How Much Does it Really Cost to Travel the World? | Budget RTW Trip Guide


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  3. to me working while travelling defeats the purpose of travel and vacationing. I work 9-5 6 days a week. So when i take a couple weeks off to go somewhere, i want to comfortable, eating, living and riding in the finest i can afford without breaking the bank.

  4. Working towards traveling for 2 years around the world starting January of next year!!! I would agree $20k is enough to be comfortable and not miss out on activities avoiding the most expensive areas.

  5. – how this young couple quit their lucrative jobs in NYC and went to travel the world

  6. Hey I am a senior in HS. I will graduate in June and I still haven’t figure out what to do with my life. I am an A/B honor roll student, but I do not want to go to college (I don’t want to be in student debt lol). I was thinking about military (Army). My goals in life is to travel and explore the world. I am from North Carolina, and stay in Virginia. I want to see more of the world than what I am used too. Watching this video makes me want to become a world traveler too. I wonder if the military would be a good place to start?

  7. Hi there,

    Thanks for the video and tips on how to travel the world.

    Could you please share the link to the Ericom website you mentioned? as I couldn't find it in the information box below the video.


  8. Does anyone know of a site or some kind of consensus for how much it costs per country to travel? As a solo traveler who is going the cheapest way possible

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  10. Certain locations should be treated with extreme caution because, though some good people live in these places, they are major centers of devil worship and satanic rituals. Specifically, these include Paris (France), West Los Angeles (California, USA), Boca Raton (Florida, USA), Palm Beach (Florida, USA), Washington DC (USA) and Brazil.

  11. How long does it take to plan an around the world trip? I want to leave in September, au pair until December and then travel the rest of my time. Will I be prepared to head out by September?

  12. I'm saving now in the UK to do a round the world trip starting in November and am starting planning as of today. Iv already started saving so that's good. Iv subscribed and will be following this channel and many others over the next couple if months for as many tips as possible

  13. My wife and I spent $33k for 12 months and kept a very detailed budget. We traveled in 4 continents and through 30+ countries. We have a detailed budget overview here:

    I also built an excel tool that lets you track your own budget. It graphs and lets you compare average costs from various countries. Hope you enjoy. You can download here on it here:

  14. I just spent 3 months in Mexico, Belize, and Guatemala and spent about $1k USD per month to give ppl an idea about Central America

  15. You guys are such a treasure trove of information for aspiring wander Lusters/ cultural anthropologist! Thank you so much! 💝💝💝💝💝

  16. I can't afford to travel one year without working. So I travel for one or two months every 2 months..someday I will figure out how to travel and earn while traveling. To old to get Holiday Working Visa. So I do WorkAway instead…travel for room and board and save some money and try to stay longer..

  17. I'm watching this and I don't even have a vacation lol

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  18. I'm travelling to California in just over a month. Flying to LA but what places would anyone recommend to stay and see as a backpacker?

  19. Don't travel the world for cheap, get Outta your comfort zone earn some money, then travel wherever you want!!!!!

  20. Check out WOOFing. It’s a great way to travel around the world while spending the bare minimum. Especially great for younger people.

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  22. High Class , with a used tea bag income.Keep in mind traveling the world is for the young ,due to the cost of travel insurance.

  23. 3 months travel from amsterdam to: thailand, singapore, java, bali, West Australia. With all the tickets and paying some for my girlfriend i spended €5000,- and have to say it was more Glampacking then backpacking

  24. For those curious, it costs $5000-$10,000 to travel Southeast Asia for half a year, depending on your expenses. I made a video of Southeast Asia 🙂

  25. Yessssssss thanks you so much cause that’s my budget for the years $20,000 of I make $10,000 I still can go thank you a lot…. Alone the way I use work away to volunteer for free house and food.


  27. I really love your videos and following from very first stage.recently I started mine.I am very beginner at vlogging and not so much pro in it.😋I hope you will give us more valuable videos in future and I really appreciate it.take love❤❤❤❤

  28. If you wanna travel to Siargao Island, go check out @wandersiargao on instagram. They give you the the expenses you'll be needing for the tours their. And they also offer tour services if you're not doing it yourself.

  29. I'm taking off next year for around a years travel. Aussie here. 6 months of it are hiking and the rest is just where ever I get too. I have an around the world first class ticket with 6 stops to get me going. The rest I have no idea so this really helped. I'm old but a newbie so all advice is welcome. The budget blew me away. I've set aside much more plus I have income while I'm away. I might not go home. Thanks again. Xxoo

  30. I was paid to go free diving on the great barrier reef. I was looking to go sailing and diving checked out boards in local hostels and found a small company looking for crew one trip was taking young adults on 60’ sailboat for 5 days. I crewed, took a group on a dive and cooked was paid to drink eat and dive all I wanted.

  31. To be honest I don't travel particularly budget but you realllly don't need $50-100 even in expensive countries like Germany or Holland, I have done big cities here for £25 per day and that included a LOT of booze.

  32. Really good vid. Especially second part. Thank you for not overhyping anything and be sort of realistic. (10k is absolutely crazy to last a whole year but you repeatedly said you will live a whole life on bare minimum comfort so that's alright)

  33. Just asking iui s your mic broken because your to are talking way to loud I'm not trying to be mean just telling you. ✊😁

  34. 50 to 150$ in europe? No way hh my budget is 600$ for 3 months in spain-france-italy trip. But i wont be paying transportation (since i ll be cycling and I live in morocco, which is 12km from spain. No flight ticket) and I wont be paying accomodation either lol cause i ll be couchsurfing. I hope nothing goes wrong with this plan though 😂

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