Blue Ridge Parkway Artist Presents Blue on a Rock: Book Illustrations

Welcome to Towhee Hill Studio. My name is
Kendall Kessler. I am an award-winning professional artist. Here is horse
pasture and right now at you can get a large
canvas print of this painting at forty percent off. It is one of my special promotions The
promotion ends Wednesday. I always have three every week. This is a very popular
painting and here are some more illustrations for Fiddling at Midnight’s
Farmhouse which is scheduled to be in print January 2017. This is Heart Cloud
and when one of my great patrons who bought two of my Skyline Beauty paintings
saw this on Facebook he asked me what the heck is that. I told him he would have to buy the book of
poetry to understand how it illustrates the poem. This is Blue on a Rock. I am
really pleased with this one. This one illustrates a poem that includes Blue Tailed Lizards. I really like the
complicated colors in this one. This last one is the most expressive one
I have done so far. This is Rorschach Flight and I just think the brushwork
and the patterns work especially well in this one. Thank you for watching. You can
see more of my work on my website.The link and
the links to the artwalk are in the description.

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