A good starter but I was kind of a quitter lol! The great thing is that I'm not like that any more! I've tamed the quitter-beast 'cause now I do something that I love wholeheartedly

  3. Lol..not one specific useful thing…….all mumbo jumbo…..that everyone already knows….Wonder why? .The world works on specifics….not on generalties ……"Online job"…..What kind of online job…..?? ..Go on craigslist and say I'm looking for an online job ….see if you get anyone to help you……Online job doing what??? That could be 20,000 different things…And you need to have a strong online presence to get any of them… ..Want to do coding /programming OK…so that requires a lot of experience….online or not….and time to learn. Anyone that actually gets an good paying "online job" knows it's not easy….So maybe that's not how you earn your money .Sure, you can do something easy…….Something easy doesn't pay $2000 a month… way. A lot of people online writing articles for $2-5 a piece…..Millions of other people looking to do the same thing….Sounds like you dont' really earn your own money….It's Ok…you're photogenic …that counts for something…and can help…..No one wants to watch a homely person….

  4. Believe in yourself!! Take the risk!!! ✌️🍀😘you have to give up something

  5. After watching this video, I'm so inspired to travel and do what you have done! Once I've finished my degree, earned some more money (to fund flights and health/travel insurance) I'm going to do this 🙂

  6. Fascinating stuff, I am glad you 'broke the wheel!' I will have to check out that website you mentioned, where you can work at hostels and live and eat at them for free. I am currently working on the 'domain thing ;)' you mentioned.

  7. Thank you for your honesty. We need to know the plusses and minuses of traveling full time. There is a lot of sacrifices involved. I would love to be a risk-taker.

  8. I 100% agree with using workaway as a means of travel. I’ve had the most amazing experiences using workaway, mostly working in hostels all over the globe. Workaway has allowed to travel to Norway, Turkey, Israel, and Morocco so far and I plan on doing it again! I always recommend it to people looking to travel on a budget. Another benefit of using workaway is long term travel and befriending the locals. It changes your whole experience 🙂

  9. hey lady! I like your style full of randon stuff, no order and just of the top of year head. I LIKE IT! and yes all the screaming and load talking keeps me IN the video!! very good advice you give for all the young people, I will say some off to the students I talk to! (on top of my old stuff) THANK YOU!!

  10. I am starting my 20 months travel plan next year Apr. I think a video that helps create a list of passive income sources while travelling will surely help…

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