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Driving Test UK – The short notice driving Test Specialist hello. I’m Charlie. In this video I’m going to show you how to exchange your foreign driving license for a British license. Firstly you must be resident of the UK for at least 185 days. You can exchange a foreign license without doing a theory or a driving test if you are from the following. The European Union, Northern Island, Jersey Guernsey or the Isle of Man or from a designated country. These are countries that have agreement with the UK. A list of these countries are available on GOV.UK LADY Hi my name is Rani. I’m driving in India many year. Can exchange my Indian license for UK driving license. CHARLIE you can drive on your Indian license for 12 months. However you will have to do your theory and your driving test after that LADY I don’t have a time for doing 20 to 30 hour driving less lessons. CHARLIE – you need not waste time or money taking all these driving lessons. Simply call Driving Test UK. Not only can they arrange your driving tests within days but will also provide an emergency car hire along with a fully qualified driving instructor. LADY – I’m going to call Driving Test UK. CHARLIE- For a last-minute driving test and emergency car hire click the link now. LADY- hi Charlie, you saved my life I passed my driving test. Please like and share this video with all your friends. CHARLIE -and don’t forget to subscribe. Lets celebrate


  1. Hello Charlie
    Iโ€™m a British Citizen but I passed my driving in Singapore . Can I convert my license immediately or
    Do I have to wait 6 months for it ?

  2. If someone already change their non eu driving licence to eu driving licence can they drive in Uk. If so and for how long ?

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