1. Adam I have learned so much binge watching your videos over the past few days. My family thinks I'm nuts for shifting my hips and snapping towels around the house. Really awesome content. I played twice during that time and am noticing a huge difference in ball striking with irons especially. I was hitting ground before the ball often with irons and your vids have given so much insight into correcting that. Just thinking about snapping the towel during setup has made a huge difference. I will never miss a vid and will tell all my golf buddies to tune in great job. Also your swing analysis of pro golfers is best around.

  2. Awesome instruction….  I so need all the help I can get…  Thank you…                                                                         Shaun–  Southern Ca…..

  3. took your tips right to the course, no warms even. hit a couple pull hooks, then next 3 drive were beautiful draws right down the middle. I never had any luck with the draw thank you very much.

  4. Thanks Adam, your videos are giving me confidence everyday when I am playing. Keep up the good work.

  5. Thanks for the tips. I've been striping my drives but there is a dogleft par 5 that kicks my butt and Im lookin to find a good way around. Hopefully this works for me!

  6. sorry, but another video solidifying why golf is a poorly taught game …he wants us to close the face of club with our hands while swinging the club 90 miles per hour … good luck with that timing…

  7. Hi Adam;
    I tried this yesterday & can hit a snap hook but can't get it up in the air. Any thoughts? Also, I recall hearing that when hitting a draw, the ball should be teed lower & moved back in your stance. Do you agree? Thanks.

  8. Thanks, that was a great straight forward but brief explanation of how to hit a draw that I can use at the range immediately.

  9. Just come across your videos, the way you explain how to close the face on this and other videos is the best I've seen and helped me so much, I've been throwing the club for months and couldn't find any content to help me until I seen your channel. Thank you for the tips! Great channel and content

  10. if i can have a question, i thought the draw comes with a clubface open to the target line, but closed to the swingpath, as the ball starts always perpendicular to the clubface, it needs to be open to the target line. is it a wrong startement?

  11. When you talk about closing the driver face it looks like you are de-lofting the club as well. Is this true or am I thinking about it wrong?

  12. Hello, first thank you for the video.  I just spent this week really practicing the draw and I was starting to think that club speed had to be high to draw it.  From your video , I should be able to draw it with any speed of swing right?  I've been pushing the ball to the right a lot, I think I'm failing to close the club face properly.  Which is probably why I'm slicing without even trying to hit a draw.

  13. Works great, after only 1 hour at the range i can do it easier than before. We just have to do it exactly as you said. Thanks a lot.

  14. Could you please comment about ball position, keeping the club face open and the grip? I seem to hook the ball when the shots are rushed or with the strong grip. I have also read maintaining the wrist angle same all the way is critical. Great teaching videos. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  15. to draw my ball i simply start by setting up a little closed to the golf ball ( to the right of square) instead of square, swing path is an in to out more in to out then your average normal swing, down the line swing path should be more out to the right than staight or down the line (kinda like your pushing out to the right with down swing). thanks for tips

  16. Thank you very much for this, Such great tuition, and so easy to understand, I will hopefully learn from this. – I think you may just saved me cost of an expensive golf If this all works like I think it should, I will let you know…

  17. this vid deserves some kind of award because it works even for a bone head like me, and unlike me, does not get bogged down with a lot of technical BS. thank you. Mick in Ireland.

  18. Hi Adam;
    I was wondering if gripping the club a bit closed at address might be easier than trying to close it at impact with your wrists. Thanks!

  19. I love that his assumption is that golfers play tennis and know how to hit a topspin lob. country club life. rich people stuff. not poor. 1% gang.

  20. Golf is the hardest sport to learn by listening to someone and trying to do what they're saying and is much easier to learn by learning by failing and messing around after one of these type lessons. With that said… I'm a total tool at drawing the ball but I can fade it like a mofo lol

  21. if you wish to stop the slice, trying hitting it right of target line. simple. if you don't understand what a swing across the body is (from the outside in to the left (pull or slice) as opposed from the inside out to the right (draw or block)) then don't bother trying to learn just play and have fun. this a very good lesson video.

  22. gonna give this a try. I'm desperate to add the draw to my game. I can play table tennis to a good standard so that's me sorted ha ha

  23. Could you pre-set the club turned near target line and swing in to out? That makes more sense to me than flinging the hands around, and it would make the swing occur naturally. Just my two cents. Thanks for the tips!

  24. can you please do a video ware a left handed person does the stuff you instruct? I watch all your vidios but they're hard to understand because I'm left handed. thanks!

  25. do u manipulate club head as in rolling the golf club over? or do u just set up closed and do your normal swing?

  26. Ugh, I've been a drawer and hooker most of my life but came out this season with a gay fade that's driving me nuts. Is there any magic bullet for this horrific condition?

  27. What helped me is lining up slightly to the right of where I'm wanting the ball to travel to while both my feet are pointed in the direction my body is facing and not open whatsoever.

  28. Thanks again Adam. I told you it worked on the range, I took it to a tough breezy links in Kent on Sunday and after a couple of holes where I was stuck between old and new swing I started trusting this technique and just kept hitting fairways. All my playing partners said they have never seen me drive so consistently. Just got to get my iron play sorted now😀

  29. I tried something similar 6 or 7 years ago when I was trying to cure a slice.  Worked really well for a while until I started to duck hook.   Been fighting it ever since.  Used to score high 70s low 80s regularly, no chance now..

  30. How to hit a Draw with a baseball swing?? I know only to hit Straight no Draw or Fade . I hope you can give me a tip for hitting a Draw with my baseball swing..

  31. I tried this method after slicing for 20 years. Now I’m emasculating the ball for 350 yards with the draw ! My friends call me Happy Gilmore. I made a hole in one on a par 4 the other day. Thanks Chubbs.

  32. I've had a little bit success with, Fade = BackSwing more vertical, Draw = BackSwing not totally horizontal 🙂 but about 40Deg or so.

  33. Love your videos Adam, I can see why you have earned teacher of the year awards. Truly gifted at splaining things…clear and concise!

  34. I found it too hard for my swing to the club face closing at the exact moment of contact, but if I adjust my grip slightly stronger & just use my normal swing I get a nice baby draw everytime without having another swing thought to deal with, drop my right foot back couple inches & slightly stronger grip works for me

  35. Love your simple directions & also me being a new golfer your reminder to "No overthink" & get the consistent feel. Can't wait to see more & ready to practice today!!

  36. This is exactly what I was looking for..I like your baby steps 1st..then work your way up…….Leland

  37. Yes slicers are plagued. Any new concept seems like a fad diet plan, it works for a little while the disappears. WHY !

  38. Want to thank you I've been struggling lately watching to many videos I find that yours to be helpful I,m left handed and have problem rolling my right wrist seems to be more mental any suggestions I,m. going to stick with your methods. Thanks

  39. I have never in my 25 years of playing golf made a ball go right to left. Not even by accident. I watched this video and in less that 10 balls I was shaping my driver right to left. Thank you very much for this video!!!!

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