Character Journey: Jason – The Good Place (Digital Exclusive)

-This is Jason.
-We’re off the hook! This is amazing!
Babe, we are going to be trying to make love all
night long. -During his life on Earth, he did a lot of questionable
things. Can you really blame him? -Bortles! [ Explosion ] -His dad’s name is Donkey Doug. This is Donkey Doug. -I don’t think of him as my son. I think of him as ma boy! -Needless to say, Jason wasn’t
the best person on Earth. Although misguided, he always
had a dreamer’s heart and a creative mind
until one day, his creativity for criminal
activity got him into this mess, and he wound up here. He’s dead, and he’s not really
in the Good Place, but you know that. Jason doesn’t know that, though. He wakes up to find Michael,
who tells him this — -I know you were a Buddhist monk
and kept a vow of silence. Would you prefer to remain
silent here, as well? -And keeping his mouth shut is
not Jason’s strong suit. Needing a friend in this new
forked up situation, Jason slides a note to Eleanor. They share the same secret. I don’t know how I got here, I have no idea what’s going on, and I am freaking out, homey! -While Eleanor tries to survive
long enough to earn her place in the
afterlife, she urges Jason to shut the fork
up and continue to be Jianyu. To cope with the new personality
change, he seeks a friend in Janet, who
helps him set up a private space away from Tahani that he calls
his… -Bortle.
-What? -…as he’s struggles to contain
the awesome Florida-ness within, Jason becomes more and more
miserable as Jianyu. After a shirt-show of a dinner
event that nearly exposed Jason and Eleanor’s real
identities… -[ Whispering ] Be quiet and eat
your white sponge. -…Jason agrees to take Chidi’s
ethics lessons… -I am here to learn about
ethnics. -…although he’s not 100% clear
on what they are. -Pretty sure it’s ethnics. -While Jason struggles to
coexist with Tahani, he continues to rely on the
smarts of his only allies in the
neighborhood. Truthfully, though, he probably
only understands about 30% of what’s happening. -There’s so much thoughts in my
brain, it’s like my head is filled with rocks. You sh– You should listen to
me. I came up with hundreds of plans
in my life, and only one of them got me
killed. -But Jason can’t be completely
written off as… -Literally the dumbest person
I’ve ever met. -Then who am I? Describe me now. -…because he’s learning. -Well done.
-Thanks. -When Janet’s rebooted…
-[ Grunts ] -…and Jason gets found out by
Tahani, Jason and Janet will find
friendship in their trying times. But it could never go beyond
friendship. After all, Janet isn’t human. -I love you.
-Okay. Oh, alright. Nevermind. Jason married a robot. -That’s enough out of you
robot-lover. -Hey! That’s racist.
-Not a robot. -They may not be man and wife, but they’re married and they
love each other. When they profess their love to
Michael, they also out Jianyu as Jason. -I wasn’t a failed deejay. I was pre-successful. -Wanting to protect their
burgeoning marriage, Jason and Janet escape to the
Medium Place with an ethically confused
Eleanor. But when their friends souls
appear to be in peril, Jason eventually agrees to the
neighborhood, proving he has the capacity to
grow. -Chidi! Tahani!
We’re back to save your souls! I mean, he did try to blow up
the train first, but he’s Jason. He’ll always chuck a Molotov
cocktail when faced with a problem,
am I right? -Nooo! -After Eleanor figures out
they’re in the Bad Place, Jason and the rest of them are
rebooted. But despite Michael’s best
efforts to torture them, they keep figuring everything
out. Jason even gets one. -I think we’re in the Bad Place. -Jason figured it out?! Yeah, this one hurts. Ow.
-And when Michael is at his wit’s end, it’s actually
Jason who gives him the idea to team up with the humans with
a promise to get them to the real Good Place. -What? Why? You do? What? -With the memory of his marriage
to Janet wiped… -[ Gasps ] -…he turns his affections to
Tahani, and they strike up a very sexy
situation and even start to get married. But the wedding is stopped to
prevent Janet from further glitching because
she’s still in love with Jason. And when things get more
complicated after Michael reveals he doesn’t know how to get to
the Good Place, Tahani decides it’s best to end
their fling, opening the door for Janet and
Jason to re-ignite their
romance. But first, Jason has to prove, along with the rest of the
humans, that he can become a better
person on Earth. With a little help from Michael, he’ll be reunited with
Team Cockroach in the hopes of finding meaning
for his life. But after a year of studying,
Jason and the Brainy Bunch are exposed to the door to the
afterlife, barring them from any meaningful
improvement and ruining their chances of
getting into the Good Place. -That’s my birthday.
-With the Brainy Bunch’s new mission to save the souls of
their loved ones, Jason flies to Florida to pay a visit to…
-Donkey Doug! -But after Jason realizes his
dad is a lost cause, he focuses his attention on
saving Pillboi, and Jason set him on a path that will ensure he stays out of
trouble and on his way to earning enough
points to getting into the Good Place. It also means they have to say
goodbye. -[ Crying ] I got you, bro.
-[ Crying ] I got you, bro. Jag…
-…uars… Together: …rule. -After a brawl with some
demons… -2,000 points!
-…discovering he and Janet used to be married…
-Whoa. Married? Ohhh… -…and escaping to the mail
room of the Good Place, Jason starts to fall for Janet
again. -Do you want to try being
boyfriend/girlfriend? -Yes, I’d very much like to go
on a date with you somewhere, sometime. -Oh! And he low-key saves
everyone’s souls when he recounts this story to
judge Gen… -I never yelled Big Noodle for
being late after that ’cause I knew how hard it was
for him to be there. -…sparking the idea to reboot
the neighborhood. But when they all come back to
the Medium Place, Jason finds a more sophisticated
Derek — relatively speaking,
of course — -[ Blowing bubbles ]
-And Jason’s jealousy really starts to ramp up when Janet and Derek pull their
resources to make people for the new
neighborhood. -This is purely professional,
okay? Now be a pal and hold my classy
martini while I… get down to business. -But for now, there’s bigger
problems in the neighborhood. Hopefully by the end of the
experiment, the Soul Squad will prove that
humans can improve after death and Jason and Janet will be
together for the rest of eternity, trying to figure out just how to
have sex.


