Fat Bikes – Are Fat Bikes Fun To Ride?

♪ [music] ♪ It’s fair to say there’s been a bit of a fat bike revolution in the last couple of
years. Originally, they were designed to ride on snow, and ice, and sand, where
normal bike riding isn’t possible. But actually, you’re seeing them pop up on
normal trails nowadays. So is it all about big beards, checked shirts, and craft
beer? Or are they actually good fun to ride? Let’s find out. ♪ [music] ♪ First you’ll notice there’s obviously that
massive tire sat out in front of me. But actually pedaling it and getting up to
speed seems really hard work. It is quite sluggish. Obviously, the tires
and the wheels weigh a lot so actually getting the thing rolling is a bit of
effort. But as soon as you get into dyno stuff it really just trucks on. You don’t
feel any feedback, which is really weird. All those little rocks and stones on your
normal trail bike, it banks and you can feel the edges of. You just don’t feel.
The tires are so big and so soft that all you really notice are the berms and the
change of angle of the trail, not the actual bumps on the trail. It
feels like there’s an endless amount of grip. I’m really trying to lean the bike
over in the corners but I’m still not starting to side. Also, there’s so much
inertia. That big tire and wheel, once the thing’s spinning, it wants to
stay straight. It feels like I’m really trying to hang off the side of the bike,
almost like a big motorbike, to get the thing turning. But you get a
feel for that quite quickly. When I’m on the climbs, actually once
you’re up to speed, I’m surprised how easy it pedals. It just rolls quite well. You
do get a feel for that almost tractor seat thing when you’re banksing over bumps, it
bankses you out of the seat because there’s no rear suspension on this bike,
but a massive tire on the back. The really good thing is this bike’s got a
double chain ring, so I’ve got a really low gear and it feels like it’ll climb up
absolutely anything. Up that really loose stuff, and it just
seems to get up. If you’ve got the energy to get up, it’ll keep going. Pretty cool,
really, but it just feels like I’m missing something. That’s better. ♪ [music] ♪ So all jokes aside, are fat bikes fun?
I’ve got to say yeah, it’s absolutely loads of fun. It’s something I’ve got to
say I was dubious of, just like I was with 29ers when they first
came out. I thought, “Yeah, they’re not the prettiest things,”
but having had a go on one, it’s brilliant. It just monster trucks
through everything. If a mate had one, I’d definitely jump on it and have a go.
Just make sure no one’s looking. So let us know what you think about fat
bikes in the comments down below. Have you tried one? Would you try one?
Do you love them? Do you hate them? Let us know. For more features like this,
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  1. Only recently found channel. I have started ridding my Fat bike more and more on trails as its so much fun and when i switch back to my regular trail bike I'm so much faster and confident. Uphills are leg killers though. Curious what pedals are on these bikes being tested?

  2. Old school rider here… mostly 26" and often home built singlespeed hardtails. But…After the big snow last winter I got one. And to my surprise found it worked great on regular trails! If I had my druthers I'd swap the 4" tires for 3.4" or so, but other than that, it rocks. And the funny thing is, it made fully rigid bikes viable again for offroading for me. ….with those big tires you don't need suspension. Plus, you can actually bunny hop one with platform pedals; they aren't light, but they are decently balanced.

  3. Had. Y khs for 18mths now I have no no no nothing but GREAT things to say. They are great fun, great to ride. Hone skills, and also a great talking point on any view.. awesome love it. More vids of comparison. Get the word out … fat bikes are here to stay.

  4. Watching you get air on that thing then plummet directly back to the earth, is insanely enjoyable and makes me want to buy a fat bike

  5. I think there's a great opportunity for fat bikes or plus bikes with new riders. I would love to see how someone who's not as accomplished on a mountain bike feels on these. If they add more grip or dumb down the ride a little bit, the larger tires might be a great option for riders just starting out on the trails or former roadies.

  6. Before I had a chance to ride the fatty I thought this bike are funny and would feel sluggish, but when I do ride it at sandy and bumpy track, my God its unbelievable, roll endlessly like you can go anywhere

  7. Can't get enough of riding these fat bikes. I'm a beginner when it comes to riding through rock gardens, so having a fat bike has given me a huge boost of confidence to roll over anything. If my legs can do it, then the bike just rolls up and over.

  8. I got a deal on 2017 Felt DD70 ($800)… I have to say, I LOVE IT! I even ride it on the road. Amazingly comfortable and safer in many ways. rent one first if you can, you will see what I am talking about.

  9. I recently went fatbike only and love it. there's not a lot of love for it in my particular part of the country but I suspect it's all just jealousy lol. I'm definitely not as fast "out of the gate" as I was on my previous front suspension hardtail but climbing is way better and I'm way more confident on my downhill. I did have to saw my bars down from 32in to about 27 since I like my bars narrow. I might even go down to 24 in which sounds nuts to most people but is really comfy in my opinion.

  10. All the problems with a fat bike are pretty much eliminated by chosing a a fat ebike! I ordered a Surface 604…so stoked! Can't wait!(feel like a virgin waitin for prom nite!)

  11. Want one of these, but only really ride to work or the shops, on sealed roads.
    Don't think this is worth the price with my bank account.

  12. Ever since I bought myself a fat bike, I always experienced flat tires. It got so annoying because you had to take the tube out of the tire and the tire off the bike, until I bought this liquid and put it in my bike tube. It would replace all the holes with a solid. Overall, I love my fat bike. I use it for everyday life, however I might go off-road every now and then. I can go up the footpath and sidewalks with ease and can do more than normal bike and a BMX. I recommend buying one if you're interested in buying a bike as it is only $50-100 on!

