All four coaches FIGHT OVER this EXCEPTIONAL talent in The Voice | Journey #65

Sally, I mean that was just…obviously you
know, Sally was on last year. Oh wait, wait, wait.
I wasn’t here last year. Sally can you tell us the story
cause I have no idea. Yeah, my name is Sally. I’m 19 years old.
– Wooooh! And I was on Season 6 of The Voice last year.
And I was on Boy George’s team. My name is Sally Skelton and I am 19 years old,
from the Sunshine Coast Queensland. Last year I auditioned for The Voice
which was the best decision I have made. Boy George and Kelly Rowland had a
of bit of a fight for me. I’ve never pitched against you before.
So just back off and sit down. I’m just gonna have to go with my gut
and go with George. I unfortunately didn’t make it through
the Knockout round. and I was stolen by Kelly Rowland. Your voice is the type of
voice that can soar. And I would want to be the
one to take you all the way through. Kelly Rowland giving me a second chance,
really lit a fire in me. Because both Jesse and I sang so well
in our Battle Round… Kelly suggested that we would
become a duet. This would be a remarkable duo.
How do you guys feel about that? I mean I’d be up for it…something new. Its so hard for me to say this but I wouldn’t
be able to commit to that fully. I’m gonna go with Bo-Jesse. I’m back to put my voice to the test.
Because when you have four incredible… …musicians telling you that you can make
it through and you don’t… It leaves you with a little
bit of unfinished business. The Voice gave me a glimpse of
what my life could be. And I know for sure that
that’s worth fighting for . I’m just listening to what
I heard for the first time. It was angelic, it was a beautiful performance
– Thank you. I think you would be perfect for my team.
absolutely perfect. Thank you very much Joe. I will make sure to work really hard with you.
And I won’t just let you go. Sally, I didn’t get to work
with you last year, And I remember going: I am gutted
that I didn’t actually get to work with her. So all I’m gonna say is that, I know
you were capable of great things on this show. I would love you to be a part of
my team I feel like you’re a team Delta girl. I thought it was you.
I was like oh my god, is that you? Now listen, you know what people come
on this stage and they got… a lot of smoke blown up their asses,
sorry bums. It’s not what you need. What is that?
– That’s not helpful. What you need is to be encouraged to shine.
It’s not about saying: Oh you’re amazing, you’re the
best thing I’ve ever heard. And you know I really want
to see you shine and be confident. What have you been doing since
the last show? What have you been up to? I’ve been writing and I’ve been working
on myself musically and my musicality… and everything in that respect.
To come back and just be a new me. And experiment and just enjoy it yeah. But I really want you to choose me. Because I had the most amazing time
working with you. And I got a chance to hear that voice
every single day. And it brought me so much happiness
and it made me feel like I could float… on a cloud. It made me feel like I
could do anything. That’s amazing that your
voice can do that. It’s amazing that a
voice can do that. And I would love the opportunity
to get to work with you again. and I respect my other coaches,
but I know, I know this voice. I know this woman,
I know where you wanna go. I know where you want to be.
And I want to be right there with… you this time again.
From the start to finish. Come on, Come on Sally. I thought I had it,
but then I don’t. Let’s take it all the way, Sal. I’m gonna have to go with Joe. Sorry Delta, I’m sorry.
And I’m sorry Kelly. I can’t wait to work with you. I’m going with themes with my team.
So this particular artist is one of my best friends. And someone that I’ve known
since they were a kid. So, you are going with
Demi Lovato songs. She actually sent you a little video. You’re kidding
– No way! Hey team Joe,
I wanted to send you some good vibes today. Best luck to you all. Oh my god! Demi Lovato is known for her powerful voice
and I’ve never been told that… I have a powerful voice.
So vocally it’s it’s being connected to every single lyric. This song is powerful so, connect with it.
Tell the story. Use the emotion?
– Yeah. I feel like last year was so
hard to tap in and… All the coaches were saying:
connect, connect, connect. And so I feel like these
things I can draw on. The biggest thing for me is that I know
what it feels like to be eliminated. And that’s not a feeling
that I want to experience again. Sally. Sally, congratulations. You are the winner of the Knock out. (Voice over) Up next is team Joe. Hello! Hey guys. (Voice over) And his sibling trio, Homegrown. Sisters Caitlin and Casey
and their brother Liam. Homegrown is the only group
in the competition. And they need to show Joe,
they have confidence in their harmonies. Really committing to your choices vocally.
That’s something you guys need to work on. I bet you want to know who you’re up
against right all right? Yeah.
