Driving Downtown – Washington DC 4K – USA


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  2. One thing I like about Washington DC other than any other Country’s capital is the Height restrictions of the buildings it brought the Important stuff more attention.

  3. Interesting that the flags were half-staff. The death of a statesman/woman? Or a friend of a friend of the second cousin of Joe Blow? I think they seem to lower them for just about anyone nowadays.

  4. The great land of native americans, apache, lacota, shayennes, seminols snd other sons of this lands. Brave free warriors prefered to die but neve slaves!!!

  5. This is not downtown DC, The Monument and Capital are not downtown mostly Constitution Ave they don't even show Georgetown which looks like a European city very weird

  6. I'm from DC its a very Masonic city but nice landscape people here are retarded and weird tho very racist as well

  7. As you can see people in DC are Zombies they are robotic no individualism here at all just loony gvnt workers who are about to lose their jobs lol

  8. This is not a good representation of DC at all they are just showing tourist bullshit this is NOT DOWNTOWN WTF just boring ass Masonic architecture DC has much more than this but the city is crazy expensive with rent averaging 5,000 monthly and the people are all dense but it's clean

  9. I feel like Kyoto city,there're no tall buildings,wide pass,surrounded by woods and broad sky.
    I'm afraid that can't look three dimension model by google maps.

  10. Would you all recommend a 22 year old black male to move to D.C? I like going out to night clubs,strip clubs,events,etc.And i love city love.I dont like the country

  11. @J Utah I’m using pieces of your video in a project for my school. I’m sorry for not asking but it won’t go public. If you have any questions please feel free to ask and thank you for this amazing clip. You will be in the credits

  12. What mak the Trumps??? He make Welt revolution whis the old Narzi. Look what is this. Hannover tunnel. Fans Street

  13. Your hut American, which not only makes bombs even dogs bred for dog-owners set up social assistance. No dog is to starve to death.

  14. I'm not impressed. The more I see these videos on different cities the more I want to crawl under a rock & think there has something better to life than this same-0 shit.

  15. Pretty cool video!!! Washington has always been an interesting city. Kinda weird how their street fixtures (street lamps, signals, etc) are going from battleship gray to black.

  16. Its lame , I can only imagine the 100's of skyscrapers in Washington if there were no height restrictions. Probably rivaling Chicago, as the housing and large offices would be in high demand and builders would go up.

  17. คงห้ามมอไชด์วิ่ง ไม่ชักคันเลย แล้วก็รถน้อยวิ่งสดวกสบาย

  18. ما أسم ونوع هذة الأشجار الكبيرة على أطراف الشوارع داخل واشنطن ؟ 🇺🇸

  19. I saw some litters along the sides of the streets in this city which you can never find in Sacramento, the capital of California. Sacramento is truly clean, fresh and green with lots of trees. And more modern than this American capital.

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