how i travel so much as a university student…


  1. Im off to America as part of my uni course for a year but I'm terrified of everything to do with the travelling aspect as I've never left the country anywhere but i can never afford to go on even cheap flights so how i do i get over this fear but also how do i actually afford to go on any cheap holiday?

  2. Could you possibly do a video on how to get internships, like where’s the best place to look and which offer the best opportunities? I’m a political science student and I’m rlly struggling to find an internship to do in the summer

  3. This is the perfect video for me because I head to Uni this year and I adore travelling, especially to random places! I love languages as well so travelling is vital to that lmao

  4. Does anyone know if there's a similar app to Sky Scanner for other kinds of transport (boats, trains etc)? I love travel but flying scares me and I'm wondering if there's a way to manage alternatives

  5. Please people, consider the need of your trips. It's really not helping our environment if we just selfishly hop on the cheapest flights ever for distances that can also be travelled by train or trips that can be avoided as a whole.
    Of course I do see the advantage of seeing the world, and connecting to different countries is important! But going to a city by plane, being only a tourist who doesn't connect to locals, stays only a weekend and leaves trash is kind of unnecessary.
    And yes I do know that there's such thing as carbon offsetting, but so little people actually do it and also it's not cleansing the atmosphere from greenhouse gases, they can't just be taken back.
    So pleeeease, the only way to protect our environment is to use your common sense and do the best you can in avoiding unnecessary pollution, think of it as a whole ♡

  6. The cheapest flight I ever bought was 9€ from Copenhagen to Berlin (and there were also tickets from Berlin to the Lego city in Denmark for 3 euros!). Also, there's a Chrome extension called Honey which automatically finds discount codes when you're about to buy something online (also works with some airlines)

  7. This is your best and most honest video yet for me tbh. Besides the usefulness of the traveling tips, I could feel the hard work and effort that you put in, in order to reach that level where you're able to travel and explore the world. What I got is that If you want something, then you gotta try hard enough for it. It was subtly but surely motivational, so thank you!

  8. Hey Jack I'm also a university student and have just started uploading vids as a student n wanna be on ur level!!! x

  9. I'm currently trying to not die wrapped in 2 blankets and a duvet because I can't afford to turn the heating on and this middle class white youtuber who owns a business just told me to stop buying coffees and get a job looooooool jesus christ

  10. Really helpful tips, Jack, but you forgot to mention how bad flying is and that you can make cheap city trips with the train/bus 🙁

  11. Hey guys, as some other people have said here, consider the environmental cost of your travels 🙂 Just like not stopping at the first place to eat that you see, research busses, trains and other ways to get around, especially within Europe. You might be surprised at how competitive the prices can be! If that's not an option, and you can't bring yourself to skip the trip, check carbon offsetting through schemes like WeForest. They don't fix carbon emissions, but they don't hurt either. Travelling is a huge part of many people's lives and goals. I get that. It's an amazing experience – but it can be even better when enjoyed knowing that you did your best to be kind to the earth while experiencing what it has to offer. Even if individuals can't change the world, people making good choices can be a catalyst for societal change.

    PS. Keep up the amazing content, we love this channel <33 (and guys go look way back in Jack's interrail vlogs for train travel inspo!)

  12. If anyone is wanting a retail seasonal kinda job the Primark is so good at all of that bc the majority of workers are students!

  13. This is so helpful! Thank you! I'm 16 atm, but I would really love to travel more so getting it cheap would be amazing 🤣

  14. something for saving money is withdrawing cash and then only using that money for a week or two. so youre limited to what you can buy and youre not constantly tapping your card, also remove apple pay!

  15. A card /app called Revolut allows for you to convert money between different currencies on the spot, as long as you have the app and your card, you can easily send money over and convert the amount that you need. It is super helpful and I think the card only costs 10 or so pounds, but they often have discounts for it to be £5. Would definitely recommend for anyone travelling!

  16. Would really recommend Atlas Obscura which is a site giving you unusual suggestions for things to do / see on your travels! I’m a big traveller and have genuinely used it all around the world ☺️✨

  17. So I was going to write a comment on your next video asking for more info about your travelling experiences, and what is the next video….. A VIDEO ABOUT YOUR TRAVELLING EXPERIENCES WTH, MIND READER OR WHAT??

  18. So I was going to write a comment on your next video asking for more info about your travelling experiences, and what is the next video….. A VIDEO ABOUT YOUR TRAVELLING EXPERIENCES WTH, MIND READER OR WHAT??

  19. So I used to work about half an hour from Stansted, lots of people used to moan about the flight path over their houses and were protesting a second runway I think it was. Same people went on Stag Dos and spur of the moment trips to random European cities just because Ryanair and Easyjet had made it cheap. Didn’t like it when I pointed out they couldn’t have it both ways. And that was before we was woke. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  20. This is such a helpful video!! I’ve done quite a few weekend trips and Ryanair and easyJet are my go-to websites, because they often have flights for £5-10! Might be going to Amsterdam in April so I can’t wait to use these tips😋

  21. Woo woo we’re so cool we go travelling, we do gap years, we’ve been to Machu and Kilimanjaro and Vietnam. Some twenty somethings I know are still doing it 5 years or more after graduating and have barely paid a penny in income tax. Meanwhile their Grannies wait on trollies in A&E.

  22. hello I live in Australia and hearing that £25 flights exist makes me feel mad sad and bad. literally it's $100 AUD to travel to another place in our own country!!!!

  23. This makes me sad Bahah I live in Australia and to travel to Europe it costs $1,000s AUD (One way) £25 is so good! Woah I can travel to another state in Australia for $100AUD+ lol 😭🤣

  24. Currently watching from Ukraine 🙂 been here for a month now, and it's my third time in the country! Definitely worth to visit

  25. love this! I travel a lot during uni and am fed up of people asking how – it's so easy if you earn some money and can find a good deal. And things like Camp America are uch a good way to do it

  26. This is a really helpful video and I caught it in the right time. I'm just thinking about saving money for travelling. I want to explore and be with my family&friends. 🤗

  27. My friends and I went to dinner a few weeks ago, ended up on Skyscanner and booked flights to Milan for the start of April😂 it was so cheap and Milan looks absolutely stunning! You literally described everything that we did/are going to do 😂

  28. Living in Europe makes it so much easier! I wish this worked here as well. I'm from South America and we're far from everything, even places in our own country 😂 thank you anyway Jack, it's helpful!

  29. Hi Jack, if you ever decide to come to Malaysia, do tell me and I'll give you a local's version of a tour of our capital city, free of charge! I really appreciate all the work you put into making these videos, so it'll be an honour to.

  30. while I don't get to travel internationally a lot I travel a lot within my country and I would highly recommend moovit! it helps you plan routes using public transportation and it's a lifesaver esp if you're bad with figuring out public transport of if you're in a foreign country. I use it all the time when I go to different cities and I used it when I traveled to France and the Netherlands and it made life so much easier

  31. Air BnB is such a good option when you're in a bigger group because it's usually cheaper and the places my friends and I have found in places like Vienna and Milan were absolute gems!

  32. When I studied abroad in Italy, I was blown away by how inexpensive it is to travel throughout Europe! That is so far from the case in the U.S. unless you live in the Northeast. Jealous that you've gotten the chance to travel so much!!

  33. Eastern Europe is so cheap and there's so much to see, I'd definitely recommend traveling around there! I spent 3 weeks traveling from Macedonia to Croatia through Albania, Montenegro, and Bosnia and it only cost me a couple hundred euros!

    Also! Cooking at hostels is a huge money saver and it also helps you feel less gross from eating out every day lol

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