– We do. Alright let’s bring them in. Oh no… Seeing Sally walk into the room was
very emotional we’ve grown to… become really good friends with Sally. Something tells me you’ve all become
pretty close in the last few weeks. Definately. After every performance we’d just
come back to either one of our rooms. And just hung out and jammed and
it’s just very, very hard. I promised myself last year,
I was like, I’m coming back this year. I’m not gonna make any friends
cause it’s so hard. I was just overcome with emotion. Because it was a massive,
you know, moment of deja vu. Because I was also very
good mates with Bojessy. Sally’s powerful voice took her to
the same stage in the competition last year. But that was where her journey ended. It was really difficult to
pair everyone up. But I honestly feel like you guys are
all so great, that this is what you need… to make this the next step you know. And the song I chose for the four of you is: The Chain by Fleetwood Mac.
– Oh! It’s an agressive song and
it needs that emotion. And it can’t just be soft.
You got to show the audience that… you’re here to stay.
It’s gonna be powerful. It’s gonna be one of the best battles
on that stage. Sally this is the point last year where
the journey ended for you. Yeah well last year was difficult
for me because I went home. And I was just frustrated.
Everyone keeps saying: Oh Sally, you’re an old hand at this
but the stakes are exactly the same. It’s not any different from last year. I think sally has a lot to prove.
She really does want this. And I feel like
she’s gonna fight hard for it. It’s like post traumatic stress. like this is as
far as I went and I don’t wanna… I don’t want it to be the same as last year. Sally, Homegrown only one
can go through. They’re friends…it’s a bit like The Hunger
Games. It’s a competition It’s intense, this is definitely gonna be
the most teeth biting moment of the show. Sing Sally! You just created the best new band ever. I know you went for this last season Sally ,
but I would just put you together. It was just like, what a great band.
Like watching a really good band. The harmonies are great. I think what Joe’s
done with you, Homegrown is amazing. Yeah
-Yeah, I agree Kelly, this time last year,
you had to let Sally go. Joe. make the right decision
and keep this girl here. Make the right decision. Thank you. I need to talk to you Sally because,
I feel like…I really felt like I’d already been… a fan of homegrown.
I think you guys are wonderful. but Sally I felt like it, It sort of felt like you
had arrived in that moment. It felt like the artists side of you
is like ready to go. Congratulations on that.
I’m converted to Sally on that one. Thank you very much. I know, I know.
I know. Sally. The song I chose for you, is Spectrum by
Florence and the Machine. Oh my god, that’s a big song.
– It’s a big song. Florence has a massive voice and
she is incredibly fearless. And so it kind of plans the seed of doubt
in my mind because I don’t know if I am fearless. How do you feel?
– Alright. Alright? Okay so I can tell on that ‘say my name’
line you’re thinking about it… through the whole verse. I understand why Sally is nervous about it.
But I know she can do it. Just relax and just being able to have
enough breath to hit those notes. I’m really nervous, you know.
Because of what everyones been saying online. And everything, just about coming back.
And when people have a lot to say about you… Which is really unkind,
it can bring you down a bit. I really want to show them
that I can do it and I deserve to be here. But I just feel like this is big. I’ve gone through what she’s through
when it comes to negative comments. And letting it get under your skin which
ultimately gets into your performance. I understand, look that’s not their
business, right? Like you showed up and you delivered.
Are they on the show? Are they here like going the lives?
I don’t think so. Sally is, you know? part of this is choosing songs that
are a challenge for you, right? I want to give you something that…
– That challenges me. A challenge, but also,
I know you can do. I just want to do it justice. Joe, you are a smart cookie aren’t you.
– Oh well, sure. Cause you decided not to let Sally go.
– Absolutely not. Sally is a real talent, she got up there
and did her thing. It was enchanting it, was haunting everything
we planned and she did it. This week we got through a
bunch of different stuff right? I mean… you were nervous to go up there,
first lives, opening the show. It’s a big plate to fill, but you did it.
And you owned it and I’m really proud of you. Great job.
– Thank you so much Joe. Team Joe… and team Delta. All of you are safe tonight. Hello Sally!
Hi! Sally has gone through quite the journey. The come back Queen. She sees the finish
line and she wants to get there. How do you feel?
– Good, really good. I’ve got past like the whole believing
in myself aspect. And now I think I really need to
hone in on performance. Last week was very hard.The first live
