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Hello there, my name is Shaq. Today I’m
going to be talking about approaching pedestrian crossings. Now in order to
approach your crossing safely the first thing is to be able to identify it.
Most crossings will have a red warning sign as you approach them. However did
you know that there are four main types of crossings here in the UK. Let’s start
off with the most common one the zebra crossing. We would identify a zebra
crossing by the flashing amber beacons and the black and white strips on the
road. As soon as you see a zebra crossing the first most important thing is to
check your rear-view mirror and then scan not just the zebra but the whole
area within the zigzags. If you notice any pedestrians you must be prepared to
slow down and stop. Once you have stopped you must allow the pedestrian to fully
cross the zebra. Do not proceed until the pedestrian has fully crossed. However if
there is an island or a central reservation in the middle of the road,
then its treated as two pedestrian crossings, two different zebra crossings.
So once the pedestrian has reached your side of the road you may proceed, if it’s
safe to do so so. That’s the first of the crossings the pedestrian crossings, the
zebra crossing. The second second one we’ve got is the pelican crossing. This
type of crossing is identified by the traffic lights and the zigzags. Now as
you approach a pelican crossing if the lights are red you would stop. After red
the lights will go to flashing amber. Flashing amber means you must give way
to anybody already on the crossing. So if someone is
crossing you must stop at the flashing amber. After flashing amber the light
will change to green, from green it’ll go to steady amber and then back to red.
Again as with all crossings you must be prepared to give way to pedestrians,
regardless of what color the light is. So even if the lights green always check
mirrors on approach just in case the lights change. Sometimes
you get pedestrians who press the button and walk away, always be prepared to give way. So that’s the pelican crossing. Next we have the puffin crossing. The puffin
crossing looks exactly the same as a pelican crossing, apart from the fact
that it has a sensor on top. So you’ve stopped at the red lights at a puffin
crossing the lights will stay red for as long as it takes the pedestrian to cross
the road. So if you find yourself a puffin crossing and you started dancing
in the middle of the road, the lights will stay red until you stop dancing and
will fully off the road and safely on the pavement. So there is no flashing
amber on a puffin crossing so the light will be staying red for as long as it takes
you to cross the road. After red the light will go to red and amber together
and then green just like normal traffic lights. Once again after green the light
will go to amber. Amber at any lights doesn’t matter whether it’s traffic
lights, pedestrian lights, amber means you must stop. Always check mirrors and be
ready to stop. The final crossing that I’m going to talk about today is the
toucan crossing. A toucan crossing is basically a crossing that
can be used by two sets of road users. For example it can be used by cyclists and
it can be used by pedestrians. A toucan crossing can come in the form of a
pelican crossing or a puffin crossing. Regardless of what type of crossing
you’re approaching, the main rule to remember is that pedestrians have
right-of-way on public roads. You have always got to be prepared to give way to
pedestrians. Even if the lights were green and a pedestrian run out in the
road you must be prepared to give way. I hope you found this video informative, if
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  1. Hi Shaq I have been watching your videos last 2 days. I passed first time today with 5 minors ( due to nerves). Really appreciate your videos they are extremely helpful. You deliver your videos clear easy to understand on point information Thank you so much
    May God reward you for your hard work. 🤗👍

  2. What happens if your driving past a pavement and a someone on the pavement pushes their friend into the road as a joke. Would you fail your test?

  3. Thank you for the video. I’m a visitor, not driving here but walking. I’m very confused as a pedestrian here and have almost been hit twice. The problem is the side streets and edges of circles. I can’t tell what the rules are. Perhaps the drivers are just being abusive. Was walking today on South side of Knightsbridge and a lot of us pedestrians were trying to cross a side street. Taxis and vans just kept coming and forcing through as we had to jump away. No signs, signals, or markings to inform us what the expectation is. I’m used to Paris where there is a lot more respect for walkers. I really hate this about London.

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