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Hello there my name is Shak. In this
video I’m going be talking about undue hesitation. A lot of learner drivers get
confused as to what exactly is undue hesitation. Some learners, they try to be
extra safe in their driving test stopping at each and every single
Junction. They believe that this will help them pass their driving test, whilst
other learner drivers they try to avoid being hesitant and they pull out
unnecessarily too early into the main road. They usually get failed on their
observations. Essentially, undue hesitation is failure to proceed when it is clearly
safe to do so, usually happening junctions. The question in many learner
drivers Minds, Is, Can I fail my driving test for being hesitant. Now, this will
depend on two factors. The first thing that the driving examiner will take into
consideration, is, how frequently the fault occurs? So you’ve started your
driving test and you come to the first Junction. If it’s clearly safe to go but
you stopped, you being hesitant. The examiner will probably give you a minor
fault. If then you continue to drive for 15-20 minutes without any problems and
then you came to a roundabout and once again you were hesitant. Again the examiner would give you a
minor fault. Now, if you hesitant on four or five different junctions, that would
then become a serious fault. So that’s the first thing, the number of times you
are hesitant. The second thing that the driving exam that will take into
consideration, is, how the fault affects other road users. So for example, if
you’re at a roundabout, it’s clearly safe to go and you’re not going. So you’re
being hesitant and the driver behind you horns at you or goes around you. That
would be a serious mistake. Now, please don’t assume that just because somebody
else another road user has horned, at you or has gone aggressively around you that
you would fail the driving test. If it is unsafe to proceed, the driving examiner
will be able to see that and the driver Horning at you will not affect the
result of your driving test. So the big question is, How do you avoid being
hesitant? How do you avoid undue hesitation. Now, earlier on I mentioned
that undue hesitation usually occurs at junctions. So the very first thing is on
approach to a junction we need to assess whether it’s an open or a closed
junction. On approach to this mini roundabout we can clearly see that it is
safe to proceed. If we stopped at this roundabout that will be marked as undue
hesitation. On approach this roundabout we have assessed that the junction is
open. We must plan to stop slow, right down but assess the situation and
hope to proceed. If it is clear and we stop unnecessarily that we marked as
hesitation. On approached this Junction we cannot see anything in the main road.
We must come to a stop. Once you’ve stopped, edge out, creep out
just a few inches at a time until you get a good view. Only proceed if it is
safe to do so. On a busy junction rather than looking
at the traffic, look for gaps between the traffic. When you go for your driving
test, you need to convince the examiner that you are no longer a learner driver.
In order to pass your driving test you need to drive in a positive but a safe
manner. Undo hesitation has nothing to do with
amount of time spent waiting at a junction. If you are 99 percent sure that
it’s safe to proceed, do not go because it means that you still have that 1%
doubt. Only proceed if you are 100 percent sure that it’s safe to proceed.
Remember you cannot get marked down on undo hesitation unless you have missed a
chance to proceed when it was clearly safe to do so. I hope you found this
video beneficial. If so, please give it a thumbs up as it helps us to make more
videos. Good luck with your driving test. Drive safely but without hesitation.


  1. Thnx once again really informative n supportive video as usual… I was worried about it but now I've no doubts thnx to @dtcuk

  2. Shaq, a bit unrelated but do you have any tips on how to remember what gear you are in? Great videos btw mate, you deserve more subs.

  3. Hello Shaq! I failed today with one serious fault due to timed signal….
    Everything was fine through out the test ….Examiner said u cause inconvenient for others that time ….
    as I gave the signal before my turn …
    And there was a side road before the turn …
    Any advice for my future test please ?
    Many thanks !
    And your vids are awesome !

  4. I failed my driving test today and I am very disappointed I was very good but he takes me to the big roundabout which right four exit so I don't check the mirror serious mistake I was going to tell my daughter a good news but. ….😒😒😒😒😒

  5. Passed my driving test today at 9:17 I am very happy thank you so much for your amazing videos it helped me a lot and I will keep watching your videos. Thanks again

  6. Shaq…..the way you explain things is actually helping me become a much better learner, thank you for that and keep the videos coming xx

  7. Hi Shaq i really like your videos they seem very helpful I have my test coming up in few weeks I wanted to ask you if I am confused on an instruction from the examiner is it ok to ask him to repeat it? Also my test the area is a 20mph zone if I reduce my speed to 15pmh will the examiner Mark me down thanx?

  8. Thanks Shak this is an awesome video worth a Β£1000 !!! I have asked this question over and over again and got no useful answer!I hestate at big crossroads when turning right at a junction.I usually wait for the amber light…it pisses off my instructer but I tell myself better safe than sorry!so Thanks for letting me know its a minior and could turn into a serious if the car behind me honked the horn

  9. Dear Shak, many thanks for your helpful videos πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
    I passed my test, yesterday πŸ™πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—
    Your videos really really helped meπŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡
    I wish you the best, in your ways❀️🌹

  10. Hi sir my test is in hayes on 12th june if i fail i want few lesson from you how can i contact you for hayes driving lessons.please reply thanks my main problem is i always stop on roundabouts

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