Dr Michael Lara: What is Gastric Bypass Surgery?

(lighthearted keyboard music) – This is a laparoscopic
Roux-en-Y gastric bypass. Looking at detailed anatomy, this is your esophageus,
this is your stomach. Your mouth is sitting up above this tubular structure the esophageus. We’ll create your new stomach utilizing your existing stomach,
we’re gonna give you a new stomach pouch about the
size of the palm of your hand. About the size of a lime. Next we’re gonna come down,
cut your small intestine, your small bowel, tunnel it up, connect it to your new
small stomach pouch. And thus food will come down, fill your new stomach pouch early on. Give you the feeling of fullness, less hunger, early satiety. And then food will go down this route, bypassing your old stomach. That’s why it’s called a gastric bypass. Once food comes down this route, then it will come here and meet that acid and pancreatic enzymes
to help digest food. And thus from here on out the normal food digestion
process continues. 1 855 734 2468

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