Cabrio Washer Tub removal (F51 repair)

Okay, what happened is we got an f 51 error code. This is a Maytag bravos MCT There’s some videos on how to do this But they don’t explain all the way how to get the tub out if you need to get the tub some people will be able to go into the edges here and they’ll be able to find the sock or what articles in between there, and just fish it out with a clothes hanger or something like that, but it’ll be down in in this area here it gets down in those crawls over the crevices and that happens sometimes so the part I’m going to show you we already have the The part off we’ve got the two clips off and we’ve got it pulled up. We took the cap off of here Just some little clips here. You just Push those down lift those up and that pops right off We disconnected the hose But the part I want to really talk about is how to get the tub out so if you have to get the tub out I’m going to show you how to get this tub out without having to spend $187 for some fancy tool To do it so one of the things you have to do is you’re going to have to take this cap off now You don’t have to screw this off it just pops off so you just take a little something and that just pops right off of there, okay, you can see that just [pops] off want to be careful, but you get a screwdriver in those little divots there and just pop that [right] off next you’re going to want to take this bolt out and take a socket set and You’ll better get that bolt. It’ll be a little cruddy From use that’s okay Alright So once thats off, you can just take this right off here Just lift it off and get underneath it and that pops right off There you’ll be [able] to clean that off and so forth, [too] If it’s dirty set that aside, so [jays] appliance has his fancy tools about $187 that is really cool looking [tool] real heavy [but] it’s expensive so I want to show you that there’s a there’s a cheaper way to do this, and you probably have everything you need in your garage to do it So now that we got the cap off what we want to do is take this piece off. Rather than have you see me unscrew all of these I’ve taken them all out just to save time so I’ve taken all those screws out and Then this little piece here, we’re going to remove that okay Set that aside, and then we have this little piece here. I’m just going to pull that off Okay, it’s got a little washer you want to leave that there so just turn that upside down like that Okay, and so now what we want to do is you don’t want to try to pull this up, okay? It’s extremely difficult you’ll hurt your back trying to do it. So that’s why Jays tool Is very instrumental in what it does, but what we figured out is just it’s really a physics problem Okay, and it’s a physics solution. So he’s using Leverage to pull the tub up by keeping the spindle down and I’ll show you what I mean by that So what we did is we simply did this we take this little jack this comes out of my daughter’s little [protege] You can get any one of these? You probably have them in your car if you’ve got a small car if not go to a neighbor They probably have it okay, and so what we did [is] we’re just going to set that on [top] of there like that okay, and Then I have this I think this is about [oh] 22 inches About 20 inches across okay? So we cut that the saw just a 2×4 then what we’re going to do is just kind of wedge that in there like [that] Just underneath the lip so you want to make sure it’s it’s about 20 inches You know the approximate width? 20 inches exactly is really what you need just make sure you get that and then what I’m going to do is I’m going to crank this and Now what I want you to see what’s going to happen let me pull that off for a minute Is we’re going to pull? this Tub Bottom part, we’re going to pull it up Okay So we’re going to pull it up, but keep that spindle down So we’re really going to just going to put pressure here to push that down [and] pull this up It’s going to save your back a ton of trouble [it’s] going to save your purse about 187 bucks, and you won’t need the Maytag man. Yo, you can leave him at home sleeping Okay, so what I’m going to do is just crank on this I? Want to do this slowly? I’m gonna make sure I’m even here And I’m just [gonna] Crank that and I can already feel it moving [up] oh yeah! coming up, so there you go And I tell you what it’s not taking much at all To pull that up Okay, now you want [to] take your time with this you don’t want to break your plastic or anything like that? So you want to make [sure] you’re just slowly just kind of rotating that around This is way easier. Okay? Did you hear it pop? There’s just a little pop there [that] meant that meant I broke that seal My tubs a little dirty on the bottom there, but We’ll get that cleaned up is just really pretty much his hand tighten this you can do it with one finger Deal with a wrench, but it really doesn’t take much at all Yours may be different. Maybe lighter may be a little tougher to do okay So I think I’ve got [it] all the way down [now] So now what I want to do is use this as leverage what I’m going to do is just lift the tub right out So it should come out may need to if you have two people to help you it may be easier Im gonna try to do it here myself There you go, so there I’ve got the tub out what we did is I just took a quarter inch socket and Took these off decide to go in and look at the filter. We didn’t find any socks or anything down here so that wasn’t a problem, but Occasionally there would be loose articles you know change things like that, so we took this off. We just used a little You know turkey baster got all the water out. You could use a towel and sop it up whichever But from there, i was able to get this filter Cap off get that off and This is [what] we found in there, so Hey, you know we saved one hundred and eighty seven dollars on that tool Jay was talking about and looking here We’re about what 55, 56, 57, 58 cents rich that we got up there an extra little collar clip and So what we’ll do is. We’ll these things can get lodged down in here, so we went ahead and cleaned all that out of there Let’s get all that money out so we we actually made money on this deal gonna have to let Jay know that So we’ll just wind up cleaning this out. This was a mess [too]. We cleaned all that out as well and And there you go, and you solved your problem, put it all back together, and we’ll get it running