  1. Jason is clearly much more intelligent than everyone gives him credit for. He just doesn't articulate that intelligence very well most of the time–

  2. These videos are so fun! I hope they make a character journey about Shawn as well. "You're not a demon, you're a jerk…" has become my favorite TV line ever! Jaguars rule, go Jason!!!

  3. Watching this really made it hit home how integral Jason really is to the story. I'm so glad he's been getting more screentime and more credit to his intelligence this season, because he's my favourite of the crew.

  4. 1:06
    In the episode I watched, instead of that, it went like this:

    E: So you have literally not said a word since you got here?
    J: Yeah. And when I’m not being Jianyu the silent monk I’m just trying to figure out what the FORK is happening!

    Edit: Eleanor said “I have had to dodge and weave and barely escape with my life and you don’t seem…like a super genius.

  5. If you look at his character, you'd see that Jason is a story teller. That's his way of benefiting the group when they're feeling lost.

  6. I love Jason, and by extension Manny Jacinto, so much. Honestly. It is really hard not to be distracted by Manny. Jason is sweet. Manny is scorching hot and talented.

    I don't hate that the show is landing – because I have faith in the folks doing the piloting.

  7. Jason couldn't figure out sex with Janet, but he figured it out pretty easily with Tahani.

    Does that mean Janet has nothing in between her legs then?…

  8. 1:38 could they not of served that tofu aka “white sponge”, with some peanuts, perhaps some fermented duck eggs, soy sauce, sesame oil, salt & pepper & topped with some green onions?!! Ffs bad place.

  9. Fun Fact: Chidi is the only character to not have had a major idea that saves them.

    Eleanor: found out it was the Bad Place
    Jason: helped Micheal which made Micheal join the group and told the Judge the story.
    Tahani: Gave Michael the Idea that trying to be good has unintended side affects.

  10. Man this show is so amazing I keep trying to get my daughter to watch it but she just doesn’t want to. She would rather scroll through TikToks then even give this show a chance.

  11. My favorite line by Jason is when they were doing the funerals for each other and when it was his turn to talk for tahani, he said she never got over her speech impediment LOL

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