Breaking Bad fan tribute – The Journey of Walter White

>>WALT: Lung cancer…inoperable… Best case scenario, with chemo, I’ll live
maybe another couple of years.>>EVERYONE: Surprise!>>WALT: Chemistry! It is the study of…change. Well that’s, that’s all of life, right? It’s
just, it’s the constant, it’s the cycle. It is growth, then decay, then transformation!>>WALT: Hank, how much money is that?>>HANK: It’s about 700 grand. It’s easy money…till we catch ya.>>WALT: You lost your partner today. DEA took
all your money, your lab. You’ve got nothing. Square one. But you know the business. And I know the
chemistry.>>JESSE: You uh…you want to cook crystal
meth?>>JESSE: Tell me why you’re doing this. Some
straight like you, giant stick up his ass, all of a sudden at age what, 60 he’s just
gonna break bad?>>WALT: I am awake.>>JESSE: Jesus, you got crystals in here two
inches, three inches long. This is pure glass. You’re a god damn artist!>>WALT: For what time I have left… …I want to live in my own house. I want
to sleep in my own bed. I don’t want to choke down thirty or forty
pills every single day and lose my hair, and lie around, too tired to get up. Some uh…some dead man, some artificially
alive…just marking time?>>TUCO: What’s your name?>>WALT: Heisenberg.>>TUCO: Two pounds, next week, and no production
problems.>>WALT: Can you handle four pounds?>>WALT: We’re not going to need pseudoephedrine. We’re going to make phenylacetone in a tube
furnace, then we’re going to use reductive amination to yield methamphetamine, four pounds>>JESSE: Yeah Mr. White! Yeah science!>>WALT: Seven-hundred thirty-seven thousand
dollars, that’s what I need. That is what I need.>>WALT: You’re an insane, degenerate piece
of filth, and you deserve to die.>>HANK: We keep hearing a name, uh, Heisenberg.>>WALT: I have spent my whole life scared. Ever since my diagnosis…I sleep just fine>>SAUL: You two suck at peddling meth. What you two need is an honest-to-god businessman. You know, from what I do hear about him, he
sounds a little like you.>>GUS: I don’t think we’re alike at all Mr.
White.>>JANE: All Jesse wants is what’s coming to
him.>>WALT: For your information I am holding
Jesse’s money for him, and he will receive every last dollar of it
at a time when I see fit. But I will not contribute to his overdose.>>HANK: I say Heisenberg’s still out there.>>SKYLER: You’re a drug dealer.>>GUS: Three million dollars. For three months
of your time.>>WALT: I have more money than I know how
to spend. What I don’t have is my family.>>WALT: I have made a series of…very bad
decisions.>>GUS: Why did you make these decisions?>>WALT: For the good of my family.>>GUS: Then they weren’t bad decisions.>>MIKE: You got a good thing going here, we
all do. You want to risk it all on one junkie? The moral of the story is… I chose a half measure, when I should have
gone all the way. No more half measures Walter.>>WALT: Run.>>WALT: You don’t have to do this!>>MIKE: Yeah, unfortunately I do Walter.>>WALT: Your boss is gonna need me.>>WALT: What did you expect me to do, just
simply roll over and allow you to murder us?>>WALT: I am not in danger Skyler, I am the
danger! I am the one who knocks!>>WALT: If you could kill me…I’d already
be dead. But you can’t… …because Jesse wouldn’t cook for you if
you did.>>GUS: In the meantime there’s the matter
of your brother-in-law. He is a problem. If you try to interfere, I will kill your wife. I will kill your son. I will kill your infant daughter.>>JESSE: Brock…why did you poison him?>>WALT: Why…in god’s name would I poison
a child? Jesse, who do you know, who’s allowed children
to be murdered, hm? Gus! And now, the one thing that he needed to finally
get rid of me is your consent, and boy he’s got that now!>>WALT: I am offering you an opportunity for
revenge.>>WALT: Gus is dead. I won.>>MIKE: You are a time bomb, tick tick ticking. And I have no intention of being around for
the boom.>>JESSE: No! No! No!>>WALT: Say my name.>>DECLAN: You’re Heisenberg.>>WALT: You’re god damn right.>>MIKE: All of this, falling apart like this
is on you! You and your pride and your ego! You just
had to be the man!>>WALT: I’m out.>>JESSE: Ever since I met you, everything
I have ever cared about…is gone… …ruined, turned to shit, dead… …ever since I hooked up with the great Heisenberg!>>HANK: W.W…. …who do you figure that is? Woodrow Wilson? Willy Wonka? Walter White?>>WALT: You got me.>>WALT: My name is Walter Hartwell White. To all law enforcement agencies, this is not
an admission of guilt. I am speaking to my family now. Skyler…you are the love of my life…I hope
you know that. Walter Jr….you’re my big man! There are…there are going to be some…things… …things that you’ll come to learn about
me in the next few days. I just want you to know that no…no matter
how it may look… …I only had you in my heart… …goodbye.


