Ford Focus ST – Europe’s Greatest Driving Roads – N304, Portugal

Ford Presents Europe’s Greatest Driving Roads Location #10 N304, Portugal Starring the Focus ST Filmed using professional drivers, under controlled circumstances. Always obey local driving laws. There are loads of great roads … that wind their way through the valleys … along the famous rivers … and across the epic mountains of northern Portugal. But but the N304 might just be the best of them all. It starts at Junction 20 on the A4 that runs from Porto inland, to Vila Real … and to begin with you might not
think it an especially great road. But once you reach the hamlet of Avecão do Cabo and begin the climb up towards the
national park of Alvão, things change. And soon after that you realize that
the N304 is, as they say, a bit of a ripper. This road would be absolutely sensational to driver on … in absolutely any car. It really is, awesome! It really is an awesome road. But in this thing … the new 276 bhp … Focus ST It’s off-the-dial it really is. I don’t think I have driven many cars,
on many better roads, than this. And as with all great roads there’s just
this lovely natural rhythm to the corners and plenty of width as well. And then you look around you … and there is this most incredible
northern Portuguese scenery. It’s just a really really special piece of road. But maybe the best thing of all about the N304 … Is that there is hardly anyone on it. Ever. We’ve been shooting here for three days … and I don’t reckon we have seen twenty cars, and it’s the middle of June. It’s just brilliant. The N304 is not an especially long road, but it is a truly great one. It runs for around 35 kilometres, starting in earnest just outside the town of Quintã. Then spiralling up, towards and through the southern section of the park of Alvão. Coming to an end in the more
populated town of Mondim de Basto. The best section of all, is between Avecão do Cabo and the park itself. And there are some incredible sights to see, in all different directions. Such as the fish gar waterfalls some of the highest and
longest in all of Portugal. And also the river Olo … which might not be as well known
as the famous Douro river that runs around 30 kilometres south of the Olo, but in its way it’s just as breathtaking to look at. For sightseers the N304 really is an amazing road from which to view the
incredible vistas of northern Portugal. But for Rev heads the scenery is all well and good … … but it’s the road … that’s the main attraction. And it’s just an awesome piece of road. I know I keep saying that but … the more time I spend on this road,
the more blown away by it I am. It’s just brilliant! The surface is also really good. I mean this car has got a lot of grip on any surface, but on this surface … I don’t know … … your cheeks start to hurt Okay; reputation on the line time. This is in my top three roads, that I’ve driven … anywhere in the world. And possibly in the top two in Europe. So anyway … that’s possibly enough about this extraordinary road. So here’s a little bit about the car. The all new Focus ST represents
a big step forwards over the old car. Not just visually, but technically as well. It’s 2.3 liter turbocharged engine features the same anti-lag system as the Ford GT. While it’s front-wheel drive chassis
has been tuned, claims Ford to deliver cutting-edge dynamics, thanks in part to its new electronic diff’. All in all it’s a thoroughly impressive,
thoroughly modern hot hatch. It’s bursting with technical highlights and it’s suits a road like the N304 down-to-a-tee. And it comes in not one but two
distinctly different body styles. The orange car I’ve been driving. as we’ve said obviously has the
276 bhp petrol engine in it but this one’s got the turbo diesel engine and although it’s not just as powerful or as quick in it’s way I think the turbo diesel estate is almost as much fun as the petrol and to my eyes at least, I think it’s the better looking of the two. The N304 really is a must. It’s one of those roads that once driven … you want to turn around and do it all over again and then … again. And the fact that there are loads of
good quality but cheap hotels in the area and tons of great bars and restaurants to eat in, well that’s a nice little bonus on the side. So look go there and drive on the N304. You will not regret it, I guarantee.


  1. Oh dear not another of these absolutely dreadful promo videos like the Fiesta ST video. Please Ford, stop.

  2. Who is this joke of a driver? Look at this completely wrong driving position, his teether almost byte the steering wheel. Look how flexed is arms are…is there is a sudden loss of control and real action is needed, this guy will drive off the cliff with this awesome car. Ford get some decent drivers not this joke journalists that are dreamer wanna be drivers.

  3. 90% about the road. 10% about the car. In case you don't want to waste 7 mins of your life on this blokes driving holiday.

  4. 👌👌👌👌👍👍👍🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷💪💪💪💪

  5. Next time drive at "Serra da Arrabida" near Setubal, amazing & fun to drive road, mixed with a lot of smooth vs difficult curves and a stunning landscape to the Atlantic Ocean ! But only for the Braves 😉 …

  6. Thx 4 the content. Thinking of trading in my Mk2 ST for this one 🥰 keep up the good cars and content👍🏼

  7. I live here, i do that road every single day.
    It's a good road to have a blast driving for sure.
    Thanks for sharing 🙏

  8. Please sort out the registering of the new Focus STs in the uk. Waiting to pick mine up from the garage but all held up due to WLTP emissions certificates with the DVLA preventing any STs being registered! I want to drive mineeeeee!

  9. As a ‘17 ST owner, I’m very sad the new ST doesn’t come to the US! This car looks like a real next step up across the board from the C346!

  10. Welcome to Portugal 🙂
    We have a great roads for our great cars and motorcycles. 🙂
    Thanks for the sharing Ford.
    Peace V

  11. What a great coincidence! Just 2-3 days ago we were driving on the N304 between Mondim de Basto and Aveção do Cabo and my partner told me: "We have to suggest this to our guests!" (We have a small hospitality service in the centre of Vila Real.) And now Ford confirms our feeling!
    As a local, I would suggest a few more roads: N222 between Peso da Régua and Pinhão, always a stone throw away from the Douro river, in the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage wine region; the M598 between Sabroso (Vila Real) and the old Tanha train station, along the Corgo, a tributary of the Douro; and the N313 between Santa Eulália (Ribeira de Pena), Alvadia (R. Pena) and Bobal (Mondim de Basto), in the Alvão mountains. The first suggestion is a bit heavier on traffic, but the other two are quieter.

  12. Oh Steve, no drifting! What a shame and what a miss on such road. C’mon Ford allow the man to do what he does best – the ST’s rubber deserve a good spanking!

  13. Hello ford! I would like to know why did you change the head lights of the new ford focus to the darkest ones that are standard in st-line to all of trim levels such as titanium and trend or business, what is the main reason for that? Is it a question of marketing ? I would like to have a answer to my question!

  14. That new focus though man i wish we have the focus in America again must be nice you guys have the car and we don't but i hopenwe get it back soon.

  15. FORD, please bring this and all the Focus Hatchback models back to the USA. They are much needed here and will sell a lot of cars for sure! Focus beats the Civic, Corolla, Mazda 3, etc.. it will be best in compact class. And the Focus ST will have no car even close to it in its performance hot-hatch class

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