1. Im more in favor of a decentralized government that puts power in the hands of people.

    A direct democracy if you will, one where companies are owned by the workers in 'workers councils' and there are far more rigorous practices of delegation and democratic process in every facet of society.

    Our democracy, western liberal democracy, is i find 'crony' democracy. Simply put we are NOT DEMOCRATIC ENOUGH!

    Great video all round!

  2. But the problem is, what viable alternatives do we have?
    The soft-totalitarian rule of democracy is naturally preferred to those wielded by totalitarian states. And even the middle ground that is an oligarchy that is wielded in countries like China and Singapore is prone to corruption and despotism over time, no matter how well said countries are doing currently.

    If nothing else, history has taught us that corruption is inevitable, and in such a case, is the only solution to avoid despotism a ceaseless stream of revolutions trying to reset society?

  3. Sensing that you probably hold anarchocapitalist beliefs, could you state your opinion on anarcho-communism and anarcho-syndicalism? Maybe do a video in that direction? Anyways, thanks for the excellent video. As always.

  4. All states are tyrannical.

    "The state is nothing but an instrument of opression of one class by another – no less so in a democratic republic than in a monarchy." -Engels

    ask the slum dwellers in india if they feel like they are free from totalitarianism. or miners in uganda. or prisoners in amerika convicted of non violent crimes. they aren't free from totalitarianism.

    and the imperialist US empire is the single most totalitarian and tyrannical entity to ever exist. there's a reason why US has over 800 military bases worldwide. It's not from benevolence. it's to maintain totalitarian control over land, resources and cheap labor.

  5. rich white men despised and feared true democratic power for the masses? hmm i wonder if that has anything to do with their fear and disdain of the wealth generating masses voting to expropriate their ill gotten wealth.

  6. Maybe it's just me but I feel this video was more advocating a point rather than just discussing and explaining a point of view

  7. I would love a comparative video of Nietzsche's believes and secular Buddhist thought. Thx for all your wonderful videos, and I will become a patron as soon as I am financially stable. Much love S.M.

  8. Is the "Turnkey Tyranny" really inevitable? What if we were putting the wrong type of persons as leaders all the time? Is it maybe possible to have a meritocratic rule of some type of platonic "Philosopher Kings" as leaders of our nations?
    I share many concerns about democracy that are expressed in this video, but I still think it's the best shitty system we had. I don't think the average humans are ready yet to be self-governed, anarchism would literally cause anarchy. We're not mature enough as species yet.

  9. Hamilton wanted a strong central government because he was afraid the states would become too democratic, and the view of the majority isn't always the right view. He wanted a central government that was free from popular control.

  10. I love your videos, it literary helps me build my own character, my own ideals, and makes me feel good about life. Thank you for making knowledge available to those of us who don't have time to read many books. I love your channel 🙂

  11. Got half way into the video and decided to put my boy, Lysander Spooners quote, but then you posted it so I'm going with another man with an awesome beard.
    "“The oppressed are allowed once every few years to decide which particular representatives of the oppressing class are to represent and repress them.”

  12. The closest thing to any form of objective morality is a set of rules, that, when applied to a given amount of individuals, mutually benefit all people within that group, whether that be material or emotional prosperity, as all actions taken by conscious beings are for the perceived benefit of themselves. People within these "societies", as opposed to the arbitrary definition of society, can have more localized rules, such as a small market, or larger settings such as a city, "country" (without the government part), etc. Since there is a demand for the enforcement of these rules, people within these "societies" could create non-universal power structures that only apply to members of said society or individuals who infringed upon the rights of these societies, such as, if we want to get into anarcho-capitalist theory, private courts and defense systems. My main problem with government is that it is universal and all encompassing, that is, one cannot choose what groups and markets to engage with to preserve their own self interest in a mutual fashion.

  13. When you go to the polls, what choices do you have?

    Party A promises to rob from the rich and give to the poor. But we already know that party robs from the rich AND the middle class and then gives somewhere between 10 and 20% to the poor and keeps the rest for themselves (politicians and bureaucrats).

    Party B promises smaller government but then, in an effort to promote their brand of morality, creates unfunded mandates that cost the people more in the form of state and local taxes.

    Party C promises more individual freedom but advocates discrimination as a way of the wealthy and those who think of themselves as the majority to control those who are philosophically or religiously in the minority AND advocates economic policies that would, over time, virtually eliminate a viable middle class.

    Other parties are merely more extreme versions of the first three.

    If a person wants to determine for himself whether he really wants freedom (for everybody–not just for himself and those of his particular socio-economic class or religious convictions), he need only ask himself the following question: If he were to be given the power to make political decisions, how much would he do to require others to act on the basis of his own economic, political or religious convictions?

    We will be able to progress toward the ideal the founding fathers envisioned only when we are able to create a political party that is dedicated to minimizing THAT.

  14. The iron law of oligarchy, theorised by Robert Michel's "Political Parties" shares many similarities with the themes present in this video.

    Essentially, as civil servants amass experience and accrue influence, they become the logical candidate for re-election: resulting in a minority of people possessing the tools to become powerful. Therefore democracies are perpetually eroding their democratic qualities with every passing election/generation.

