Hemp Road Trip Feature Documentary Teaser

Good afternoon, my name is Rick Trojan I’m with the Hemp Road Trip We take this bus around… across the U.S. talking about industrial Hemp so we’re here in Baton Rouge, Louisiana so we’re here today at
the capital of North Carolina, in Raleigh NECANN Festival
in Boston Providence, Rhode Island …talking about industrial hemp telling people what it is and what is it what’s the difference between Hemp and marijuana? Hemp… What’s Hemp? Ham? Hemp H-E-M-P like this… I don’t think I know I don’t want to go on that topic. I don’t know anything about either one we’re focusing on visiting with Senators and legislators all across the country. this plant display characteristics that
I have never seen any other plant whatsoever its ability to more its
molecules in two different formats that have astonishing astonishing potential
so we’ve been intentionally lied to for the past 80 years another goal is to raise awareness of
First Nations or Native American issues we’ve been silenced white plumes farm in
South Dakota which got raided by the feds ten years ago
and I know what drug dealers must feel like now in on the wind to a gun and not
only destroyed their hands but took the first eight inches of their topsoil away
to me a habit a real gentle flat it’s a beautiful plant and I’m hoping that you
think ten years it be no more plastic in the United States then that it all
becomes compensable the DEA is governed by federal law can’t make law on its own
cannabis sativa the plant is not illegal the hemp roadtrip is an education
advocacy campaign nationwide where we try to end federal prohibition of
cannabis the head road trip it’s a hamper a trip all we we love the hemp
road trip hemp road trip they’ll have road trip Oh have fun and been traveling
all over the country up on the road trip


  1. This is a great trailer!  Can't wait to see the feature length documentary— you've been everywhere trying to get this plant free!

  2. RICK!!!! Please come to Sedona Arizona and be a speaker for the Sedona Hemp Coalition I started a few months ago to educate the people on the difference of Hemp and Marijuana. We are having the first Red Rock Hempfest September 30th and we invite all HEMP advocates and companies, along with all medicinal marijuana advocates and companies, a great way to show the difference and educate the people. Can you please connect with me. Gigi Rock – [email protected] the website for the event is www.redrockhempfest.com I look forward to hearing from you.

  3. And "The Journey" continues . . . as TRUTH is being shared all across the planet. Our very consciousness is shifting away from the misguided past that dark forces captured our innocence with; at birth. HEMP is a strong symbol of freedom, embrace it. Note the statements at (0:35)

    Thank you for your work. _/I_

  4. Why after 1 year of this has it only been viewed 2,300x? Only 169 subscribers? I'm confused. This looks very good, but why no interest? Confused..

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