1. Elon, Love your work. I'm a big fan. You are awesome. Along with, or rather than, the skid skate that any car may use.. Tesla should offer tunnel ready options to Tesla vehicles, with modified wheel hubs to ride on metal rails in the tunnels. Use a 3rd rail to power and recharge the Tesla battery while on the rails. Tesla computers would interface with the tunnel computers to maintain speed, safe distance, and merging to enter or exit the high speed transit rail. The tunnel ready cars should seamlessly transition from human drivers on asphalt to automated override on the tunnel rails.

  2. Can't wait for the first human barbecue with no possibility of escape and help from anyony when one of the tesla junky cars decides to burst in lithium-ion flames (worse than napalm).

  3. I'm not really convinced about this tunnel thing. I still think levitating/flying vehicles would be more convenient.

    Magnetically levitated vehicles are the future.

  4. just build a bullet train instead of this nonsense but nooooo big oil / car companies are paying congress big money to ban trains funding

    I Wouldn't be found High riding it though lol Only while Sober. Imagine the Trip U'd have while less Sober staring at the Walls & Lights 😲

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  7. I love elon and so inspired by him.. But this is not the solution.. This will be just like amusement kind of thing.. But not the actual solution…

  8. So about 10-15 cars tailing each other at 160MPH in an underground tunnel?
    Hmm Where this I see that before!

    A Damn SUBWAY!!!!!

  9. How innovative it is, a tunnel for cars. Meanwhile the rest of the world is realizing mass transportation is the actual key to improve locomotion. Want to ride on roads? Great! Take a look at busses. Oh what about improving and cutting costs of flights? I think some guys at SpaceX might have some ideas about that. Anyway, I think we should put our minds on that before starting taking action and making holes through the ground.

  10. This guys building a time machine so the fuel will be available that he needs to take his spacecraft back to his home planet

  11. You get to escape traffic in ur own car so it's very diff from going in a train this is a solution to escape traffic 😍

  12. How would this eleviate traffic tho? If only one car fits at a time? Roads can accommodate 6 cars at once and its still congested

  13. This seems convenient but I don't understand how it could solve traffic congestion as more people become aware, it too becomes a source of congestion.

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