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  1. After hearing your story , I couldn't love your philosophy towards life more. Being positive, experiencing everything and loving your own career are things you teach me in this video clip. Though I am not a doctor, I think your suggestions are suitable for every job. Thanks for sharing your life with us. Looking forward to watching your next video!

  2. I am going back to school starting January. I am 34. My decision was made a few months ago but has been nearly 20 years in the making. I have my reasons, based on a series of fortunate events, and am finally confident in the decision.

  3. I would like for you to talk more about the steps and residency, like if you were explaining how to apply and do all of that to a foreign medical sutdent who wants to do their residency in the US. Residency costs, hospital supplied-housing, how to study for steps. Thank you

  4. 20:03 marks what people in med school are like. One time we’re happy, after a few hours we just get all too emotional thinking of “what-ifs” if we didn’t pursue medicine and eventually going back to thinking out our “whys” why we even started with medicine just to regain the composure we had at the first one. it’s a vicious cycle, but things will work out eventually 😂 wish I saw this before med school. The ‘points’ where definitely on point haha.

  5. Мой английский не настолько хорош чтобы выразить все эмоции и задать все вопросы из за этого буду писать на русском. Мне 16 и Я хочу быть доктором в будущем, я из Украины, но живу в Польше и не знаю, получится ли у меня учится в англоязычном университете. Когда Ты начал учить английский, когда Ты переехал в США, в каком универе Ты учился и что посоветуешь делать чтобы например довести память до того уровня который у Тебя? Это первое твое видео которое я посмотрела и Я понимаю что Ты меня еще больше смотивировал к медицине. Очень хотелось бы что бы Ты помог мне с этими вопросами :))) буду очень благодарна

  6. You’ve been a great inspiration to me Doctor Mike. 😊💕 I’m going to take entrance examination this Jan. 5 at a Medical School (De La Salle University Health Science Institute) in our country Philippines. I believe that I’m going to be a Doctor someday. I’ll take nursing as my pre-med course. 🥰❤️

  7. Your story is nothing short of incredible! I personally never had that "push" going through grade and high school so after I graduated, I didn't attend college or really have a path in which to follow. 10 years later after high school, a friend of mine persuaded me to apply for college because I had recently gotten an x-ray and was fascinated as to how the image was created. I applied, was accepted, and began basic courses to reintroduce myself into the classroom environment. I applied for the radiology program and was accepted. From that point I found that I had what it took to excel through the program and graduated two years later. I further pursued CT and a Bachelor's degree in radiology. I decided to take it one step further and am currently back in school for nuclear medicine. I have about a year to go but just like you stated, stress has definitely become a nemesis. I am afraid not of failing, but losing my apartment, car, etc, because the demand for school versus the need to work to sustain and pay bills is starting to weigh heavy. I hope that by hearing your words here, I can remember why I made this decision and what this really means to me.

  8. Dear Mike! That’s you so much for this video! It really helped me a lot because I’m a senior in high school panning to join medicine, but I do have a question. Two questions actually.
    1. How much time would I need to study the MCAT efficiently?
    2. How did you finance your Medical school studies because I know med school is pretty exper

  9. I didn't go to medicine school.
    My mom works at hospital as cleaner and i know more about doctor stuff then those doctors in my country. Like i know almost everything. Bc mostly when i was kid i spent my time with my mom at hospital lol.

  10. i’m a sophomore in high school and i’m thinking of getting into medical school and becoming like a nurse or doctor but i’m a person that really thinks about my future and everything so i was thinking about it but i’m kind of afraid of seeing the inside of a person or like i’ll blame myself for whatever happens to a patient because i know i’m in charge of keeping them alive. since 8th grade i always wanted to became someone involved with mental health like a therapist i still think about that now I JUST THINKING ABOUT EVERYTHING

  11. 3:15 WOW I kinda think it should be boring but I would loved to try that.

    Im more a hearing person. I could remember what you said without even paying attention thats how I got over with high School

  12. The only reason i'm in med school right now is because i want to make my dad's dream come true , because he hasn't got the chance to study medicine on that time , so this is my second year in medical school and to be honest it's so hard to study medicine in country like libya , but you inspired me to go forward and to never give up , thanks alot for the encouraging and i wish you all the best dr mike ☺️👋

  13. No college credits required – go straight to Medical School.

    Expedited Medical University Program-6 Years

    U.S. Accredited Medical School

  14. I’m an IGCSE student and my boards are in May/June I’m going through so much stress right now ?! Also I get high scores in biology and I Really like it so I am thinking to go to medical school but I’m not sure which field will fit me , I’m not very smart and Iam certainly not happy with my grades at this rate I don’t think I’ll make it to medical school I am really confused my parents aren’t doctors and none of my family members are doctors I tried searching it up but it just didn’t help , Iam really confused about my future I can’t seem to find the right choice but you definitely inspired me more into getting into medical school and really am passionate about it

  15. I'm still confused whether to choose medical or education courses?
    Lot of my friends said that who's want to be a doctor not gonna be a doctor and who doesn't want to be a doctor will be a doctor.
    It's really hurt me💔

  16. I’m 12 years old turning 13 in January 2020 I am from Australia so I am starting high school in February. My dream is to be an anaesthetist one day, my mum is a nurse. I hope you see this dr mike!

