how to hack pubg mobile tencent emulator [bypass + multi-function] 22-4-2019 [v.0.12.+++]

how to bypass emulater pubg 0.12 and fixed 98% and black screen you must close emulater follow steps …. open this with adminstrater then open this with adminstrater then open tencent emulater … to fix 98% and black screen click on button 1 please wait until emulater closed wait until this message closed open emulater again … the problem 98% and black screen is fixed let’s go to bypass emulater pubg 0.12.0 click in this icon before open pubg mobile to go bypass emulater and follow steps …. click yes… click agin in this icon follow steps … don’t close this menu … follow the steps … please wait until the game open … don’t close this message until the game open if you closed it the bypass not worked ….. close this message now … the bypass is worked don’t forget subscribe for more videos …. thanks for watching don’t forget comment and donation in paypal the link in describtion and like this video …. bye


  1. how to bypass emulater pubg mobile 0 12 and fix 98 4 2019

    This video is solution for the 98% Issue / Error when starting Tencent Gaming Buddy..

    I have this issue everytime I start the game, I don't know why.. So i have to do that steps above everytime I start TGB..

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