  1. This video made the difference in me getting the tub out in order to clean the gunk out under the tub and in the filter. Thank you!!

  2. Thank you so much. We successfully got tub out using your method, but can't get tub back in low enough to reengage with the cover piece oggn the tub? Any suggestion? Thanks

  3. To be more clear on previous comment/ question. The bolt won't reengage with mechanism when replaced tub. Any suggestions? Thank you

  4. Years later and this is still a golden suggestion. This method worked as shown and perfectly with my washer. Thanks.

  5. I had trouble getting the tub back down all the way, I ended up getting a chair to stand inside the tub and evenly spread my weight and gave it a little bounce and it popped right down. Hope this helps someone

  6. Sir I thank u 🙋‍♀️.I pulled n pulled no go😖 then I had my daughter helping me pull no go 😤then I had my mom helping us pull and still a no go😤, then I sat down n searched and then I found u🤗. Thank u cause my back is almost broke😥. U saved my back and my pockets🤑. Me n my family thanks u. I'm going to subscribe to u.

  7. I took an hydraulic jack for lifting the tub, but the trick worked just fine. It did not took 2 minutes. Thanks again.

  8. This is absolute genius. I had to disassemble my bravos to clean a significant buildup of scale. I got as far as removing the center bolt and ran into the issue lifting the basket out. This technique works flawlessly! One small bit of advice, put a smaller pieces of wood under the jack on the spindle.

  9. THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! I WISH LIKE CRAZY I HAD WATCHED THIS VIDEO FIRST. MINE WAS AN ABSOLUTE B** UNTIL I GOT MY CAR JACK OUT AND TRIED THIS. FYI- I used a 4X4 piece of old dunage wood. I cut mine to 20.75" because the 2×4 I used cut to 20" popped out on my first attempt. Thank you though this really is a brilliant fix to stupid problem.

  10. A little tip using the jack, you can reinstall the bolt in the shaft before putting the jack in to remove, it adds additional space to completely lift the tub off the shaft. Removed over fifty of these and some just need that extra inch to fully release the tub from the shaft

  11. Thank you so much!! I pulled and pulled on that tub and got nowhere, put the jack on it and shazaam!! off it went.

  12. Thanks so much for posting this video. It worked great! Now if I just knew how to drain the water out of the inner basket before reassembling the washer.

  13. I do not speak much english. So, normally the basket should spin freely when there is water in the washer? I mean, the basket should be loosen from the shaft in a perfect scenario?

  14. Can’t thank you enough for this idea. I had to get coins out of my mothers wash machine (again) I did the job 6 years ago and back then it pulled right up by hand but this time holy god that thing was in there. Lots of rust/corrosion on the shaft. Your idea worked like a champ! 👍🏼

  15. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your creative solution did the trick! Was so frustrated trying to remove that drum when I came across this video. Brilliant!

  16. If you use this be very careful it did take the tub out but broke the plastic ring around the drum. Now I still have to call a repairman.