  13. It’s very easy to get it rolling what are you saying put it in the first speed and launch that way it’ll be easier to launch

  14. Great video haha, at the moment I already own too many bikes for my space but I'm feeling the old N is the number of bikes currently owned + 1! Definitely need to find someone with a fatty to test ride.

  15. Just got a fat bike. It's fitted with tubeless Jumbo Jim (26×4,8), carbon fork, xt-group and weighs just under 14 kilos. Got it for the norwegian winter, but can't stop riding it. It's like riding a Star Wars "Speeder".

  16. I've just built up a Trek full carbon everything fattie with XX1/X0 components. Has come in at 10.5kgs, this bike is a turbo powered steamroller. . Heaps of fun.

  17. What every floats your boat. All joking aside try it before you buy it. Keep it as light weight as possible. I checked out prices and if you can spend $4000-$5000 on a carbon fat bike they are as light as Trail bikes. Think about where you do most of your riding and determine if it will fit your needs. I have a riding buddy that has a quiver of about 6 bikes. He loves his Specialized Fat bike but he has choices depending on where we ride. Wheel size and suspension definitely work better in different trails, climbs, rock gardens, roots, descents, mud, sand and snow. Just Saying !

  18. I have two fatties and love them and take them over river beds and sand, trails t the adventure park just love them I do play with the tyre pressure to suit the terrain I'm on love watching you guys.

  19. I love my 2017 Radrhino but here in the UK these laws in the last few years have turned me into a criminal whenever I ride it. We cannot have a motor more powerful than 250W even though my bike cannot go above 15mph. We have to insure them and have to wear a "motorcycle helmet" as they are classed as mopeds! Most do not register their bikes but a few folk have fallen foul of these laws and have been fined and points on their driving licence.
    I am pissed off worrying about it so I have pre-ordered a 2019 Haibike fatsix 9.0 and I can't wait until Feb/March to be street legal as Fattie riding is just so good

  20. With a mid-range trail bike and a mid-range fatbike in my arsenal, I can say that I enjoy riding my fatbike much more than my trail bike. No it's not as fast, and the lack of suspension makes it a little rougher, but I feel unstoppable. It's also the go-to for night rides because you don't have to worry about hitting anything and losing traction.

  21. I first rode a fattie a year ago and loved it, it’s a lot of fun and I can trust it to grip any surface and get me round any trail I’m brave enough for.

  22. Congratulations for 1m subscribers with my favorite video of 'em all!
    It was the main reason I got into semi-fats 2y ago, buying a Stumpy 6fattie, and not regretting it a moment since – it made me so much faster and confident rider!

  23. At the risk of sounding like a fat bike hater, I'd like to point out fat bikes are 95% "style" (or whatever else you want to call it, along with the flannel shirt and beard/beer, etc.) and very little on function. In fact, there is a very narrow set of conditions under which fat bikes are superior to other bikes.

    From an engineer's point of view, fat bikes are really about tracking and suspension. Regular tires can handle most of the terrain very well, and proper suspension is way superior to bigger tires.

    And the downsides are enormous, bobbing, Q factor, weight. Enormous amounts of weight.

    It's like a Hummers/Harleys of bikes. They are fun in a sense…

  24. Hello I was wondering what tire pressure you would run your fat bike on a dirt trail? I weight about 125 lbs and still trying to figure out the best pressure not to bounce around. Thanks

  25. Fat bikes are very good in building strength we need for summer MTB cycling! They are so good and they get better if we do upgrades every now and then. Great review..

  26. Im a 12 yr kid i actually rode on a fat mtb once it felt more lighter than a normal mtb
    But really slow

    And also i feel nothing on rocks and mud

  27. I have watched endless GMBN the past 2 months, forever trying to decide what bike to get with a limited budget. Awesome clips, awesome content. Way too much to take it all in. Im obviously going to opt for the most versatile bike – trail/enduro. Love the comment: "fat bikes are fun, I will ride one as long as no one is looking". Keep up the good work!!!

  28. My current bike is a Garneau fat bike full rigid. Honestly the best thing to do with them is go down ATV trails that are wet and muddy, best fun I've had on the trails, but definitely don't wear your best clothes

  29. I checked Scott website no longer sell any fat tires same excatly model. Only regular mountain bike. I check eBay don’t sell either

  30. I ride strictly fat bike only year round now. I live in New England, US, and the winters can be rough, so I needed a bike I could go all year round on. I just feel more confident and in control. I don’t think I could ever go back to skinny tires!….and yes, I have a beard, wear flannel pattern shirts when I ride, and have been known to enjoy an IPA from time to time (Fat Tire amber ale of course)

  31. I daily my cheap fat bike. After a year of doing so i don't feel good on other bike. Not even on a scott voltage fr30 XD. Now I'm upgrading hubs and brakes and i bet it will be twice the fun. Bluto fork on its way after that. Step by step.

  32. You don't need a fatbike unless you're likely to encounter snow or sand…but if you got the money to spare, have it.

  33. I agree, they are definitely fun! Just finished this vid of me riding sand dunes in Northern California on mine, check it out : ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d9pSIkj-T2s&lc=z22hcfbafpfljb0m5acdp430qixd4hfn01l00gfhtgxw03c010c

  34. I recently bought a trek roscoe 6 and it was such a big step up from my Voodoo hoodoo. It just soaks up stones like nobody’s business.

  35. I have both a fat bike and mountain trail bike I love the smooth feeling when riding my fat bike however I must say i dont like the slow start up and having to use so much effort just to pedal it

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