Cycling Group Ride Breakdown & Tactics (Cycling Tips)


  1. Neat video. If you're a sadist, like myself, the best part of fast group rides is to purposefully open gaps (especially when it gets fast) and force others to close them. If no one is able to close the gap, snap off and bridge across as fast as possible so no one can follow. Crosswinds are the best environment for this. Happy riding!

  2. I'm a new rodie as four plates and 21 screws in my right ankle slowed my Motorcross racing. This video shows why fast group rides are just as much fun as hard Motos with the boys! Great video and even better description of what's going on!!

  3. I use a hidden 250 watt motor it make a win much easier in a race.—Cycling-Magazin

  4. What gearing do you use, and what grade are you pushing 600 watts up at? Doesn't look steep compared to the climbs im used too but the camera can be deceiving. I am curious because i am thinking of changing my gearing and i am watching and asking to see what other riders who post are using and on what terrains. thanks!

  5. omg the speed on these guys… is this normal for road bikes? 36kmh average, that'd get me to work so fast… I'm on like 25kmh (15mph) for about the same distance on my mountain bike… would I be faster if I get a road bike or should I just start training cycling more seriously?

  6. that was very interesting. thanks for the breakdown and the thought process! it inspires me to do some VO for my commuting videos. very well done!

  7. Trying to "win" a group ride. Good commentary/strategy, but you're doing a disservice to new riders who think that this is acceptable behavior.

  8. How can you go as hard as possible up the climb and still have something left at the top? Your obviously not going as HARD AS POSSIBLE otherwise you'd be spewing at the top.

  9. can you share what camera and software you are using to track your rides and data during this video please – thanks and love the videos – thanks for the efforts

  10. That was so entertaining to watch! I haven't thought there are so much tactics in cycling and I just realized I need a power meter…

  11. All you had to do was shout up or slow down or speed up this would never happen if you shout out too riders while in the paceline.

  12. why are you not riding on the road, this is what newbie cyclists do, that solid line marks the edge of the carriageway, and the strip of tarmac to the right is not a cycle lane. Many Australian newbie chain gangs do this and it's plain stupid IMHO. on a high speed road like that with that traffic density you'd be safer in the lane and have far more room to go through and off, less likely to have any errant motorist (especially in a tonner) getting too close as they have to change lanes. Think about it.

  13. Thanks for sharing. I just started cycling and I stopped doing group rides bc I thought they were disorganized w all the gaps, but you helped me realize this is what happens in races too.

  14. sometimes it's hard to see if the road is flat or uphill
    is there any way to show that on the screen?
    I really like your video cool dude!

  15. These tactics are cool to listen to for someone who just rides casually. Awesome and funny stuff!

  16. My average speed is less than half yours!! Any help? Cannondale R800 CAAD3, metal platform pedals(practising clipless will use soon) regular clothing any help please???

  17. Dude, I can't wait to be in this group. I'm so tired of getting popped night in and night out. Thanks for these vids bro

  18. Hi dude! What was the pint of attacking and wasting energy on 6:58min if you were able to stay on wheel and recover? Thanks for the answer, want to understand this tactical move)

    Thanks for the vegan content, two weeks ago decided to go vegan and now I'm feeling much better so much better ( my legs and heart could ride so good, but stomach was feeling bad after hard training, now I'm super good even lost 5 kg )

  19. Hey man, that was a great breakdown. Great job recognizing those early gaps. Very interesting
    B R E A T H

  20. Nice to see not every one has the fanciest $6k bike with 88mm carbon wheels. Here in Miami, that’s all you see. But not many put in the work. Just ride to Starbucks and back lol

  21. This video finally got me to subscribe. It's truth it's a beat down…you can't always win, respect for sharing and teaching.

  22. That was great to hear your breakdown of the ride! I’m just getting into cycling and it was really informative. Thanks brah!

  23. Dam the most I can do on my mountain bike is 50 km, but I have never really broken down on my road bike.

  24. 30 dudes is a big ass group ride. The only rides in my club (which is a fairly large club near New York City) that come to that size are beginner rides to teach basic group skills, or shop rides which pull in everybody who ever got a bike or a tune up there, regardless of skills. The only time we get 30 fast guys together is for that same shop's Friday Night race series in the summer.

  25. It's OK to say.."No, no, I can't pull", if you are 30 years older than everyone on the break…….And if you don't plan to sprint…..

  26. The last time I rode did the World Champions ride I threw up at the turn around. The pace is ridiculous from beginning to end. Sadly 9 out of 10 there's a head wind coming back.

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