Drive: How to do a three point turn

(Music) Three point turns are a useful way of turning
the car around completely when there is not enough room for a U-turn.
A three-point turn needs to happen slowly, at a walking pace
and without using driveways. You need to find a place where there are no obstructions,
like parked cars or lamp-posts. You need to be able to see for at least 50
metres up and down the street. A flat street is easier to start on. And try to choose one that doesn’t slope much
towards each kerb, if you can. Once you’ve got your spot, signal for at
least three seconds and pull over. So, first when you are heading for the other
side of the street, you want to aim for something that’s about
in line with the bonnet of the car, so maybe that driveway – the edge of the driveway. So you will turn the steering wheel, Drive forward and when you are almost at the
kerb turn the wheel a few times in the opposite direction,
in order to line the wheels up so that we can then reverse,
which is our second step — And again as we get towards the kerb we are
going to turn the wheel swiftly in the other direction to get the wheels lined up so then
we are ready to head off down that way. (Okay, so, ready to try it?) (Yeah.) (Okay so usual checks to start off with, the
car’s already on, so — ) (Check my mirror.) (Mmm.) (Put it into first.) (Yeah.) (Handbrake off.) (Signal.) (Now you need to check both up and down the
road.) (And do a sweep to make sure there’s nobody
coming out of the driveway or a home that we just need to be aware of.) (Okay.) (Okay, so we’ve got a pedestrian behind
us but he’s well away.) (Yeah, I can see him.) (Okay, great, so moving very slowly.) As you move forward, turn the steering wheel
all the way to the right. About one metre from the kerb turn the wheel
quickly to the left to get ready for the next part of the turn. Push in the clutch, and brake gently to stop.
Get as close to the kerb as possible without actually touching it. (Now checking around, we are fine to reverse,
so pop the car into reverse.) Now, looking over your left shoulder, reverse,
turning the wheel all the way to the left if you haven’t already. Once you’ve gone back far enough to complete
your turn, start turning the steering wheel to the right and bring the car to a stop. Check over your right shoulder as you turn
the steering wheel to the right. The right hand back corner of the car will
be the closest to any obstruction. Now, select 1st gear or Drive, scan forward
right to left and drive ahead, re-scanning as you move forward. (There you go, right, excellent, just pull
over and we will try it again.) Then, as always, practice! Repeat 3 times
at least. When you’re more confident, try it on uphill and downhill gradients. (Music)

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