Ellen Meets Uber Driver and Her Generous Passenger

A 15 minute Uber ride
changed our next guests life and inspired many of you
who made her story go viral. Come on down, Latonya and Kevin. [MUSIC PLAYING] [APPLAUSE] Hello you two. Hi, how are you? What a great story this is. All right, so this is– first of all, you are sitting
in the Drew Brees seat. And I knew that
meant a lot to you. Yes. You’re a big– I love Drew Brees. I love Drew Brees, too. Don’t get me wrong. I love you, too. Well, you can love
a bunch of people. But he is my favorite. Yeah. Hi, Drew. Yeah. And I love you, too. Thank you for being the
trailblazer you are. Thank you so much, Kevin. Absolutely. Y’all are– this
story is so great. OK, so, Kevin, how was
this Uber ride different than any other Uber
ride that you’ve taken? Latonya and I connected
almost immediately when she picked me up. I was having a pretty bad day. And she flipped my mood around. And we talked. I learned something
about her life story. And I found out that
she had some bills due. So I figured I’d give her
a little bit of a tip. What was that tip? Oh, that tip was $150. I was so happy to get the tip. I was like, OK,
I’m going home now. I’m not working anymore. I’m going home to my kids. I’m not working. Yeah. Yeah, and then a
short while later, I learned that she was
wanting to go back to school but couldn’t reenroll because
of a past due balance. Right, and what made you
want to do this for her? I mean, it’s a
really cool thing. But I mean, you ended up paying
all of her college expenses. Yeah, it was just the
right thing to do. It felt good to do it. And I– yeah, it
just– it felt good. I mean, it always feels
good to help people. Yeah. So how did you find out that–
so you get this great tip from this guy. And then how did you find out
that he paid all your expenses? Well, it was on
a Monday morning. I had been out working early. I went out to work at
4:00 in the morning. And around 8:00. It was 8:39 to be exact. I got a text message
from Mr. Kevin. And the text message was
the receipt from the balance that I owed. And it said, OK, you’re all set. Go register for classes. And it’s like– literally,
I was so amazed. I mean, I felt like
I hit the lottery. I mean, literally, I felt
like I hit the lottery. And when I did talk to Mr.
Kevin, he was like, well, it was only $700. I said, that felt
like a million to me. Right, well, it was
a million to you. [APPLAUSE] So then you offered
to pay him back. You thought it was just a loan. And you said, I want
to pay him back. And he said no? Yes– I said– –I tried to pay him back. –the only payback I want is to
be invited to your graduation. Yes. [AWWING] And– And I graduated. I graduated. [APPLAUSE] I graduated. So I graduated December. Look at that. Amazing day. It was such an incredible day. And was that the most memorable
thing that he was there with– Yes, it was just an
amazing experience because he believed in me. And I wanted to make
sure I made him proud. So I graduated. And he was there. That was the most
important thing for him to be at my graduate. Wow. And that was the most
incredible payback I could have ever gotten. What a great story this is. I mean, this is– [APPLAUSE] It’s a beautiful thing
that you did, Kevin. Thank you. So, Kevin, we’re partnering
with the people at Honey Nut Cheerios to reward kind
people like yourself. And they believe in doing good. And it makes you feel good. I agree with that. So we have a gift for you. You like to travel. I do. So we’re going to send
you anywhere in the world that you want to go. That is so good. That is so good. Thank you. Like, anywhere. Oh my God. You just pick a place, and we’re
sending you there, all right? That is so amazing. That is amazing. Thank you. Yes, of course. Thank you. Thank you. Latonya, someone
heard your story. And they have something
to say to you. OK. Hey, Latonya. What’s up? This is Drew Brees. Quarterback for the
New Orleans Saints. First off, I just want to
say congratulations to you on your recent graduation. I also wanted to invite you
to the Superdome next year for a New Orleans Saints game. You tell us the date,
and we’ll make it happen. Oh my God. And also, enjoy your time
at the Ellen show today. And hopefully, you’re
able to sit in our seats. All right, I hope to meet
you at some point, too. Thanks. Thank you. Thank you so much. That is incredible. Thank you. I love Drew. He’s a good guy. That is incredible. All right, we know you
have student loans. So Cheerios wants to
help you and give you a check for $25,000. Yes! Oh my God, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. All right– Thank you so much. Thank Cheerios. I want to hear your act of good. Go to my website. Tell us what you’re doing. We’ll be right back. Hi, I’m Andy. Ellen asked me to remind you
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