  17. I had my doubts, but after trying everything and just about to give up and call a repair man, I cut a piece of scrap 2×4 and yanked the car jack out of my car. I turned and turned with a screw driver and just when I thought the 2×4 or screw driver was about to break, I had visions was my arm getting shattered or severed from the wood and winning the darwin award of 2018… I turned realllllllly slow, and all of the sudden…. I heard a big BAM CRACK BANG! Scared the crap out of me. But the tub was loose and popped right off! Thanks! Great idea.

  18. I just obtained one of these from a smoking house.
    This thing reaks of cigarette smoke.
    I've scoured it. Cleaned the smoke/mildew combo ick off and ran it over with clorox wipes.
    There is still a smoke smell.
    What do I need to do?

  19. After trying to pull the tub out and getting hit in the face by the spring loaded door. Your trick worked like a charm. Yeah I wish I had watched your video first.

  20. My screw on my scissor jack (Honda CR-V) was a bit too long for the tub and hit the side, but I had a little bottle jack that worked great!

  21. You helped me so much. I had so much trouble getting the drum out and the jack and wood method worked beautifully. Mine was really stuck. Thank you for the amazing idea!

  22. @viewproof – great view. I used the jack and 2×4 to remove tub however I am unable to get back in properly and seems to get stuck and doesn't go back in all the way. I see a lot of similar comments below with same issue but seems to be the comments that don't get a reply. Anyone have any suggestions?

  23. Some meskin from the valley taught me this trick several years ago. This is Mexican ingenuity at it's best. 🌮🌮🌮🌮

  24. Worked great. Needed to use 2×4 piece on bottom to fully pull off. Hardest part is getting it back on. I climbed in the washed and jumped up and down to get it to fully seat

  25. Our washer smelled like sewage every time we ran it so I figured it was time to pull it apart and clean it out. I couldn't get the tub out and landed here. I had a 2X4 that was already cut the right length. Our "filter" was disgusting and was the biggest source of the problem. Running a clean out cycle now. This was a life saver.

  26. Sooo Helpful! Thank you! It worked for me: Mine was stuck on there so bad that it broke the first piece of wood I used. I tried a 2X2 piece of wood and it snapped under the pressure so I had to go find a 2X4 and then it worked. The jack trick was awesome! Thanks! The most annoying part was cutting the 2X4 to the right length because my saw is out in the shed and I had to fix this in the winter. Check out my video on how I got this to work too!

  27. I had seriously 5-6 pieces of laundry stuck in the drain! Check this out:

  28. So incredibly helpful. I probably spent the longest trying to get the stupid agitator off, but I was about to give up when I finally got that but then couldn't get the tub to come loose. My brother found this video and in like 2 minutes we had measured and cut a board and had that tub OUT. Worked on my maytag bravos no problem.

  29. Just want to say thank you. Your video helped me out a lot and saved me time and money! With a big family, we can't be out of a washer for no more than a day. I was able to use the car jack from my Honda Pilot. However, I had to stick a shower valve socket beneath the jack because my washer basket just wouldn't come out. It needed that extra 2" to push the basket out. I gave my unit a good cleaning to kill off that foul smell these units give off and also turned the machine over to tighten the rotor bracket (it was loose). Put everything back together and the washer is working better than before. Thanks again!!!!

  30. I last had to change my bearings 5.5 years ago and don't remember so much trouble with removing the basket, but this time IT. WOULD. NOT. COME. OUT.

    My cuts (4 pieces of 3×2 scrap) were about 20.75 inches and I still couldn't budge it until the jack was almost fully extended.


    EDIT: Oops! Not 1×2 scrap! Corrected.

  31. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I am a 5'3 female and was trouble shooting the OL error myself. I was pulling on the tub while half hanging out of the washer for about 30 minutes before coming across your video. The only thing I would add is to soak the center shaft in WD-40 to get rid of any corrosion that might aid preventing the tub from lifting out. Thank you again! Nicole

  32. I just want to add my thanks to the list and also note how disturbing it is that at least 650+ people have to take this washer apart! We got ours when we purchased our house- but I think this is a $1,000+ washing machine, right? You'd think it would have been designed better. Anyway. This tutorial is spot on! Have taken ours apart 3 times for various reasons.
    Thank you!!!

  33. Have you found a way to remove the wash plate when it’s frozen to the shaft. I’ve had several that refuse to come off.