    Pretty heavy stuff.

  15. I wonder why will you group Cuba, North Korea, China, and the USSR with Nazi Germany. It might be coincidence or not but i get the vibe that this guy is a right wing libertarian. And also he just mentioned Nazi Germany as to say here are all the totalitarians state by the way Nazi Germany also happened to be one. You seem to be skeptical of criticizing capitalism.

  16. I have to correct you. Aristotle did not reject democracy. He rejected ochlocracy, the perversed form of democracy where the masses exert control in their favor excluding anyone who disagrees with them.

  17. Democracy is so overrated at times and to me I honestly think it's stupid in many ways. A type of Meritocracy, I think, would be the best for the world. It wouldn't be a Utopia because to me the truth of Nietzsche's Will to Power shows a Utopia is impossible. But it would be the best system. We need a system where we have the genius and almost divinity like ambition of the Ancient Greeks and the toughness and drive of the Roman Empire.

  18. What is tyranny and liberty are points of view. To a slave owner the right to own slaves is liberty and abolishing slavery would be tyranny. Aristocracy from a peasant's perspective is tyrannical whereas democracy from a noble's perspective is tyrannical. Tyranny of the majority is only tyranny from the elite's perspective, whereas tyranny of the minority in the form of an established elite making decisions for the vast majority can be viewed just as tyrannical. You make the link of democracy with potential tyranny but it is no small coincidence that there is a direct correlation with a nation's democracy index and overall well being and amount of human flourishing. It's ironic that the more democratic a nation is the higher they rank on the amount of liberty they enjoy. The most undemocratic nation on earth North Korea also ranks lowest on individual civil liberty and standard of living. This isn't to say that democracy is perfect or that the majority is always right (it isn't), it's just better than anything else that has been tried.

  19. "Nothing outside the state, everything inside the state" A complete fantasy, the universe is infinite and the state will never be.

  20. I don't yet see a solution to the problems we face because I feel like we are trying to cope with a world that has overextended itself and then not caught up mentally yet to where we now find ourselves. Globalization, international migrations, changing climate/environment, new forms of warfare that are unable to be protected against/beaten (terrorism), fake news on the internet, itself a radical and new form of global intercommunication that we dont fully understand the implications of yet… the rug of the world has been pulled out from under our feet. the world has never existed as it does right now because we are in a unique time of transition from the Old world into what will eventually be called True Modernity, where humanity is finally set to rise above itself. Personally, I think that if we all lived in small communities that self regulated themselves, each group voting on a leader that everyone in the group would already be personally acquainted with anyway.. Having machines do all the labour, including keeping us safe ie enforcing inter-"tribe" peace.. Maybe what I'm talking about is genuine communism where there is no state or economic apparatus or class divisions and we literally just live in the way nature intended us to, except this time we have all this technology at our disposal that takes care of our every need without us having to break a sweat. we'd just devote all our time to growing as individuals. Dreaming, big time, but I like to think that something like that could be like the ultimate destiny for mankind. Like a return to where we started only this time we have all this knowledge and wisdom that we picked up along the way of this great circle

  21. Your assertion that totalitarianism is a twentieth century phenomena is flawed. There is an abundance of historical evidence that demonstrates that totalitarian governments were the norm and democratic governments were either rare or none existent.

  22. From FASCIST Indian Processional in Singapore : We greatly enjoyed your video! We greatly admire your new PresidentTrump here in Asia. We wish his success!

  23. i love the video but i feel a lot of it is saying nothing you can talk nebulously about these losses of power or dampening of will but give no examples i do really like your take down on the power in a democracy but you fail to get to the heart of any of the issues
    mainly how our country have essentially become oligarchies for the powerful and at this point without the state holding them back (even with the poor job there doing) the masses would become the lamb in your analogy

  24. one problem i saw but maybe you can correct me: here in america we have a Republic not a Democracy. you can see in the political sphere this pop up with conservatives usally agaisnt big gov't and liberals for bigger gov't.

    we do not have majority rule per say, but we have representatives that take the most popular vote and use that as guide for their agenda. but we do not vote on all issues regarding foregin and domestic (though we could if congree felt the need to give us a direct say) we usally leave that up to our representatives of whom we voted for. thats why it is their job to "do the will of the people" because we put trust in them to do what they said they would do.

  25. The people want the government to do everything for them. So the government takes it all away from you and blame you for even letting them inz

  26. That's what a communist state is. No individual liberty. Totalitarian government extending its control over all aspects of an individual citizen's(?) life.

  27. Great video, very well thought out. My own idea, not entirely original, is that the net has become the tool of governments everywhere. Totalitarian states use them to keep tabs on dissidents, like in China , Russia and anywhere else you can think of. In more democratic countries, people get hung up on conspiracy theories, holocaust denial and all sorts of drivel and then believe that they're accomplishing something.th net has just served to divide people into infinitely small groups, and the motto is divide and rule.

  28. There is no democracy. And never has been. And giving business criminals all the power in you're right wing nonsense is fascism. The majority have to suffer for the benefits of a few. Or let me say it like this.

