[How To] $2000 from 1000 Make Money Online Ride the Bear Market Safe – Coronavirus Pandemic [Part 1]

Hey, King Neo here here with a stock
market special a lot of you are bleeding and hurting in the bear market that
we’re facing right now and don’t know what to do so here we are
so in short RIDE the f*cking bear and you see why so why are we even doing
this today so by next week we would be seeing 2.25 million unemployment claims
in the US and this is not even an exaggeration it’s actually quite
conservative coming straight from Goldman Sachs and
yeah why look at the world out there right now
people are dying freaking everywhere Asia Europe Americas something’s gotta give
and as you can see now Jones New York Stock Exchange S&P every when it’s all
going down and for good reasons that DEAD workers don’t produce locked in
quarantine people don’t produce the only thing that’s propping up the market
right now is their endless printing and the printing press it’s either gonna run
out of steam or we’re gonna face some kind of hyperinflation so don’t be this
moron and keep pushing it will drive you down and you will die do what we’re
gonna tell you so here in the states you’re lucky lots of these trading
platforms are offering either free trades or trades that you can get for
pretty much for free and for our friends in Canada is not a lot of choices one of the
ones that I’ve been hearing is WealthSimple you can
do free trades but it’s pretty lacking in terms of features but for our intents
and purposes it’s enough all you need to do is just do simple trades no margin
calls no options nothing like that so in the states you have lots of
choices but I’m not telling you to get all these here what we want to focus on
is just the big indexes and not focus on the industries why with industries you
can have the government or one of these big whales coming in and just
manipulate the market and kind of f*ck up your plans so what you want to do is
focus on the big indexes and have leverage going to two times even three
times and I’ll explain in a second why that matters so for example you can go
for something like this one or the 3x like this one so these are just hitting
the Dow Jones and for Nasdaq you got something like this there’s nothing like
this there for S&P you can either look something like this
or something like this and you can basically forget the rest why they can
just mess with these and inject money print money whatever and more like the
oil and gas those this OPEC could step in and just change the price (or supply) and you
know really fuck you up so don’t do those so with Canada similar deal you don’t
want to be dealing with the gas or gold anything like that just stick with
regular stuff go with something like the Nasdaq what
S&P maybe go with the S&P with the TSX mixed in just get out the energy get out
that and even call this highly manipulative right now so stay away from
those and yeah the one of the reasons is the same thing you don’t want anything
that can be messed with either government intervention or industry
intervention and you would be doing okay so what we’ve been doing this, for
the last month and a half once we’ve been looking at the whole
situation of people getting sick and dying in China dying in Italy dying
in Iran we see the core problem that people are not going to work
factories are not producing people being locked in and not spending money so
until they fix all those the Markets are just going down and it’s just gonna
be a bear don’t be the moron and keep trying to push it out, just RIDE the
freaking bear so hopefully you see something useful today comment if you
find this useful or even agree disagree to what we’re say like subscribe and
share and hopefully by now you have a good enough supply of masks so that you
can walk around as little as possible and just go and pick up supplies stock
to three months of food and supplies have guns and ammo if your country
allows baseball bat and axes can work pretty well to in close combat fuel butane gas wood chips whatever and
start planning your freakin garden because we will face shortages for a long while too, deep
pantry and obviously water supply because even without food for a few days
you do okay but without water for a few days you would be in very bad condition
all right so we’ll be back to our regular reporting tomorrow and hopefully
get into these special reports again thanks

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