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Hello there, my name is Shak. Many
learner drivers wonder when they will be ready for their driving test. I
personally believe that there are three stages in learning to drive. The first is
basic car control, the second is the maneuvers and then finally we have the
awareness and planning. So if you haven’t fully mastered the maneuvers you are
definitely not ready for your driving test. The third stage is quite simple to
master compared to the manoeuvres however it’s usually overlooked by many
learner drivers and due to the stage being overlooked is the reason why
lots of people fail their driving test. Awareness is basically spotting
potential hazards and then anticipating what may happen. You need to have a plan
of action before the situation has occurred. If during your driving lessons
your instructor is asking you to check mirrors or slow down or take any of the
form of action that means he or she is doing the planning and not you. In the
next few minutes I’m going to tell you how to improve your awareness and
planning skills and therefore pass your driving test. When driving you must be
aware of all other drivers, pedestrians and cyclists. As soon as you see a
potential hazard the very first thing you need to do is check your rear-view
mirror and then ease off the accelerator. This will give you time to assess the
hazard and decide how to act. The first thing you want to do, if you
want to improve your awareness and anticipation skills is to start checking
for road signs. Triangular warning signs. The second thing you can do is scan from
left to right on approach to all crossroads, all roundabouts, all
pedestrian crossings. Remember scan not just the road but the pavements. All the
road signs will be on the pavement will be on the lamppost not the road itself.
The third thing you can do is not to rely on vision alone. Use your hearing so
if you’re pulling out of a blind corner you can see nothing, have the window open
you may hear the traffic coming before it comes in to vision. Residential roads
can be quite deceiving they seem easy but they can be difficult due to
oncoming vehicles and narrow windy roads. You can start practicing your skills in
awareness and planning even as a passenger, whether you’re a passenger in
a car or a passenger in a bus you can start practicing. So the question are you
ready for your driving test. If you can honestly say yes you can do all the
maneuvers and that your instructor is not prompting you to check mirrors
and is not asking you to slow down then yes you are ready for your driving
test and you’ll stand a very good chance of passing. However if your instructor is
prompting you, if you are missing hazards then you can start practicing. Start
practicing now to improve your skills in awareness in and in anticipation
and in planning. As I said you can do this as a passenger
in a bus in a car you can even do it as a pedestrian when you’re
walking down the road you look out for all road signs, look out for road markings,
look over the cars, look under the cars look through their windows. So you look
out, “O” for over, “U” for under, “T” for through. If you do this you will have an
excellent chance of passing your driving test. I hope you enjoyed this video and I
hope you found it beneficial. If so please give it a thumbs up and I look
forward to your comments. Do make a comment if you have anything to say. Safe driving, thank you for watching!


  1. What if you haven't actually failed ur test but ur examiner just fails u for some unknown reason now this is not me being salty or just blaming anyone but I had my test today and I know for a fact I drove perfectly but the examiner failed me for apparently cutting lines when I clearly made sure to stay in my own lane also the women examiner was very grumpy and rude so I knew she was gonna be shady

  2. Thank you for your informative videos. It certainly helped towards me being successful passing 1st time today with 0 minors! Thank you

  3. I had a mock test. Failed through zebra crossings as I realise too late also speed I was doing 30 thinking it was a 30 mph road but it was a 20 apparently… got 3 weeks to go till the actual test! Wish me luck😎

  4. This examiner has a face "You fail your test because you coughed twice, but aloud only one time, and I will report about this to DVLA" πŸ™‚

  5. Hii… Pls make vidoes on the new parking rules for 2018.. i.e bay parking forward and reverse.. I really like your infos and looking forward to some more amazing ones..😊

  6. Hii sorry guys i failed my driving test today at 3.30. I didn't make any mistakes i swear. please help me, i won't drive better than today never, so what do i need to do?

  7. I passed two mock tests a while ago and failed my real test yesterday. My mirrors and signals, control and manuevers are all seemingly fine.
    But I failed because I pulled out on a car I thought was going straight on through a mini-roundabout but indicated right at the last second. I started to move out but braked just as they started to indicate and turn. The examiner said they had to brake for me, so I got a serious fault.
    I also got another serious for (I think this is what it was) not being on the far right of the exit onto a two-way road from a one-way road. The kicker for me is that as I came to the end of the one-way road I knew what I had to do as I remember seeing and thinking, but I still went into the middle of the road. I think this was just nerves and a drop in confidence that caused this one.
    Other than that, three minor faults. One of which was going about 10-14 mph over built-up brick speed bumps. Another I believe is because I changed lane a little late on a road before a junction but I felt I did it safely.

  8. Can i peep and creep beyond the white line if the junction is really tight and i can see cars on the main road if i stay behind the white line?

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