Former BOY BAND member REBUILDS confidence in The Voice | Journey #38

What is your name? Trent There is a few thing important
to us up here. It’s the cowboys, It’s being yourself, Being kind to
everyone else. Hey Trent! Good day mate! And it’s just taking
it easy every day. Since I left school… I thought music… was what I wanted to do, for the rest of my life. I moved away
from home. I did have some success. In a boy band. We’ve got signed a record label. Which then led me to
an amazing music career. But… The music industry
isn’t just straightforward. After four years… I am no longer
in a boy band. I am no longer
with a label. I feel a little bit
lost at the moment. I ‘ve been told “no”
a million times. And.. It feels good when
you get a “yes”. That’s what I
am here for. You are The Voice… I came here to work
with this year. Oh, really? Yes! I need to have your
voice on my team. I know your voice. We haven’t had a
voice like that since… Jack Jones and John Farnham. That’s what I love! Those voices are my passion. That wheelhouse is what I
grew up with. I mean, I literally
went to every single… …concert of John Farnham. That Australian big voice… …is my passion. And I think
you have that. So you have to come
on my team. Thank you. It’s my jam. It’s my jam too. That’s what I mean! It is yours and my
jam together! Well, it’s my jam too. I loved your
voice, man! I mean… I expected to see
somebody with like… …huge hair and
there was… …an 80’s metal band
behind you. I’m a fan… and we can do
a lot together, so… come to Team Joe. Thank you so much
and I’m glad… …you could here me sing
a song… …I really am
passionate about. Joe, I love you to bits. George I love you
to bits too. Delta, you’re my voice! Yes! Delta chose
“I See Fire”. By Ed Sheeran
for me. What a song… What a big, powerful
song… No, one more time. Not too hard out. He is a little more
polished, because he… … has experience. He has been signed. It’s a little
robotic. Actually, I have
to unpolish and …scrap him off a bit. I have to get back
to his raw self. Let’s have a quick chat
over here. And actually
work out… …what is missing that
it hasn’t happened… …for him yet. And why. Obviously, self-doubt
is a big thing. But, you know… I put too much pressure
on myself some times. Yeah… When I shouldn’t… I should enjoy it more. What is it that you doubt? Like, are you… I have had that
success, like you said. And then obviously
it ended and… It’s maybe the ups and downs. I just got to be
confident and be like… Hey, I am always up,
even if… I am not at that success. I didn’t realised
how much until today… that he does,
like self-believe. And that was a real
eye-opener for me. And I think it’s gonna be
important to… …build his confidence. Sing Trent! What?! Team Delta. Trent… There is something
magical about your voice. When you get up
there and perform… …it’s captivating. So, I would
go with Trent. Alright, thank you Joe. Yeah I think for me… …that was a little bit
too Bon Jovi. Do you know what I mean. I mean, There is sort of doing your
own thing to the song. Hold on! Can I just check whose
name… …is on the back of the chair? It’s my name. I mean you are all
really good singers. I think you got carried away
a little bit. For me, I think you started off
in a really beautiful place. And you just
went out of there. And you lost it for me. What is he…? Oh, come on! I’m just looking at all
the negativity… …surrounding your chair. There is no
negativity at all. I’m sorry, I’m just
gonna put out there that before… Sshh hold on Delta, Delta, you
can talk in a minute. There is no negativity
whatsoever, there is only love. To start… To start a-capella and then come out here… …and just command
the room like you did. Hands down, was
spectacular. The person I’d like
to take through… …is a person, I believe is a star. And that is Trent. Thanks Delta. Trent goes through
on team Delta. Well done, honey. Hey! Hey Josh! I wasn’t expecting
to see Trent. As I see him there… I was like “oh no”! Not another alpha male,
I have had enough. There is a reason… I have a method
to my madness. Trent is incredibly professional. He is very focused. You are like “Woo!” I am having a party! I want Trent to feel
a little bit of your party. And I want you
to find the center… …of where Trent takes it seriously to. It’s true that sometimes