  17. I love watching your YouTube videos!! They are amazing.
    Question: How come I wake up after a sleep so shaky (hands and legs) and jittery? Always been interested to know that.

  18. You're videos are making me sleep less than 8 hours 😴😂 just because I love them and watch them 3 times over 😂😂😂

  19. Now I'm having doubts on becoming an actual doctor. Call me lazy but I don't think I have enough enery to go on such a long grueling process (though certainly I know it will be worth it). I'm planning to become a neuropsychologist (-chiatrist initially but now I don't think I can) and from what I've researched, it's more like a specialist that helps doctor diagnose in that particular field. Any thoughts of how difficult the process of becoming a neuropsychologist or a medical specialist is?

  20. This was beautiful. Gained new perspectives and actually realized a couple of good things just for 20+ minutes. Thank you Dr. Mike! 😊😊

  21. Right now I’m thinking about medical school/ becoming a surgeon. (Cardiology/thorax surgeon)

    I love your videos and it’s great hearing your way to what I see as success.

  22. Dr. Mike, I'm so inspired by this video of your journey. I, myself, want to become a Medical Doctor, and I tend to be very uptight about my grades. I'm in high school, I have a 95 average, but I do realize that I stress about every single test. I think your advice and suggestions are very accurate and I am very grateful for your videos. They are informative and humorous. You are in inspiration and I look forward in learning more from you! Many thanks!

  23. From what you say, it doesn’t seem easy to become a doctor. However, it doesn’t matter to me. I cannot see myself being anything else and I am willing to go through whatever I have to to be a doctor. I’m doing very well in high school right now and I know how to manage my time to study for my exams. I love science, medicine, helping people, and no one is going change my mind. I’ll just put my trust in god, the process, and be patient.

  24. What subjects did you take courses in in college and med school? Does it depend on the type of doctor you want to be? I’d like to be a hematologist.

  25. hi i am from remote area and my financial conditon are not good to support my studies.But i really wanted to become doctor so i applied for schoolarship program n couldnot get it .Now i want to apply USA for the further study in medicine.I find your vedio really of the greatest reason i wanted to become doctor is people in my area donot believe in doctor that they can heal them and prefer to witch doctor and resulting death.And i really feel heart broken at thosetimes so i want to make them believe in doctor and makethem healthy.but the problem is i don't know the process to make can you give some tips plz

  26. Hey Dr. Mike!👋🏻 Watching this as a soon to be second semester nursing student, I just wanted to say much respect to you. We need more doctors like this in the field and in general health care workers who are passionate. Honestly had a negative view on doctors based on my past experiences. But this video changed my opinion, heavily. Very true nothing is easy but it is all about our mindset and again like you said it’s the career your chose, so learn as much as you can. I am so very well taking this advice into my 2nd semester of my nursing program. Thank you for not only being a doctor, but human too!🙌🏻

  27. Hello I enjoyed your video I am 15 years old and want to become a surgeon one day is there anything I can do now to better prepare my self for med school and residency? Also I was wondering is there are any shows that you think best represent residency or medical school?

  28. i love science and medicine and stuff but i really dont know if medicine is for me bc i faint easily (not bc of blood or bodily fluids but bc my blood pressure is really low) and it happens very very frequently and its affecting my life (social, school, family relations) and i dont know if ill be hurting my physical health if i put myself through 5 years of medical school (i live in singapore). i can study but my body cant handle it. but then again i have a very strong passion for medicine and can never see myself doing anything else. please help 🙁

  29. Hi! I am 22. I have a pretty stable life, i have a job, a home a loving husband, and i am pregnang with our first child. I love my life. But not long ago… actualy from the time i discovered i was pregnant, i fell in love with medicine, the same family medicine you are talking about, i realy know that i can't do much to be a doctor now, but listening to your story, and your passion is like a balm, thank you for your words! I love your channel!

  30. Kudos to your dad. My teenage son watched me go through med school and residency (and sat through many medical lectures, lol). I hope him watching me grind will leave a solid impression as well. Great perspective!

  31. dafuq im taking a medical course and im here lying on my bed watching youtube regretting every moment i waste instead of studying but i love it

  32. Just found this video! It was nice to hear about your journey to become a DO. I’m not in med school, but I am in nursing school! Your tips about answering a bunch of questions, questions, questions to prepare for big exams is helpful. I’ve been told the same is true for us taking the NCLEX for nursing! I will take your advice as well, thanks for reminding me!

