Home Repair & Maintenance : How to Hire a Driveway Paver

I’m Ryan Parker, with Parker Home Renovations,
in New Braunfels, Texas, and today, I’m going to teach you how to hire a driveway paver.
If you have potholes, or any kind of trouble with your driveway, you might have to hire
a driveway paver. What you’re going to need to do is you’re going to need to get into
your phone book, and you’re going to want to find several different driveway pavers,
or concrete guys in your area, and you’ll want to write those names down. Give each
one of em’ a phone call, and ask em’ for references, and maybe if they have a portfolio of some
sort that shows what kind of work they do you can get that as well. Call all these references
and make sure that these people do good work, and that they’re good, reputable companies.
You also want to check and make sure that they’re insured and that they are licensed,
or that they will pull permits for your application, if needed. If you look on the Internet, you
can find several web sites that actually deal with with con driveway pavers and stuff like
that. When you contact the paver, you want to ask him to come out and take a look at
your job, and give you a written estimate signed by him. And also, once you decide to
go with one, you want to sign a contract. You want to make sure that it has in there
the a the amount that he’s going to charge you, the scope of work, and his time frame
for getting it done. And you’ll need, you’ll need to sign it, he’ll need to sign it, and
then that is a binding contract. If you need any other help, you can contact me at Parkerhomerenovations.com.

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