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Driving Test UK The Short Notice Driving Test Specialist Hello, my name is Shak In today’s video, I will be talking about the emergency stop exercise otherwise known as a controlled stop The controlled stop is marked under section 2 of the driving test report the DL 25 This is given to all learner drivers who attend for a driving test However the emergency stop is not given to all learner drivers The driving examiner will choose one out of every three candidates and request them to do an emergency stop Prior to the Examiner asking you to do an emergency stop He or she will ask you to stop on the left somewhere conveniently safe Once you’ve stopped on the left, the driving examiner will then say the following words Very shortly, I will ask you to carry out the emergency stop exercise The signal, I will give you is, I will raise my right hand and shout the word stop When you hear the word stop I’d like you to stop as quickly as you possibly can, under full control of the vehicle as if there was a small child had crossed your path Before I say stop I will look over my shoulder and make sure it’s safe However, please do not anticipate the call, you must wait until I actually shout the word stop Those are the words the examiner will say to you Now during the exercise the driving examiner will be looking out for two things The examiner will be marking you for two things First is, Promptness and the second is control Let’s talk about promptness first Promptness means basically to stop promptly to stop more or less immediately Now. The letter B comes before the letter C If you remember that, then you’ll remember Brake comes before the clutch so brake first then the clutch Its vital that you brake first braking first will mean the car will stop much quicker up to a car length sooner That could mean the difference between hitting a child and saving the child’s life Many Learner drivers get marked down on the emergency stop Because they try to give the driving examiner a smooth and comfortable stop The emergency stop is not about smoothness It doesn’t matter if the examiner jerks forward it doesn’t matter if his seat belt locks You need to stop the car as quickly as you possibly can That’s promptness Let’s talk about control Control basically means to avoid skidding If your vehicle goes into a skid Because of the road surface or because of the wet weather. It’s not a problem All cars these days, all cars since July 2004 are fitted with abs. Anti-Lock Brake System So if your car goes into a skid just continue braking. Don’t take your foot on the brake continue braking firmly and keep your hands firmly on the steering wheel Until the vehicle has come to a full and complete stop If you were to take your hand off the steering wheel too soon You could get a minor mistake for control Now if you took a hand off, and you applied the hand brake before the vehicles fully stopped you could get a serious fault for control because by putting the handbrake on You could go into a side skid, which is very very dangerous So basically the emergency stop, is brake before the clutch Brake firmly, keeping both hands on the steering wheel at all times Until the vehicle has fully stopped That way you’ll pass on promptness, and you’ll pass on control Once the vehicle is fully stopped, the examiner will then say the following words to you I will not ask you to do that exercise again drive on when it’s safe Most Learner drivers are so relieved for the emergency stop is over That they move off without looking around This is where many of them fail. They won’t fell on the emergency stop The examiner will mark it down as moving away safely So remember after the emergency stop when the examiner has asked you to move off Make sure you look over both shoulders Your left as well as your right because you’ve stopped in the middle of the road and vehicles may overtake you on the left or the right I hope you enjoyed this video If you have, please please please give the thumb up and Good luck with your driving test!


  1. hi after emergency stop should we need to change the gear into neutral or not. and one more thing i have taken all of my lessons but my instructer has chaged his car.

  2. Since the emergency stop is a test to stop quickly and in control over the vehicle, then surely every candidate should be tested and not just 1 in 3. It means that 2 in every 3 drivers who are given a full license haven't been tested for the examiners to know whether they can stop a car safely in an emergency situation, which is the most important aspect in driving from a safety perspective.

  3. Hello uncle, I am looking your videos past a week it's really help full, and gave me lots of positive feelings,but tomorrow I have a test and I am very nervous.
    Anyway your videos are very helpful and thanks .

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