  33. Hi.. I just got into med school.. My classes start on Monday.. I'm a bit scared as I don't know what to expect.. Wish me luck and thanks for everything you do doctor

  34. “Don’t be a gunner” Thank you!!!!! “Enjoy the process you put yourself there!” “Be an eager learner.”

  35. I was writing a really long thank you letter for you Doctor Mike. But autoplay erased it. I just want to point out how i was really thankful. How you inspired me and made me happy with how passionate and smart you are. Also your dedication into becoming a doctor to help people. I am a student nowhere near medicine related stuff. I've been dealing with many obstacles. Thank you again. My english isn't very well so i couldn't describe well.

  36. Yes, I know why do I have to study medicine and nothing else, that's because
    1. I love human body and wanna know everything about it.
    2. I have seen a person die in front of me just because he was not given medical assistance at the right time.
    3. I want to save lives, I want to experience how it feels likes after having saved someone's life

    My family is completely against me but my reasons made me go against my family and next year I will be going to a medical college U ARE MY INSPIRATION Doctor Mike 😇

  37. Don't be a Gunner. That's the best piece of advice I've heard in a while. I love your philosophy and outlook towards life and love how dedicated you are towards your career. You are such a wonderful person and I hope you continue this journey on social media imparting health tips, wisdom and great life lessons. We're blessed to have you here. Thanks Dr. Mike.

  38. I'm studying medicine in The Republic of Turkey, we study 6 years to be a pratician and then we take an exam to be an expert doctor(for example, gynecologist) and we study for 3 to 7 years for it too but we also work as we study for our specialities.
    Now, I can talk about my thoughts finally. You talked about a term "Gunner". All of my friends are gunner in med school. They always talk pessimistic, they always talk about how much they are bored and even I don't want to think like that, their thoughts and words effects me a lot. So I don't want to study when I can go outside or watch Netflix. I forget about the importance of studying when I heard about their pessimistic thoughts but now I remember the reason why I came here and why I should study because of you, Dr.Mike. Thank you so much, and please DO MORE VIDEOS THAT WILL MOTIVATE MED STUDENTS. I know it is different to study med in USA or in here, but your words effects us and our hearts in a way. Lots of loves from The Republic Of Turkey. 💖

  39. So in the states you just have 2 years of theory? Wow… In Spain you do 4 and a half and 1 and a half of practice. Then you're a doctor and need to do a specialization for another 4 years aprox

  40. Very interesting to watch as a vet student. For us, we have three years of didactic learning and then a year in clinics. Then we can either go into practice or do an internship and then go into practice or do a residency. I want to work as a small animal general practice veterinarian, so I only have 4 months left!

  41. I’m in the process of being interviewed for a position as a 911 operator and lemme tell you this video gave me a lot of comfort. I’m human and I care about others sometimes more with more care than I give myself, my interviewers know that and I got this. Thank you Dr. Mike, one first responder to another. We’re in different fields but we care about people in a moment when they feel vulnerable and that’s one of the many reasons I respect you and follow your channel. Stay happy and healthy 🥰🥰

  42. Thanks for sharing your medical journey with us! Do you have any study strategies or tips for those of us that are interested in following your footsteps?

  43. Hi Dr. Mike
    I have a problem that I'm struggling with for the past year.
    I used to study medicine but as time goes on I figured out that I didn't like it and the only reason I chose it was my parents’ pressure so I quit and studied medical genetics instead. Later as my clinics start and I start seeing patients, I figured that I love having communication with my patients and just talking about genetic illnesses and their child’s future isn't enough for me and I want more so I start studying for M.D. entrance exam again.
    I don't know if it is a good reason for me to choose medicine or I will regret it in the future.
    Can you please help me? What should I do?

  44. I’ve been watching you for a long time but it’s the first time I found this video.I’ve wanted to go to med school since i was in middle school and now im in my 3rd year of high school and I’m studying and going to every medicine related activity I can find.I love your yt channel and that you are such a positive role model!❤️

  45. Inspirational even though m not even anyways near medical field but one question what inspired you to start YouTube videos and do u edit your own videos?

  46. if a human cuts off their leg they bleed to death but if a chicken gets its leg cut they don't bleed out. why is that?

  47. That memorization thing is actually pretty common especially in Egypt I think most of the students had it but the memorization ain't the point
    The point is to understand

  48. Hello, could you please do a video on what your recommended subjects are to take in school? (in order to become a doctor or have a career in medicine) Thank you! 🙂

  49. i got accepted to college today im still in high school and i have no clue what to expect in college nor in med school, thanks for the information

  50. Seriously i got inspired by this talk😎🌸, thanks doctor mike👏👏i hope you make another video showing us how you could study well and at the same time you look after yourself "as you look attractive 🤭🌸sorry♥️😂"

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