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Dallas is located along the Trinity River,
in the southern state Texas, with the Gulf of Mexico to the south and Oklahoma
to the north. More than 6.5 million people live in the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington Metroplex. Hollywood films and TV shows have painted
a picture of a desert city ruled by oil magnates and cattle barons. But despite its “Wild West” image, Dallas is not a rural city and Texas is not
all desert. Flying in, you are welcomed by the sight of
the Reunion Tower, the long-standing landmark of this fast-developing
southern city. These days the biggest local industry is technology and some even call it “Silicon Prairie”. The more common nickname is “The Big D” because Dallas is so populous and the main
commercial hub for the region. Explore the cultural side of Dallas by visiting the downtown theaters and galleries. Head to the Arts District and browse the Dallas
Museum of Art to see American designs and famous European
paintings. Next door, the Nasher Sculpture Center mixes
the traditional with the contemporary in a tranquil setting. Enjoy nature’s masterpieces in the Arboretum
and Botanical Gardens, with colorful displays of native plants and
European flowers. On a hot day, order a treat from a food truck and enjoy lunch on the lawn, Texas style. Explore the underwater passages of the Dallas
World Aquarium to observe remarkable creatures from up close. The aquarium is more like a zoo, so don’t miss the jungle walk if you like
monkeys! Nearby, children can fly like a bird, outrun
a dinosaur, witness a tornado, or feel an earthquake at the Perot Museum Of Nature And Science. At the Dallas Zoo they can see cuddly koalas, hand-feed giraffes and admire other Giants
of the Savanna. Visit the Six Flags Over Texas theme park
in Arlington for even more family fun on the more than
100 rides. Ride the Rock-n-Rocket, roll a ball, and try a Texas-sized hot dog for lunch. Grab some boots and a 10-gallon hat and explore
the Heritage Village. Then gear up for a trip to Southfork Ranch, the film set of the immensely popular soap
opera Dallas, to enter the estate where J.R. and Sue Ellen played out their unhappy marriage. After nearly four decades, this family saga is still being followed by
fans all over the world. Step into the middle of a cattle drive in the heart of the city at Pioneer Plaza. See bronze statues of Texas longhorns in the
landscaped park. This recreated prairie commemorates the old
cowboy trails which brought the first settlers here in the
1800s. One of the most momentous events in American
history took place in the former book depository in West End. Stand at the exact location where the shot
was fired that killed John F. Kennedy in 1963. The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza documents the assassination of the charismatic
American president. Don’t leave Dallas without tasting a Texas
BBQ or, if you prefer fine dining, order sushi atop
Reunion Tower. End your day with dancing or lounging in a
cocktail bar Uptown. The free vintage trolley will safely shuttle
you back to Downtown at night. Come to Dallas, where modern meets old and
where the friendly locals, with their Texas twang, will show you a welcome
as big as the state.


  1. They forgot the Texas state fair, I live like 15 minutes away from it. Its amazing, although it gets too crowded.

  2. WhAts good to see for someone in there mid 2O”s ? Not stupid Fukn museums or art gallery’s. What’s something cool to do?

  3. What a great disapointment to The USA texas = the home of trumptards never visting there till all the trumptards leave

  4. I was born,raised here.
    there is no sense of humar😂
    -Dallas's such a crowded city,you're freedom to trip somewhere as everyone. Go to forest,inhalation the air. Come back to home enjoy your time.
    It's an unique city,courtesy's such an important thing to do. I've got no enough knowledge about Dallas (as my main country) practically,it's legendary,come there n enjoy your time.
    Don't forget.
    You're freedom!

  5. A view from Argentina – I think Dallas would be nicer to live. Houston is a bigger, rougher city. If you like sports, Dallas is more into sports. Houston is more into music scene. Dallas people are more showy, Houston people more humble and funny. Houston is more international and has a lot of Cajun food. Both are basically flat but Houston has a lot of palm trees. The big problem with Houston is that there are enormous areas of ghettos all over and then super rich neighborhoods isolated. Dallas seems more level economically. You can drive 20, 25 miles in Houston and it's some of the roughest looking ghetto you can see.

  6. Dallas Texas is ok just be extremely careful at night if you're downtown. Many drug addicts and homeless people can hang around you and ask questions.

  7. My girlfriend and me are curious to visit dallas one day unless if we have enough money . sound a fun time in dallas . I am native florida all life and my girlfriend from michigan . we dont want to list people who talked negative about dallas places . we just wants to see there ourself . also we like dallas cowboys .

  8. I grew up in Dallas. I've lived in a lot of cities and have been in Buenos Aires for 5 years. I gettin' ready to go back to Big D.

  9. Gulf of Mexico to the south? True, if you’re talking about Texas, but Waco is south of Dallas, Mr. Narrator. You could’ve mentioned the Galleria Dallas, AT&T Stadium, Victory Park, the American Airlines Center, and the fact that Dallas is the site of the annual Texas State Fair every October.

  10. I went here in March 2018 for the 1st time in my life. Visually it's an awesome-looking city, but most of the people there aren't friendly in my opinion. I even saw on some website (can't remember the name of it) that it's ranked fairly high in the most unfriendliest U.S cities. So if you go to Dallas for a visit, make sure you know someone living there you can spend time with. I went alone. I don't enjoy being alone, but I was so tired of being stuck where I'm from, and wanted to temporarily escape the cold weather there. (the Chicagoland area)

  11. I want to love you Dallas but I haven't found anything to love but then again Texas overall is a big disappointment.

  12. Doesn’t seem like there’s much to do in Dallas compared to Austin and San Antonio. Maybe I got to visit those cities to make a more accurate assessment

  13. I see a lot of people down Dallas especially the people who live there, I also live in Dallas. Dallas is definitely different from other cities, but it’s also most definitely not “boring” or “lifeless” it’s a great place to go with friends and family it’s also really pretty and there’s so much to do. I’ve been to a lot of states and I still would never move to another city, it’s a fast paced and and fun it’s old but modern at the same time and one of my favorite places to be. If you’ve never been to Dallas definitely come it’s so pretty and fun and worth your time. 🙂

  14. DULLASS NATIVE HERE, 1941 – 1988 NEVER been known as "THE BIG D"! SOME started callin it "BIG D" in the mid 70s. Damn good travel video otherwise.

  15. Yooo I only searched Dallas Texas because I’m 4 hours away from Dallas Texas and I was on a 16h trip on a car here and there is 4hrs left

  16. I like going to the USA just for studying, visiting or in vacation. For living, mmmmmm I don’t think so 😕

  17. I cannot even say my hate for dallas.
    Its not as intresting as most cities should be besides San Antonio! I have been there before and it is known as the Night City.

    Everybody stays in the city walking around at night and they have horses that take you around the town! Dallas has glowing buildings, and alot of stories.

    Though dallas can be cheap

  18. My wife and I visited Dallas last August 2018. Next year, we plan to visit Austin. We eventually are planning on retiring in Texas.

  19. If anyone see’s one of my comments saying Dallas sucks 😂😂😂 I wrote that when I was a child 😂😂😂😂😂! I don’t think that anymore I will forever LOVE Dallas my beautiful home town!

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