Awesome Chopper Bikes Ride Out (2019)

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  1. I bet riding the custom bikes with your buddies includes getting some nice comments from the people on the streets. They all looked amazing.

  2. Yooooo man how I've missed these kinda videos from you! Your editing looking on point! It must be getting warmer in Europe when these videos are coming out hahaha. Also it's getting cold here in New Zealand 😂

  3. Nice! You know I love your bikes glad to see you making these dope videos again! It’s on my list to come see you, man I can only imagine driving one of those bad boys here in Amsterdam! #dreamcometrue

  4. Hey Hey here we go go go, Super music and great editing as always Myr. Too short …. I want more more more please

  5. Hey thanks for the update bikes looking good the only thing it's missing its at custom backrest or sissy bar for that bike you'd be choppered out for sure California style look forward to hear from you bro thanks for dropping by don't be a stranger glad to see you're up and running by 4 now Ken God bless here's a link to a video you might like.
    You can use this Auto Body Paint & primer 4 plastic or metal surfaces check out the link:-

  6. Do you have a Facebook account? Look forward to hear from you bro God bless. I need to run that banner I did buy you for my channel as well all right bro God bless again look forward to hear from… By4Now your brother from another mother

  7. Great video man! Hmm, I'd love one of those choppers with an electric motor but I'm guessing they are crazy expensive! ☘️💪🏽👀👍🏽☘️

  8. I have seen more and more of these on the road. They look so awesome. I just love your videos my friend. You have the most amazing channel. And I am so glad we became friends. It was so sweet of you to come by our channel and view our videos. We truly thank you for that. oxoxox CM

  9. Your editing is amazing your city is incredible and your bike is insanely cooliostical 👍 winters feels forever atm well im in mine lol

  10. Prezado(a) Ola Parabéns pelo canal …gostaria de passar para a galera … para dar uma uma olhada nesta bicicleta customizada Caseira feita de METALON :

    abraço a todo

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