Flow Drill #13: Cross Body Thrust

So now we’re going to do Flow Drill #13 which is the cross body thrust. We’re going to start off the same section
as usual. Let’s do this. And again. One more. Okay. Now we’re gonna do the thrust in the next
section. Okay. So, we’re going to do the cross body
thrust in this section. Just a couple of points about this. We are here. So…… Normally we do a #6 is same side. We’re going to do #6, with the palm down, like this,
to the opposite chest. Over here, okay? Now when this comes at him, he’s gonna defend with the hand, stick We’ll go to here, okay? Now, let’s do this. From here, I’m going to push this down just a little
bit and do a #6 thrust. And as I thrust, I’m going to release this. Let’s do this again. I’m going to this chest here. Okay?
What you don’t want to do Is this. That’s #7. No. This. Okay?
Practice that. All right, it’s Alex’s turn. We are here. So, Alex is going to do his side of the drill. Here. As soon he does the #6 thrust, I’m going to keep
my hand up. Get that tip off. Hand, stick, hand and come back. So, remember that phrase, hand, stick, hand. So, from here. I’m going to torque my body here too. Hand, stick, hand. Ok? So at the same time I’m parrying this, you’re going to turn your body like this,
okay? Here. One more. Hand, stick, hand and torque your body. Practice that and we’re going to put it
all together in the next section. It’s Flow Drill #13. We’re going to put it all together. Cross body thrust. Let’s do this. Okay, here. Okay, the thing about the cross body thrust
is that it’s amazingly fast. See? That’s the true purpose of this drill. It’s a great offensive move. But the person on the other end has to learn
to defend against that. So practice that. If you have any questions, contact me at [email protected] or contact me through my G+ business page. Hope that you have fun with this one. See you next time.

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