Drive: How to merge

(Music) In this video we’re going to learn about merging in two
situations. First, where two lanes going in the same direction merge to one lane; and second, where you merge onto a higher speed road, such as a motorway. When a road with two or more lanes becomes
smaller – usually down to one lane – the traffic has to “merge like a zip” — fit into a smaller space, in an orderly way. The best way to merge is one vehicle at a
time – left lane, then right lane and so on. The most important thing about merging is to be ready for it. By scanning ahead and being aware of the signage, you will already know that something is about to happen on the road in front of
you… (So you’ll see the sign, so you know there’s a merge coming up. Two lanes are going to become one…) especially if the traffic ahead is slowing
down, as almost always happens where two lanes merge
into one. (So up ahead we’re going to go into a merge
lane, so that’s two lanes becoming one. So you want to be checking all around front
and back, checking your blind spot, do your usual checks as we come to the merge
lane. Mirror, Signal, Check) Mirror Look well back in all lanes — not just to the first car behind you. You may need to adjust your speed to merge
safely, depending on the surrounding traffic. Signal It’s not a legal requirement, but it’s a good idea to signal, so people know when you’re about to merge. Shoulder check Make sure there’s no-one in your blind spot. If there is, decide if you need to adjust your speed so you can merge safely in front of, or behind them… (So the way it works — it’s like a zip. So we’ve got a car right there so we we’ll move in just behind him and there is a car just behind us as well that will move in just behind us. Mirror, signal, check over your shoulder, don’t forget the blind spot. There is a lot to think about as you’re doing
this but the main thing is if you are worried then you can drop back and left the car beside you go in front of
you.) The other type of merge is joining from a
feeder lane into a higher-speed road. (So we are using the feeder lane to merge onto the motorway. So the main thing here is getting up to speed, nice and quickly up to speed so that you can match the speed of the cars that you will be merging with …) As soon as you can, you’ll need to start looking for a gap in the traffic to merge into. (Your usual checks: Mirror, signal, check over your shoulder.) and be aware of what’s in front of you, what’s behind you, and what’s coming to the side – in particular checking that blind spot. You’ve got the full length of your merge lane to get into that lane so don’t feel like you have to suddenly move
out.) Once you’ve successfully merged, switch off your indicator and adjust your speed and following distance to the traffic flow around you. (How did you feel about the speed?] (I feel like I probably might have been able to go a little bit faster) (Well, we can keep practicing that and you will feel more comfortable next time.) Practice this type of merging by coming on
and off the motorway at each opportunity. Remember when you come off the motorway, if possible, don’t slow down until you’re on the off-ramp to avoid slowing down the traffic behind you. (Music)

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