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Hello there, my name is Shak. In today’s
video, I’m going to be talking about changing up gears. We will talk about
changing down gears in another video, but for the time being, I am only going to
focus on changing up the gears. The purpose of the gears, is basically to
transmit power from the engine to the wheels. Most cars have five forward gears and one reverse gear. Now changing gears involves coordination of both the hand
and the feet. The first gear is the most powerful-est of the forward gears but
at the same time it is the slowest. The fifth gear has the most speed and yet
the least power. So as you go up the gears you lose power, but you gain speed. The first gear is like an elephant, it’s got a lot of power it’s got a lot of
strength it can easily get the car moving from a stationary position, but
it’s got very little speed. Okay let’s have a look at the gear lever at the
moment the gear lever is in neutral. It does not matter which way I push the
gear lever, it will always spring back into the center. So if you wanted to go
into first gear you would push away from yourself and up into first gear. If you
want to the second gear once again you would push away from yourself, keep the
pressure all the way and down into second. If you do not keep the pressure
continuously away from you, the gear leaver can accidentally go into neutral
and then into the wrong gear. So I’m going to go into third and if I don’t
keep the pressure you can notice it bounced into neutral and now I’ve
accidentally gone into third gear. So once again, first and second keep the pressure away from yourself. For third and fourth the
pressure is towards you very lightly and just push up let us bring into neutral
and push up again that’s third gear. For fourth gear
straight down. For fifth gear once again pressure towards you into neutral, across
and up into five. For neutral just push down that’s neutral.
Do not worry about accidentally going into the reverse gear, as there’s a
little catch at the bottom of the gear lever you need to push up the catch
before going into reverse gear. So there is no possibility of going into reverse
by mistake. Okay so we’ve had a look at what we should be doing with our hands,
let’s move on to what we should be doing with our feet. So we’re driving along in
first gear and we want to change into second. The procedure is as follows,
first we come off the gas pedal completely. Secondly we’d apply the
clutch pedal completely and fully down and then we change into the gears
once you’ve change into the gears. The clutch must come up fully all the way of
the clutch, before you go back onto the gas. So now we’re driving along in second
gear we want to change into third gear. The procedure is the same, firstly we
come fully and completely off the accelerator. Secondly fully and
completely down on the clutch, we then change into third gear. Fully and
completely off the clutch and then back onto the accelerator. So we know what we
should be doing with our hands and we know what we should be doing with our
feet. Next we need to know when to change up the gears, with a bit of experience
you’ll be able to decide by the sound of the engine. The engine will start roaring
make a very raaahhhhhhh and you know that you’re
supposed to be changing up gears. For the time being what you can do is look at
your speedometer. We change gears about every 10 miles per hour, so you start up
in first gear, once your speed gets over 10 miles per hour change in second gear. Once your speed gets to over 20 miles per hour
change into third gear. Once you gets to over 30 miles per hour change into
fourth gear. Once gets to over 40 miles an hour, you will change into fifth gear.
As I said to you in the beginning of the video, this video will be about changing
up gears. We will very shortly be uploading another video on changing down gears. I hope you found the video informative, if so please give it a
thumbs up, as this is what helps us to make more videos. Thank you for watching.


  1. Thank you so much for your tips I passed my driving test because of your tips as you keep it simple and practical !! Thanks 🙏

  2. A brilliant video May8 you are better than harth thes lot in Blackpool driving school s thankyou so mutch 😀

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