show, it was uncharted territory for me. That’s really great because
you just did your thing. There was moments it got shaky
but that’s just the nerves crept in. Definitely.
– You had your family up there. Who was here?
– My boyfriend my sister and my mom and dad. It was really special for me to have
my mom at the first live finals. She wasn’t actually able to
travel the previous rounds. She was diagnosed with breast cancer
six months ago. So she was undergoing chemo
which was tough to be away. I can relate my dad just got through chemo
and so it’s something that I’ve… been in the same situation, where you
want to be there for them. You just can’t help but feel helpless and you can’t do
much for them but just be there . So I picked Fix You by Coldplay. For us as
musicians and as artists we have this… tool of music to express ourselves.
I feel like this song is gonna be really special. This week I would love for you
to be able to tap into that emotion. It’s gonna be a song for your mom, it can
be a fight song for your mom. This song now, it takes on a
whole new light for me. This song is so special because
it’s talking about no matter what… I will be there for you and we’ll try and fix you
in whatever way I can. Joe, what was your hope for Sally
in that performance. Well this was a very scary song for you to sing.
Not because of how big it is of a hit… It’s because of the emotion you have
to connect to it and I’m really proud of you. It was really powerful and moving and I think
everyone in this room… has still got goosebumps and
we’re glad your mom’s here. And it’s amazing you were
able to sing for her. We are one performance away
from the grand finale. Grand finale. I can’t be having poor vocal performances.
I want to make it to the grand finale. I know you want to win.
I know you want to fight for this. Sally’s challenge this week is to
overcome the self-confidence. Self-doubt is a lie you start believing lies
about yourself or about the performance. Maybe moments have gone wrong in the past
that come back to haunt you. What the lie you think you
believe in that moment? I guess that I’m not, you know
good enough to be where I am. But you are, you’re here.
– Thanks Nick. And you made it to this level
because you care deeply. Yeah. So with that you should have that confidence
in that ability to walk in and know… all right I’m gonna attack this
the way I want to. I’m gonna sing every bit the way I want to.
and everything’s gonna work in my favor. Life is happening for me not to me.
– Yeah. So the song I chose for you this week is:
Life on Mars by David Bowie. George has him tattooed on him.
If we don’t do this justice… the first person to probably
raise their hand, it’s gonnabe George. For sure. And I can’t protect you from George.
– No… You have to attack this like
you know it’s the last few seconds… of this song you have to prove to
everyone that you deserve to be here. Like you’re gonna lay it all out
– Yeah, that’s good. How do you feel about that?
– Better now that I’ve spoken to you. And you know received some
really great wisdom about letting it go. Cause I feel like damn,
that’s what I have to do. She said great wisdom and
then she looked at me. I know she did.
– From both of you. I was like this. You came back from last year,
where you almost went to the lives . And here you are at the semi-finals
you’ve done so well and I’m so proud of you. We’ve had a little bit of arguments
about going in that register… where you really had to push it.
But ultimately talking backstage you were like: I’m gonna do it, I’m ready.
I’m gonna do it for me. and that’s what you needed to do…
and I just couldn’t be happier. Because this is a song where… I was
really nervous this is is one of the biggest songs. One of my favorite songs, definitely one of
George’s favorite songs So, it could have gone South but luckily you
brought it home.Well done. The third artist leaving the competition right now…
from Team…Joe. it’s Sally. Sally, you have come so far.
You should be nothing but proud.


  1. 😍😍😍wowww! 2020 TVG are back. it's great show ..and I'm love it.. Coach… Lovely coach..all coach work hard.. Example Sally.. Softly voice.. Me my feel like 🚶 walk in the air.. ✈ gone with the winds… Performance so well.. I'm love it this beautiful young lady… So Talented you are.. TVG.. Thanks so much.. Mmmuuaaahhhh.. 🌹

  2. IMHO these songs were not enough for her to reach her full potential. She needs something with more attack. Her voice is sooo powerful. Nevertheless, the moments we can hear it were extremely rare.

  3. I can see this girl going on in life with brilliance performances after the show she's that girl "she's on fire"

  4. I'm still convinced she should have won this season. Or Sheldon from Team George. But the winner of the year was a real joke… Sally is amazing, I could listen to her for hours

  5. That was amazing like when I watched season 6 I was upset when sally left but watching this I’m so proud that she got very far this time good job sally

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