1. Very nice! You need something that big to plow through the high dense packed snow from the street plows. I was afraid I would churn up my lawn making the paths for my Labs so I shoveled. Have fun out there!

  2. That joystick would be a game changer for me. I live in New England like you, but in a very tight neighborhood in Massachusetts. I am always stopping every 10 feet to crank the snow funnel away from my neighbor's driveways and walkways. It's a great video and Troy Bilts are the way to go for Snow Blowers. That is the brand that I have. Thanks for the upload!

  3. how good can you see at nit with it cz i'm a plow truck driver and have do my drive at nit when i get don plowing the rds…and hi from maine

  4. I moved into my present house 37/8 yrs ago about this time of year and it was a white Christmas . Problems with the Railways and buses etc. but great. Since then I think there have been 3, maybe 4 times there has been snow able to create problems particularly when drivers forget how to drive. You know the scenario. So I have little justification to get one of those, but I WANT one. I am a 75 yr old big kid :-).

    My cat frowned at the snow. She sort of lowered her chin and looked distastefully out of the Kitchen window. Then went to the front of the house and lo and behold snow there as well. This deserved a growl. But she needed the loo so she hopped away shaking her paws after each step.
    You are too good for your Labs :-).
    That was a good advert for the camera.

  5. I didn't know that Troy Bilt still offered the Storm XP version anymore, it's not on their website. You can't find them at Lowe's either.

  6. Ah yes troy bilt, the company that slowly moved to cheaper and cheaper production and fought workers unions. Quality tanked. They ruined the brand. Then got bought out.

  7. Those augers are small in diameter…. Go for a model with the larger ones for big storms and piles left from snowplows at the edge of the driveway.

  8. An underpowered small impeller unit with fancy unreliable controls is a recipe for fail. Especially w/ slush. But that’s ok, the customer target is dumb America. Givem 2 seasons before buyers remorse sets in. Pay attention or pay cash!

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