  34. Thank you, thank you!!! I am now an Avenger in my home because I'm fixing this washer. I only added some WD40. Great trick…worked like a charm.

  35. Smartest idea ever and it worked. A ton of scary sounds but it finally came out. Next Video I need help with is putting it back in. It won't settle back down all the way. Any tricks for that one. The shaft is clean and lubed up. I tried pushing the tub down, shaking it and it just will not go all the way down. Now what?

  36. This was perfect! Got the tub out using your method in about 15 minutes. Struggled with a block and hammer and just trying to jerk it upwards for about 2 hours. Thank you. Found a lot of small clothing items. I think my pump is gone though, still won't drain. At least this didn't cost me anything and the pump is easily accessible. Thank you.

  37. Hey there just now having this prob so we came across this video after struggling to get basket out. Have jack & wood but basket not budging. Please help

  38. Hello and thank you for your video, with the help of my son, we were able to pull the tub out, I didn't find anything under it ☹️, I did notice that at the bottom of the tub there is a sealed compartment fills with water or liquid, I don't see any way to get the water out, is this normal? 😔

  39. Thanks, me and my son tugged on it for about an hour, went to YouTube, found this. Quick trip to Lowe’s for wood, used vehicle jack, had it out in 10 minutes…big thanks for this video

  40. Your video saved me. I do not know how I would have gotten it out otherwise. It did get stuck when I first tried to put it back in. I had to remove it again and then I had to clean the inside of the hole in the tub and had to sand down the outside of the "pole" the tub goes on so it was smooth. Then the tub went on easily. Now I have my official Maytag repair man badge. Thank you again.

  41. I was having my kids hold up the tub while I tapped on the shaft with a piece of wood and hammer. I messed with it for over an hour. I found this video and did just what it said and it was off in about 15 minutes. Shesh… I wish I had seen this earlier. Thanks!

  42. this is awesome! worked perfect, so easy. The hardest part was finding a scissor jack, cars don't seem to come with them anymore

  43. Perfect video for getting the drum out. Found a sock near the drain pump. I'm sure this is the reason for the ld error I was getting.

    Now, anyone having problems getting the drum back on the stem…

    I cursed at it, grabbed a beer, cursed at it some more. Jumped up and down inside the drum. Then the light bulb went on…

    I removed the rubber seal from the stem bolt which gave me the extra 3/8s of an inch for the bolt to bite the threads. Tightened with a rachet which lowered the drum. Took the bolt out and replaced the rubber seal and then put the bolt back on. Voila.

    I then cursed again at myself for not opening the beer sooner.

  44. No debris in mine , new stabilizer rods, new rps and mine stil throws that code, f70, and wobbles horribly. Bearing are good too. Bout to replace.

  45. i do not think it is really necessary to pull of that ring with the 6 screws on it. I was able to get my tub off after only taking out the center bolt and then using your idea. Worked great so I thank you.

  46. Removing that change in video is NOT going to solve a F51 ( control detects problem with Rotor Position Sensor or R.P.S.) however this trick is priceless to a homeowner or technician attempting to remove the tub you could get a F51 error code from socks or clothes getting between or underneath the spin basket…and as for the change under the drain pump stainer( white cover) that is definitely not good and could cause a F71 ( Slow Drain) the change could get in pump and could jamb up the impeller

  47. great video. worked like a champ last night. Only issue is that my shaft is a bit corroded and even after cleaning pretty well, I cant seem to re-install the tub far enough down to where it was on the shaft. It hangs up. Any suggestions there?

  48. Worked perfect!!! I didn't have a scissor jack …but used a bottle jack with an extra small piece of 2×4 under the main one so my little bottle jack could lift the tub off the axle. Just a fantastic idea!!!

  49. Your video, sir, is pure genius. I've read a few comments below on putting the tub back in. This was difficult for me too. I finally wire wheeled the shaft applied grease, WD-40 to the shaft and tub sleeve, worked it side to side a little and presto.

  50. Thanks for this video. Just saved me from buying a new washer I was getting the OL error code it wouldn’t finish through the complete wash cycle so I took off the basket and sanded around the shaft and cleaned around it and code gone and it’s working great! Thanks again for this awesome video made taking it apart easy.

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