AIR-30 GATE 2020 (ME) briefs about his GATE journey with Exergic

Hello, Everyone. My name is Suvansh Duggal and I secured an
all India rank 30 in GATE 2020 this time in GATE 2020. My stream was mechanical engineering and this
was basically my second attempt. I have graduated from University of Petroleum
and Energy Studies, Dehradun in 2019. With college in my very first attempt I had
secured an all India rank 346. During that time I had got Exergic Study Material,
Question Bank and Test Series. The whole point buying the study material
was to buy a material which is to the point. I think that is very much necessary during
your preparation for any exam I think because you should stick to the relevant material
only. You should not beat around the bush and there
are many sources available on the internet which are good. I am not saying that they are not good, but
they have told many extra things which I don’t think is necessary. So, when I was pretty much satisfied with
the reviews I bought the course. And to my very much satisfaction I was very
happy buying that course. I am very satisfied, but what I felt was that
during that time I didn’t attempt as many test series as I should have attempted. This was the major reason behind that rank,
but this time I have improved that thing. I improved on my mistake. I bought 3 test series in which one of them
was Exergic and I just focused on solving test series this year. There were many concepts which were my weak
concepts. I had some loopholes in my concepts and I
knew somewhere that some subjects I haven’t prepared that well. For that matter, I bought the video course
of Exergic this time and honestly speaking, I am very much satisfied with that because
the ways Sir has told the concepts in such a lucid manner like those concepts which were
my weak concepts now today they are my strong concepts. I just feel that that is the best thing I
have bought this year. Basically, the main focus of an aspirant should
be towards, as many questions as you can solve. But many people misinterpret this thing. They feel that we have to solve previous year
questions thrice or four times that is not the point. There is a difference between 100 good quality
questions and solving just 100 questions which are of the same concepts. Your aim should be solving new concept questions
which are testing your new concepts which are making you think basically. And Gate is a numerical ability test. If you are attempting Gate Previous year questions
four times and five times, you are just mugging them up. You are not pressurizing your brain to think
more. So this was the reason behind buying the three
test series and one of them from Exergic. Because I think that the quality of questions
which Exergic Test Series provide is just Top notch. There is no other institute which is nearby. And a very important thing which I feel, which
I was very happy with the Exergic Video Course that they constantly update their video course. This is a very good thing because once you
buy a material or once you buy anything if it is in the hard form or something, you cannot
update it as per the latest trend. I remember in 2019, I couldn’t attempt the
acceleration analysis questions and just a month before Gate exam sir uploaded the video
on acceleration analysis on that particular question which open my some concepts also. Although, it was not asked in GATE 2020 but
it actually boosts your confidence that you know the important things now and the trend
which gate is following, IITs are following is that they are testing new concepts. So that matter, I think, question bank is
pretty much sufficient if you attempt the whole question bank honestly. Now that doesn’t mean that you are solving
the question and seeing the solution straight away if you are not being able to solve it. I personally recommend each and every candidate
to always and always try till the end just solve it till you just feel that – no, I
cannot do it anymore and trust me if you will try for 4 to 5 times definitely you will feel
that you will be able to solve it after 4th or 5th time if it’s a very good question. What we do is, we generally straight away
go to the solution because we have that habit of spoon feeding. So, remove that completely. It’s a blunder. Any doubt, any suggestions you need, you can
contact me or contact sir as well. He will guide you better than me and all the
very best. Be Calm. Be Relax. One year can change your life.


  1. What if I buy a Question bank of exergic, will it be updated continuously throughout till 2021 Gate? Or once I buy, I will miss the further updates till 2021 Gate?

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