How to Change Lanes & Move Around Obstacles to Pass A Driving Test

[HOW TO CHANGE LANES & MOVE AROUND OBSTACLES TO PASS A DRIVING TEST] Hi there smart drivers, Rick with Smart Drive Test. A quick tip for road test smart. If you have to deviate out of your lane on your road test ensure that you mirror, signal, shoulder check before you move out of your lane and again when you move back into your lane. Oftentimes, you’re going to be forced to move out of your lane to move around park vehicles, fixed objects, or other road users – cyclists and pedestrians. Especially pedestrians, if they’re walking on the roadway – you’re going to need to give them wide berth and sometimes if you’re on a two-lane skinny– little road with traffic going in two directions– you’re going to have to move out of your lane into the other lane to give the pedestrians more room. And oftentimes you want at least a meter–three feet–between you and the pedestrian – at minimum. And the other thing is, if there is a pedestrian walking on the side of the road and there’s a vehicle coming from the other direction, STOP. When in doubt on your road test, in any vehicle, in any class of vehicle, when in doubt STOP. Wait until the other vehicle goes by and then proceed. But you need to give pedestrians, cyclists, and other road users a wide berth. So if you need to deviate out of your lane, make sure that you mirror, signal, and shoulder check into the other lane and then mirror, signal, shoulder check back into your lane. What we’re going to do, I going to hook up the cameras, go for a drive, and show you how to do this. [OPENING CREDITS & MUSIC] You can see here, there’s a vehicle here. We’re going to mirror, signal, shoulder check, and move over. You mirror, signal, and shoulder check back into your lane. Again you mirror, signal, and shoulder check. Nobody here, we move into the other lane of traffic. It’s clear coming from the other direction – mirror, signal, shoulder check back. And you move back in to your lane. And that’s how you do it. So make sure that any time you move the vehicle laterally, you mirror, signal, shoulder check and look to ensure that there aren’t any vehicles or road users beside you: cyclists, scooters–people on scooters– and those types of things. Just quick review: anytime you deviate out of your lane or have to move out of your lane to get around parked vehicles or other road users mirror, signal, shoulder check, regardless of whether it’s two lane traffic or whether it’s traffic traveling in the same direction. You always need to mirror, signal, shoulder check out and mirror, signal, shoulder check back in for the purposes of a road test. And even after you road test you should always do that to ensure that you’re not going to crash into other road users anytime that you make a lateral movement with the vehicle. I’m Rick with Smart Drive Test, thanks very much for watching. If you like what you see here share, subscribe, leave a comment down in the comment section. As well, hit that thumbs up button. Check out the videos below if you’re working towards your license or as a career as a bus or truck driver. Great information here on the channel, and over at my website. Lots of great information over there! Thanks again for watching, good luck on your road test. And remember, pick the best answer not necessarily the right answer. Have a great day. Bye now. [CLOSING CREDITS & MUSIC]

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