Driving a Tesla Across The Loneliest Road in America


  1. Omg so I got my permit yesterday and drove for the first time, and the adrenaline was just so insane and the beginning of this video isn't helping.

  2. Is charging Tesla Free ?
    I mean is it free of cost.
    I think it takes a lot of Watt to get fully charged !!!
    Is it cheaper than Fuel/Gas ?

  3. I love the video! Great job! Cisco Ghost Town was on Vice News, check it out https://youtu.be/qQ7CBzg870Y you really were being watched.

  4. I wish I would have known that I was Watching a 50 minute Tesla commercial going in

    No that it wasn't entertaining, because you are a talented fimmaker

    but I would have liked to have known regardless

  5. who the fuck ever wanted to see this or any of your last 10 video's? Watching your shit channel crash and burn will be enjoyable for me. Cuz you objectively suck, you're shit. Vanish. Now, please.

  6. Guess I got what I deserved

    Kept you waiting there too long, my love

    All that time without a word

    Didn't know you'd think that I'd forget

    Or I'd regret

    The special love I had for you

    My Bailey blue

  7. Taking 40 minutes to charge is a deal breaker for me. In this case it took possibly 40 minutes for the first slot to open, then 40 minutes for the car in front of him, then 40 minutes for this car. 2 hours to fuel up would drive me crazy, no thanks.

  8. I love the enthusiasm. Love or hate Tesla cars it doesn’t matter. Your road tripping in your long ago deserted homeland in an exciting new car type after almost a decade of not driving.

    Go for it and have fun!

  9. 14:18 he wants max range and then he says that he’s loving the cold. But cold lowers energy a battery can store and he needs max range. Drive sensible with no racing.

  10. I know a fellow caffeine addict when I see one, but you took the fun out of deducing it when you said the first coffee is just a warm up

  11. I guess one of the downsides to electric is you cant walk to a station and magic electricity into a portable container to fill your car.

  12. 6:06 it's nice on the west coast. Here in NC, after visiting several different rest stops in several different areas, and seeing the exact same horror (no toilet paper in any of the stalls, toilets and even floors covered in feces and truckers masturbating openly while looking at you with not a shred of remorse) I will never go back.

  13. 30:25 you want to explore eureka, nv? Lol, as a native Nevadan (born there and attended grades1-12, had all three of my kids there, 2 at nellis afb, parents and sister still live there) the places outside of Vegas and Carson city and Reno sort of (Reno used to be as nutty as any but it's doing better now) are full of crazy people that love guns and hate foreigners or really anyone with all their teeth that don't feel personally enraged every time they think of all the fluoride in the water supply. Lots of weird pedo/incest vibe going around any of the fundamentalist Mormon compounds. Lots of the reservations are so dirt poor they feel like 3rd world countries though you can't fault them for that, bc the federal gov't has fucked them over everyday in every way for the last 400 years. Moapa is cool but
    Really, rural Nevada is for the socially autistic, borderline disturbed folks who outright refuse to go along with social norms like throwing trash away instead of burning it all (including rubber tires and lawn chairs) or are convinced the gov't is out to probe their brains. Also, LOTS of white supremacist Nazi types. Grey would not being taking this trip If he was black. That tesla would have been rolled onto its top and shit on.

  14. Grey in the description: "Also, more hoodies in the world helps keep me incognito which makes filming vlogs easier"

    also Grey, holding a camera and talking in his recognizable voice known to nearly 4 million people:

    "yeah its the hoodie thats the giveaway"

  15. i didn't realize this was 50 minutes i watched the whole thing thinking this was a standard length video.
    Time flies when you're having fun

  16. I will never understand how people enjoy roadtrips. My regular 3h drives are already annoying as all hell, why would someone voluntarily drive for so long just for the heck of it?
    I still enjoyed the video…but still.

  17. Selling replay buttons for happiness because we are all depressed

    Your welcome

  18. I'm actually pretty astonished to see you walking around in the hoodie, would have thought you would be horrified at getting recognised.

  19. Used to drive that road a lot. It's EE-LEE, not EE-LIE (Ely). If you ever drive back, the steakhouse at the jailhouse is actually pretty good.

  20. That cupholder thing is a deal breaker for me. There was a slight chance I'd ever buy a Tesla, but now it's not happening, ever.

  21. I’ve gone back and watched this video a couple of times now. I love the desert part, because it kind of feels like a quasi apocalyptic scenario, especially when Grey’s so grateful to find the outlets. 🤓

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