Blue Ridge Parkway Artist: Illustrations for Fiddling at Midnight’s Farm House by Clyde Kessler

Welcome to Towhee Hill Studio! My name is
Kendall Kessler. I’m an award-winning professional artist. You can read about
me in the description. This is for Fiddling at Midnight’s Farm House,
a book that is scheduled to be published January 2017 This is going to be
the cover illustration. The right side is going to be the front of the book and
the left side will be the back. I want to be sure to mention my special for this week. This is Horse Pasture and right now at
fine America you can get a large 40 x 30 canvas print of this painting at forty
percent off. It does end on Thursday but I’m pretty sure I’m going to extend the
deadline until next week. Here are some more illustrations. I am going to go slow so I don’t have that
awful look as you move a camera too quickly. This is another illustration
for the book. I don’t really have a title for it. I guess skull island would fit. I am real pleased
with the dynamic quality and the very expressive look of this illustration. I do have a title for this one. This is Screech, an illustration for a poem about a screech-owl. I am
real pleased with the expressive brushwork in this one and the dynamic look to the owl. Thank you for watching.The links to my
artwork and the specials are on the description.

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