I can come off really serious. But it’s just because… …this means a lot to me. Okay, Josh!! I love it! Trent… I love your voice! I really really do! It cuts right through. Alright Josh! I have to take… My rock star, Trent. This space is
somewhere that… I want you to feel save,
to be able to make mistakes. I want you to work here and… …feel like you
can be really open. To see him still
never giving up… …that is very
inspiring. Delta is bringing out
a side of me… I know I have in me. But I don’t tend
to bring out a lot. I know you have had… all those setbacks. And it has made you
a little more pragmatic. But you can push
through these walls. And be open. And so free. Sorry… I have seen
it in you Delta. I have seen… We have seen your life. You know… And that alone,
just motivates me. I have lived in
the public eye. Since I was a teenager
in Australia. Sometimes it is
hard for me… …to wrap my
head around it too. It’s about resilience. If you love music… …you have to be resilient. She got through it. And that is
motivation for me. I am really proud of Trent
for opening up. We had a really
beautiful moment… …during mentoring. And you know… It’s just a really
beautiful thing… And you know,
the song does unite us. And you know… And I just love seeing him… …doing such a beautiful job tonight. I am proud of you. Trent and I had a magic
moment last week. Where he was really
in a present emotional state. Back in the space! This week, I want to show how
Trent’s voice is so timeless. That he can sing the
classics and the currents… …with that beautiful Aussie tone. So I have picked… “In My Blood”
by Shawn Mendes. I know why she has
given me that song. ‘Cause the lyrics
just spell it out. It isn’t in my blood. To give up. I remember that there is
a lot of people out there… …that feel the same Oh, a lot of people. They don’t want to give
up on what they have got. Like, what they want in life. And what their dreams are. The most important thing
about this performance… …is going out there and
leaving my heart on the floor. We are bringing out the big guns. It’s the name of our show. Your singing
“You’re The Voice”. Delta has given me… “You’re The Voice”
by John Farnham. The biggest song
in Australia. Are you scared of this? It must be. You have to sing
and invite them in. And go… You are the Voice, like… Sing with them! Don’t draw the energy
to me. Put the energy out,
to the crowd. I am thinking,
we could start with… …just the parts. So we build a
bit of a suspense. This is a classic. That everyone knows. And we are making
changes to it… Just draw them in before… you are about to go
hang out with them all. This is the first time
I have left mentoring… …not knowing
exact the arrangement of the song. Tonight I felt all the
energy in the room and… I felt you looked
like an absolute rock star! You worked so hard. And I just… I felt like you
really united… You are giving all the energy
to everybody in the room. Like you always do. And it was just
a 10 out of 10. And you are the voice! I love you to bits, Trent. Thank you so much. We really love you to bits,
we do! Make some noise for Trent. The winner… Of the Sing-Off… Saved by your votes… And going on to
next week’s Semi-Final is… It’s Trent! Last week you were
in the bottom 3. How did it make
you feel? I was a little bit shocked,
I definitely was. It just felt good to
sing one more song to the nation. And it was good to
get those votes. It felt great to be back. In the bottom 3,
I had 2 of my artists. Which is something you
never wanna feel out there. And this week, we just got
to step it up with Trent. So I brought a friend
to come and help you today. And Niall Horan walks straight
through the doors. How good was that? How are you doing man? There is only one direction here. To the grand finale! One thing that I would say is… And I hope you don’t
mind me saying this… Just because you are on the biggest
TV show in Australia… It doesn’t mean that you
have to overperform… If you know what I mean. Yeah, yeah, yeah. You are seven songs
into the show. You are completely relaxed. And this is your audience
that you are playing to. Which it is, because they
have been voting for you. Niall is the perfect example
of hard work paying off. I have got to go at it this week. And be the Trent,
I have always been. I have got to… Perform to the crowd. I will now announce
the first artist… Who does not have
enough votes to… …progress to the finale. And will be leaving
the competition right now. It’s Trent.

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