  1. The bit where jesse says "you're a goddam artist" and walter scoffs at it a little bit you can tell he's not too proud etc lol…then he goes on to embrace it and his egos goes nuts, such good undertones love it

  2. AMC found gold with breaking bad and the walking dead but breaking bad is hands down the best show ever 

  3. Walter White is the man. Hes been bullied his whole life. He hasnt made any of his own choices until he was 50. Ever since he got cancer, he decided to change his life and become the boss. Everyone used to boss him around. Now its his turn to be the boss of people. He wanted to live for hinself and enjoy life before he died.

  4. It is extremely hard to believe that the same guy who plays Walter White also played Hal from Malcolm in the Middle

  5. Dudes, shit gets real in this. My favorite tv show along with vikings. Fuck hank, fuck marie, fuck pinkman, fuck skylar, fuck the son, fuck everyone on that show cept W.W!!! Not ganna lie, im pretty jeal lol

  6. Walter white grew into a man with money then decayed into Heisenberg then transformed into man who know what was best.

  7. One of my big principles in life is "Never say never"…but I just cannot imagine there ever being another show of this caliber. The plot, the acting, the character development, the pacing, the emotional depth. Everything from the giant explosions to the little camera angles in the most inconsequential of scenes was just damn near perfect. Masterful.

  8. Theselius tribute videos of breaking bad are amazing and makes me miss this tv series a lot and makes me emotional!

  9. The best show i.have ever seen. Beat story telling, great acting. I felt bad for Walt if you noticed everyone always walked over on him and he got them all back in the end. The scientist who cut him out on most of his Ideas. To even how his wife never respected him not It was a really.touching story, I.wont lie the end kinda had me tear up a bit.. Breaking bad definitely the best story telling that I have seen on TV..

  10. The music made me cry. It is apt to feature in a video describing walter white's journey. One helluva story. One helluva TV show. BEST EVER!!! #BreakingBad   

  11. Is it allowed to earn money with montages? (Because you are using licensed stuff) Just interested in the legal situation 😉

    Btw nice video 😀

  12. All television is mediocre for me now.

    Breaking Bad set the bar so fucking high to the point where great shows like Humans and The Strain still come short somehow.

    In a way BB ruined television for me because when shows come out I automatically think there's no way it'll be better.


  14. As a MGTOW I see that he went through a lot but never got the credit for it at least not from his wife, she's not a bitch she is a female and that's her nature, Breaking Bad is not just the best show ever, it perfectly shows us that even the real alpha male is disposable so men should go their own way away from society and women's validation .

  15. This gives me chills. Not only is this just a show but this truly changed my life!  It taught me that we are in control of our own lives,the choices we make in life good or bad influence our destiny. Always remember, that fear is the worst of it,fear is the worst enemy,you can be anything in the world you want to be,you are in full control!

  16. Everyone is commenting on how good the show is and i am just sitting here getting the chills from your choice of editing and music. Great work!

  17. Walder white is Shitty. To me the most important thing is the completeness and complexity of a character, and WW presents none of these aspects . Walter white remains completely static for 5 seasons, his only desire is to pass off Meth and there aren't tracks of psycological growth. His relationship with jessie remains closed and with no real conclusion.
    Walder white for me is bland, lacks humor and sense of complexity. There are character of other series that are SO much better.
    Sorry to say but a whole series about Walter White does not stand.

  18. Where is the old one, the first one you made? Any way to see that one too? I feel it was good enough, coming to the point where he went full Heisenberg

  19. i always thought the most powerful aspect of breaking bad was that walter was finally taking back his life doing what he wanted and not letting himself be lead by others and always fighting for having things his way. mind you this also lead to lots of his conflicts in the show.

  20. thank god i saw breaking bad after it got aired ..otherwise i couldnt hv stopped waiting da next season

  21. Do we find BB interesting because we're intrigued by a weak man's unique but fatal chance to get drunk on power?

  22. I hate Breaking Bad, it ruined every show I've watched in the past 5 years. Nothing will ever be as good 🙁 RIP Walter White. My shining star

  23. "if thats true, if u dont know who I am, then maybe your best course would be to tread lightly" that was some fucking powerful moment and should be included in this vid:) but even without it its great vid and awesome show.

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