FGO Demonic Front Babylonia : Gilgamesh’s Journey [ギルガメシュ王の旅][4K]

Seeking the mystic herb of immortality, he ended up in the underworld. The only greatest journey completed as an ordinary man. Not as king or hero. Long… A long journey greater then his own lifespan later, he finally obtained the mystic herb. it was an atrociously high sens of accomplishment, fulfillment, joy… You could say he finally learned of the meaning of life. However, on the final day of his journey to return home with the mystic herb, he bathed in an attempt to show off before returning to his country. That moment off guard was taken, and an ordinary snake took of with the mystic herb. The fulfillment of life, the joy of living, the glory to continue from thereon… All of that was gone in one instant. Howerver, what came out of the man’s mouth was not a voice of anger… …but laughter. He truly became tremendously amused and laughed. He took his entire life to obtain something, and he lost it. Despite losing everything, he still sees the light of another day. The figure of an authoritarian human was ridiculously amusing. It truly is a comedy. Right on the brink of death, he finally understood the world of man. Humans can infinitely flourish. That doesn’t change one second before your duration of life is over. Until the end, the state of one’s heart is cumulative. Human history is something similar. Lift your head, Fujimaru Ritsuka ! Even if you were to regret your powerlessness in this era, I’ll acknowledge you !


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