    —– modern slavery ——–

  29. Besides the USA is hardly a true democracy its a Republic and just like ancient Rome which was a Republic to it is plagued by Oligarchy. An Athenian Style Democracy is contrary to its bad reputation brought about by anti democrats like Plato the only true government of and for the people. (I know women had no rights and foreigners were also band I am talking about the organization not its reach).

  30. Si el orden social se vuelve dependiente del Estado administrativo, cuando este se vuelve terminalmente corrupto y no funcional todo desaparece

  31. We shouldn’t be calling it soft totalitarianism, it’s just totalitarianism. The violence still manifests itself.

  32. Democracy is a set of rules and regulations designed by the rich and powerful for the benefit of ONLY the rich and powerful!!!!

  33. The best defense against tyranny is virtuosity. How? By both the citizen and government living according to will of GOD. Eliminate GOD to create a void. Fill that void with the state and presto you have your tyranny.

  34. Shut up effete, simplistic libertarian. I'd rather have tyranny of the masses (or you know the less evil sounding version: democracy/majority rule) than whatever "freedom" youre pushing (I know of course, to be a passive, powerless automaton (a stupified object) totally at the mercy of the mythic"free market," as if this is freedom!) Freedom has nothing to do with democracy!? Idiot bootlicker. You blind fools truly deserve subjugation and inevitable destruction.

  35. Democracy leads to the people becoming dependent on the govt. That dependency then leads to increased govt power as the people need more and more govt intervention in society.
    This is why war is needed. Youll never convince the masses that they need to go against their sheep like interests.

  36. The problem with democracy is that it can only be as good as the electorate. This is why the founding fathers of America had restrictions on who could vote.

  37. Switzerland had been a democracy for a long time, and it didn't became a tyranny.
    Also small gouvernment is not necessary desirable, privatisation of water for instance turned out to be a huge mistake.

  38. I have been echoing this since the 60's but met with nothing but mockery and death threats, so I stopped, and only disgusted these things in core groups of awakened and knowledge fill young people such as myself.

  39. Democracy is 2 wolves and a lamb deciding what to have for dinner- Benjamin Franklin. It's why they formed a Republic instead of a Democracy. Our founders were smart. Never give up your 2nd amendment. You do you will be enslaved

  40. Due to the weakness of the common citizen, democracy makes a society vulnerable to a demagogue who can exploit the emotions of the herd. Democracy is therefore not as benevolent a political system as it is touted as in America.

  41. A very important video need to know about. I would usually agree voting is good but not these days. We already have gone to an oligarch state in the US. Idk.

  42. If you want to know their secret plans for enslaving us, then read and understand these two books (which are highly censored and have been banned from being viewed by nonjews):
    1) the "Talmud"
    2) the "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion".
    This is a link to truthful information about the Talmud: http://come-and-hear.com/dilling/index.html
    This is a link to the "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion": http://xroads.virginia.edu/~MA
    If the above links have been censored, then you may have to scroll past as many as 60 Jewish disinformation websites to find a truthful website when doing a search on the internet.

  43. I hate George Lucas for giving Obi Wan ignorant lines like "My allegiance is to the Republic, to Democracy"

    Make up your mind Kenobi you can't have an allegiance to a Republic and a Democracy because they are two different things and you can't live in both.

  44. "Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide."
    –John Adams

  45. Sad to see that democracy is being weaponized. Attacking other countries in the name of democracy and freedom (as if they didnt have freedom before)
    After ruining a country, US just leave and give those people a country in shambles, with a puppet democratic leader.

  46. The average age of the world's greatest civilizations from the beginning of
    history, has been about 200 years. 'During those 200 years, those nations
    always progressed through the following sequence:

    Alexander Tyler       Eight-step cycle of
    1  From bondage to spiritual faith;
    2  From spiritual faith to great courage;
    3  From courage to liberty;
    4  From liberty to abundance;
    5  From abundance to complacency;
    6  From complacency to apathy;
    7  From apathy to dependence;
    8  From dependence back into bondage”

  47. If government is supposed to carry out the will of the people, then the majority can vote democratically to use the force of government to screw the minority. Democracy tends to snuff out diversity because minorities are in peril and will be compelled to merge into the majority for their own protection. Government officers can be democratically elected, but their mission should be to defend individual liberties of every citizen, not to carry out the will of the people.

  48. If majority says day is night then day becomes night. Its about permanent values e.g. if majority votes and says we do not wish to die, can they avert it? Redistribution of wealth cannot take place because rich get elected… opinions of weak and emotive are manufactured to keep them slaves and poor…. what is the purpose of human creation? Find the right answer based on fact … there lies the answer. Otherwise…

  49. The United States of America is a Republic… Not a democracy… Similar yet completely different… But what do I know about it…I'm just a former 11b whos a constitution loving, flag waiving far right, white nationalist who loves his guns & prefers dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery and if need be perfectly willing to stack Bodies and if nessacery lay down my own life in the conversation of my beloved country!!

  50. The 19th amendment was a huge mistake. Look no further than the consequences it has wrought on the country. Just because you are living and breathing doesn’t mean you are qualified to vote. Voting is not only a privilege, it is an huge responsibility.

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