DO I STILL KNOW HOW TO RIDE WAVES? || # WindsurfLife Episode11

Rigging 4.0. it’s not something you say very often when you’re
90+ kilos. Lets see if I still remember how to wavesail
a little bit. I dont really have a board but luckily we
have a very nice new center right next door Surfhub Tenerife so let’s see if they can
help us out. Here we go. All the boards, all the sizes. 87 or 82? 87 . We got thruster or quad. I guess quad. Quad for control. Thruster for thrust, quad for control. No, no thrusting today. You come sailing? I
want to have them narrower and taller, so the foot gets stuck from the side and not
from the top, you know? So whenever you need to take it out you just
straighten the foot and it goes out. For wavesailing I like it like that. And its way more reactive as well on the turns. I didnt wavesail for ages. Lets see… Ididnt wavesail since november. We’re in March so 4 months. Lets see if Ieven know how to go straight
letalone do a floaty jump. Floaty jump one-handed maybe? But stylish you know, stylish. Yeah maybe I could try a donkey kick. Cant find the hole! You know at 28 you get old and you just cant
find the hole sometimes. But it’s ok Ifound it eventually. is what matters. In Polish we say: “a real man is known by
how he finishes not how he starts” . Would be funny if you finished up on the rocks now. If I finish on the rocks…. dont quote me! OK, lets see if I still know whats up with this thing You fuckin improved like a motherfucker! You and your questions.. how the fuck am I supposed to know?


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