Arctic Adventure – Dempster Highway Road Trip

Our Dempster Highway round trip begins
here in Inuvik Northwest Territories Let’s Go! The Dempster Highway is a two-day 750
kilometer drive taking you from Inuvik Northwest Territory Dawson City, Yukon
It crosses the Arctic Circle and offers a variety of different Canadian Landscapes to view. We’ve come to the McKenzie River and we’re heading on to the ferry. well we’ve had some really good luck
with river crossings we always thought that we have to come here and wait a
while but every time we get to the river the ferry’s on its way here. So we only have to wait like two minutes. we ‘re making great time. I’m standing on the Arctic Circle Alight, now we’ve hit, yet another obstacle serious serious fog here can barely see anything and the funny thing is we are
on an airstrip right now I’m doubting any planes are going to be landing I highly doubt it. It’s all concentration now. Can’t see diddly. We at the Peel Ogilvy lookout and
what a gorgeous view this lookout offers of the Ogilvy Mountains and the Peel River Valley. Beautiful make sure you stop here when you’re doing the Dempster Highway One thing you definitely get here on the
Dempster’s beautiful scenery. The Peel River going into those mountains, it’s perfect one of the unique things about the
Dempster highway is that we share the road with airplanes Yes, this is an airstrip, and yes, planes to land right here. So far the Dempster Highway drive has
been everything I expected.l Beautiful scenery long open roads you really feel like you have nature to yourself We’ve arrived in the Tombstone Mountains Hi there, it’s pano time, look at this beautiful entrance to the Tombstone Mountain You can’t beat this view. We are looking down the North Klondike
River valley at tombstone mountain what a gorgeous view this is it well ladies and gentlemen we did it we
drove the Dempster Highway all the way from Inuvik down to Dawson City and let me tell you it was awesome And it deserves a kiss! Muah


  1. When did you do the drive? We are planning on heading there in the summer of 2018 after they finish the all-season road up to Tuk.

  2. Man, the world is so beautiful, why am I stuck in a freaking city with a bunch of people and buildings polluting it? πŸ™

  3. I was born and raised in Inuvik , I was a Volunteer firefighter there for 18 years. I recently moved to Edmonton Alberta but will never forget where I came from , and look forward to returning someday.

  4. I keep seeing people driving SUVs or Subaru's. What about two-wheel-drive compact cars? I drive a small hatchback with a roof rack. I can put a spare tire and a canister of gas.

  5. Thank you for the video but thanks also to the Canada for this road. Merci au Canada pour cette route vers la Nature.

  6. At 1:41 we heave the Eagle River Bridge, it was constructed in the winter of 1976-77 by the Canadian Military Engineers under contract from the Federal Department of Public Works. I was a Field Engineer at the time based at CFB Chilliwack and spent from October to December 1976 up there, we had to thicken the ice to a meter to support the cranes and temporary uprights used to build the bridge. Glad to see it's still standing and doing the job it was intended. The rust colour is on purpose, the bridge was coated to have a layer of rust on it and seal out new rusting. It was fun working up there until the temp hit -70, both C and F are the same at -70. It was the last bridge at the time put in by the Engineers, the civilian contractors and the Denei Nation both got a lip on over it.

  7. Why Inuvik to Dawson? You had to drive first from Dawson to Inuvik? Getting to Inuvik and now Tuktoyuktuk is the adventure.

  8. Yours is the only video about the Dempster Highway that pointed out you share it with landing aircraft, also what is the attachment on the lens of your camera?

  9. Why doesn't this road show up on google maps they should expand the dempster highway in the near future and turn it into a actutual road with blacktop and yellow pavement markings do phones work on the way to the artic circle?

  10. You guys are amazing . Inspire me . Very lovely couple . Your background music never disappoints me . Lots of love .

  11. Thanks for the video. We are contemplating driving the the Dempster Hwy from Dawson this week. How did you start on the North end? Isn’t it an out and back?

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