Hey Raja! Look at my new car. Wow! It’s good man! When did you get your
licence? I still got my licence from my home country. Well you want a job? Sure. Now that you have a car, you can do some deliveries
for me. Come on Monday morning. OK. I’ll get a GPS! You like our new car? Yeah! No more carrying heavy bags Lakshmi! And I’ll
be working Monday! Car starting sound Police siren Hey, what’s that police car doing? Oh, I don’t know, but I better stop. Can I see your licence? Here you are. This licence isn’t valid here. It’s an
offence to drive without a valid licence. You’ll get a letter and you’ll have to
go to court about this. Court? And your car isn’t registered. But I just bought it! Well, you have to register the car before
you can take it on the road. And the kids aren’t in child seats. I will have to give
you a fine. Make sure you pay by the due date. How can I pay these fines? I don’t understand! If you don’t understand you can go and get
free legal advice from Legal Aid. And…you can’t drive until you get the proper licence
and register the car. Where’s your car? I can’t drive until I get an Australian
licence… and I have to go to court! Court. Oh no! And I have to pay so much money in fines! Well, bad luck! No car, no job… Come and
see me when your problems are fixed.

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