Bosch EDC16C39 (Hyundai / Kia) IMMO OFF with Immo Bypass™ by CarLabImmo

Hi guys,
In this video I’m gonna show you how to remove immo in ECU EDC16C39 using the Immo
Bypass software. For this purpose I’m going to use Hyundai
i30 with 1.6 diesel engine. The diagnostics showed that the key is damaged
and the car won’t start. Even If you don’t have any key coding tools,
you can remove immo in this ECU. First, take the ECU out. In order to make more space for taking the
ECU out easier, you can remove the plastic cover of the fusebox. You will need a size 10 wrench and a lot of
patience. Remove all 4 screws from
the ECU. Using a freezer spray, you can freeze the
cover of the ECU. There are many different ways to open the
cover, but this method makes the gum seal inside the ECU harder, so it’s easier to
open the ECU. After opening the cover, you have to find
the EEPROM memory, which you have to read and change the values according to the instructions
in the Immo Bypass software. Now, let’s open the Immo Bypass software
and find the solution for this ECU. Read the description Look at the photos Change the values according to the instruction. That’s all. Assemble the ECU and connect it back to the
car. Remember to unplug the SMARTRA box. The immo is off. Let’s try to start the engine. As you can see, everything works.


  1. Veri nice sir
    But i dont know you change hex in eeprom line pplease talking me and line number where you change hexxx

  2. How i know if the IMMO its the problem? the bord show me this IMMO light and my car not want start make contact .All the normal light from bord its opening inclusive light with motor and IMMO.When i make contact with key….nathing hapened. How i know sure what the problem have my car? you can send me something what i can try? thanks a lot

  3. I live in Toronto, Canada. Is there a place I can go to have this done for me? My Kia is having immobiliser problems and I want to delete immo.

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